(03/17 11:58:35) Chat.log started…
(03/17 11:58:44) DimensionTravelerCalum: Shorah all, Welcome to Heritage Night!
(03/17 11:58:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: Before we begin: ANNOUNCEMENTS!
(03/17 11:59:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: After HN there is a St. Patricks day party in the GUILD OF GREETERS PUB!
(03/17 11:59:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: to get there
(03/17 11:59:30) DimensionTravelerCalum: Go to Kirel, grab a GOG Shirt, like HNI has on here,
(03/17 11:59:35) DimensionTravelerCalum: And then go to the Nexus!
(03/17 11:59:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: You’ll have a “Guild of Greeter’s Pub” link on the first page of the nexus!
(03/17 12:00:06) Heritage Night Intercom waves hello
(03/17 12:00:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: So yeah
(03/17 12:00:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: St. Patrick’s day!
(03/17 12:00:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: Be sure to wear something green! ;)
(03/17 12:00:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: Anyways-
(03/17 12:00:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: Drinks are chilled in the fountain.
(03/17 12:00:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: Snacks are elsewhere
(03/17 12:01:01) DimensionTravelerCalum: And today we have a special supply of Lucky Charms!
(03/17 12:01:10) DimensionTravelerCalum: Don’t ask me why the bahro caterers decided to throw those out today,
(03/17 12:01:12) DimensionTravelerCalum: But…
(03/17 12:01:13) DimensionTravelerCalum shrugs
(03/17 12:01:17) DimensionTravelerCalum: Oh well!!
(03/17 12:01:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: To recap,
(03/17 12:01:57) DimensionTravelerCalum: Because it’s been a while and the system has been buggy,
(03/17 12:02:04) DimensionTravelerCalum: Sharper had killed a Bahro in Noloben.
(03/17 12:02:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: In revenge for the murder of Wheely Engberg,
(03/17 12:02:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: It was not the Bahro he’d intended to kill, however,
(03/17 12:02:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: As revealed by a conversation held between Sharper and the formerly thought to be deceased Phil Henderson-
(03/17 12:02:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: A good Bahro had thrown itself into the path of sharper’s gun
(03/17 12:03:11) DimensionTravelerCalum: Preventing him from sparking a war between us and the bad side of the Bahro…
(03/17 12:03:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: The ones who sought to destroy stuff just for destroying stuff…
(03/17 12:03:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: The side of the Bahro who hated any humanoid just because they resembled the D’ni.
(03/17 12:03:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: A month had passed now since these startling revelations,
(03/17 12:03:57) DimensionTravelerCalum: And we had not seen him, nor any Bahro,
(03/17 12:04:10) DimensionTravelerCalum: There was much concern among us,
(03/17 12:04:27) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil was always going on about “He’s coming” even before his disappearance in 2003.
(03/17 12:04:39) DimensionTravelerCalum: Nobody knew what he meant now,
(03/17 12:04:57) DimensionTravelerCalum: And i certainly have to wonder if his repeated ‘he’s coming’s were in reference to the same He or not?
(03/17 12:05:06) DimensionTravelerCalum: I brought up before this about Kirel,
(03/17 12:05:09) DimensionTravelerCalum: And the Guild shirts,
(03/17 12:05:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: Well…
(03/17 12:05:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: When this week we call “Deception” began…
(03/17 12:05:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil was back.
(03/17 12:05:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: What some refer to as “the March of Colors” had begun,
(03/17 12:05:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil was out and about randomly walking through hoods,
(03/17 12:05:55) DimensionTravelerCalum: And he was talking about colors,
(03/17 12:06:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: And how this mysterious “he” liked them.
(03/17 12:06:17) DimensionTravelerCalum: or more specifically,
(03/17 12:06:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: Wondering if “he” would like the colors that were there.
(03/17 12:06:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil was not forth coming about who “He” was.
(03/17 12:06:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: Just going on about how he would be here very soon.
(03/17 12:07:05) DimensionTravelerCalum: Those of us who remembered his stunt back before his “death”
(03/17 12:07:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: Were rightly concerned,
(03/17 12:07:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: Those words were last spoken above the Guild Hall,
(03/17 12:07:27) DimensionTravelerCalum: Where a D’ni King’s tomb resided.
(03/17 12:07:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: was “he” the “he?”
(03/17 12:07:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: But- as Phil said, we would soon find out.
(03/17 12:07:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil ended his march in Kirel,
(03/17 12:08:12) DimensionTravelerCalum: And later on many realized that Phil’s color ramble was about the GUILDS!
(03/17 12:08:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: And how the DRC were bringing the guild structure back to the Cavern.
(03/17 12:08:39) DimensionTravelerCalum: We tell the guilds apart by color, after all-
(03/17 12:08:43) DimensionTravelerCalum: Green for Greeters,
(03/17 12:08:46) DimensionTravelerCalum: Black for Writers,
(03/17 12:08:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: pink for maintainers,
(03/17 12:08:57) DimensionTravelerCalum: Cyan for cartographers,
(03/17 12:09:01) DimensionTravelerCalum: Yellow for messengers,
(03/17 12:09:15) DimensionTravelerCalum: Heek- a lot of you here are all wearing green right now
(03/17 12:09:15) DimensionTravelerCalum: ;)
(03/17 12:09:27) sylster: :)
(03/17 12:09:33) DimensionTravelerCalum: So it was either the Guilds Phil was rambling about,
(03/17 12:09:35) DimensionTravelerCalum: Or….
