PSA: Re: “Unban Kaaja”

Someone told me today that they were considering withholding Donations to CavCon until Kaaja is unbanned. I’d like to make a “Hypothetical” post about this kind of idea, with some general facts about the situation as it stands, and why it’s a BAD IDEA(TM).

As it stands, We’re all pretty much in a Catch 22 here.  Cyan can’t say or do much about the incident without spending time and money on it, because, as it has been said many times before, any Time Cyan spends on MOULa comes out of the CavCon fund.

That means that to all of you folks sending Tor’i emails, she’s spending donation time and money on this incident, money that could be withheld by anyone withholding donations in “protest” of the ban.

The Unban Kaaja Petition is probably your best bet of helping her, if you really want to tell Cyan to unban her. Emailing Cyan about this matter is *NOT* going to help, especially if the same people emailing are the ones witholding donations.

You’re just hurting yourselves.

In addition to that, you’re also hurting OTHER explorers– the ones that can’t donate and wish they could, the ones who can only donate five cents a month, the ones who come to URU just to have *fun.*

Withholding a Donation from Cyan isn’t going to get you anywhere either. Cyan operates MOULa on Donations, yes, but Cyan does NOT ask you to do it. Only you can decide to donate, whether or not other explorers ask of you to do it.

So to all the people considering to withhold donations, and the ones already trying to wrangle the situation into your favor by holding your own donation’s hostage…

Please Don’t.

This concludes today’s Public Safety Announcement. Thank you, and

“Have a Nice Day!”



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