Posts Private

Don’t worry about me, Historians, I’m just taking the previous Log post down into private for:

A. I felt that while the post needed to be seen for a while, it also needs to be hidden away for a short time while things cool down.

B. People have requested that maybe it should be private for a short time, and I agree with that.

C. I started getting comments *CONTINUING* the argument shown in the log. No, people. Did you not read the post itself? *I DO NOT WANT A WITCH HUNT TO BE STARTED*, or continued, as this case may be.

D. Letting things cool down. If people are *still* insistent on continuing the post’s looping arguments in a post that can be moderated, then the post’s time of usefulness has ended for the time being.

The post itself, as well as the one preceding it (now also private),*will* return in the future at some point– hopefully once people have gotten cooler heads about them and this issue is *NOT A PROBLEM* anymore.

And if *ANYONE* feels fit to try to continue the “Hunt” in the comments on this post, note that they will be *DELETED ON SIGHT.* So let it go, please.

I’m sure Kaaja wouldn’t want this, and if you are able to ask her, she’d probably ask *YOU* to calm down.

Thank you for your time.



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