This is a copy of a KI mail / MOULa forum PM that I’ve received this morning, which I’m told was also sent to to “veralun” and “dadguy” as they are or were associated with the existing Guild of Greeters website. (The Old GOG. Not the New Greeters.)

I am not sure of your involvement with the old GoG website as it pertains to your association with the “New Greeter’s” website.
You might be a person who can get the word out to the right peeps about this, so here goes.

When I, and some others too, go the the Guild Of Greeters website, NOT the “New Greeters” website, our different computers, different ISPs, different Anti Virus programs, Avast / Kaspersky / AVG, are all getting popups / notices showing blocked attempts regarding TROJAN infection on the website. This happens if going there from existing bookmarks or even from a redirect from Google.

As many times as we all refer newbies to the GOG website for info, somebody is surely getting infected. These might be false positives, although I don’t think so, it’s better to err on the side of caution.
Here is what just my AV has been telling me: From Avast Script Sheild Log. This is typical of others folks AV popup messages.
Web and Network objects were found infected and were blocked.
Infection = JS:Redirector-xz [trj]
They all had the following addition – [Embedded:Dean Edwards]

This also happens with other topic #’s too. #1292, 2540pid.
1162mode popped up when clicking on “Members” tab.

Just thought I’d pass this along.

I’m re-posting this because this could be a potential problem for new explorers! If you have any way of contacting the old GOG site managers, please do so to let them know about this!



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