(03/17 12:09:45) DimensionTravelerCalum: Or he was just high on Teledahn mushrooms.
(03/17 12:09:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: S)(Rug
(03/17 12:09:54) DimensionTravelerCalum: Who can say.
(03/17 12:10:01) DimensionTravelerCalum: I certainly don’t know for sure.
(03/17 12:10:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: shortly after Phil left us bemused in Kirel,
(03/17 12:10:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: Cate Alexander showed up,
(03/17 12:10:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: And she was announcing the the Five Guild Pubs were being released “Soon”
(03/17 12:10:57) DimensionTravelerCalum: We’d been expecting this, to a degree, after Kirel had been released
(03/17 12:11:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: With the five shirts, and such,
(03/17 12:11:10) DimensionTravelerCalum: But now we’d have pubs to hold guild meets in!
(03/17 12:11:21) DimensionTravelerCalum: Not that we ever used them for such, really…
(03/17 12:11:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: -_-;
(03/17 12:11:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: Cate hoped that the pubs would be released that very day,
(03/17 12:11:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: But, alas, they were brought out the next day instead.
(03/17 12:12:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: Cate remained firmly focused on the guilds during this announcement,
(03/17 12:12:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: She refused to comment on Phil, Bahro, or even any Bahro War-
(03/17 12:12:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Citing that she’d BELIEVE there was a war when she saw one!!
(03/17 12:12:46) DimensionTravelerCalum: It was a fairly stupid statement, given all the tropes that exist both in reality and in fiction regarding “Tempting fate”
(03/17 12:13:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: But then again- Cate wasn’t really well known for her tact or vision.
(03/17 12:13:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: We saw more of Phil as the day went on,
(03/17 12:13:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: He kept going on about “he” and “Him”
(03/17 12:13:32) DimensionTravelerCalum: And many explorers began to wonder if Phil was just high.
(03/17 12:13:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: sharper came to Watcher’s pub later that day,
(03/17 12:13:54) DimensionTravelerCalum: And shook that belief out of us with one statement:
(03/17 12:14:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: he’d seen Phil’s “He”
(03/17 12:14:12) DimensionTravelerCalum: And said he knew who exactly Phil meant!
(03/17 12:14:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: But sharper played it coy,
(03/17 12:14:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Refused to tell us WHO it was.
(03/17 12:14:45) DimensionTravelerCalum: He just said that he hoped we’d listen to Phil’s “Him” when “He” showed up.
(03/17 12:15:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: Sharper also delivered the news that it was likely that the Bahro war would come to D’ni
(03/17 12:15:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: And the hostile side may very well destroy the cavern.
(03/17 12:15:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: He then told us he was planning on reopening an old area that might prove ‘useful’ if the war ever came to D’ni…
(03/17 12:15:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: It was his old spy room
(03/17 12:16:07) DimensionTravelerCalum: Which he’d used on the DRC during their time using the Tokotah building as their meeting room.
(03/17 12:16:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: After the first restoration, the DRC had abandoned it, and Sharper had little use for it now,
(03/17 12:16:32) DimensionTravelerCalum: So he was opening it up again!
(03/17 12:16:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: Much like the last time any explorers had found their way into it,
(03/17 12:16:46) DimensionTravelerCalum: There was a book inside-
(03/17 12:16:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil’s old Relto book.
(03/17 12:17:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: Sharper had gotten his hands on the book during Phil’s brief kidnapped state in the first restoration,
(03/17 12:17:46) DimensionTravelerCalum: Sharper had intended to give it back to Phil when he was released…but…
(03/17 12:17:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: Fate intervened,
(03/17 12:18:07) DimensionTravelerCalum: And Phil ‘died’ on the Guild hall that day, not having his Relto Book with him.
(03/17 12:18:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: But as this was all in the past- and Phil was alive and even had a new Relto book.
(03/17 12:18:30) DimensionTravelerCalum: sharper re-opened the area.
(03/17 12:18:47) DimensionTravelerCalum: It was the next day, and the link to the spyroom was in the same place in Teledahn,
(03/17 12:19:04) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil’s Relto is exactly as it was back in the old days,
(03/17 12:19:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: When the Great Scream reset every Relto and changed everything—
(03/17 12:19:19) DimensionTravelerCalum: This one Relto refused to change.
(03/17 12:19:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: It sits silently in the rain, as a reminder of those days.
(03/17 12:20:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: But this day was not marked alone by Phil’s Relto…
(03/17 12:20:20) DimensionTravelerCalum: Michael Engberg- who had gone missing shortly after Wheely had died- was back.
(03/17 12:20:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: He appeared in Ae’gura that day, and explorers were mostly overwhelmed with joy to see him again~
(03/17 12:21:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: Marie Sutherland appeared too, to chat with him,
(03/17 12:21:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: Michael didn’t stay long,
(03/17 12:21:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: Only long enough to dispel the rumors that he was Phil’s “He”
(03/17 12:21:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: And to check in to let everyone know he was okay.
(03/17 12:21:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: I don’t think anyone’s heard from him since, excepting other DRC members.
(03/17 12:22:11) DimensionTravelerCalum: Later that night—
(03/17 12:22:17) DimensionTravelerCalum: Someone else returned from the past.
(03/17 12:22:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: Someone who had vanished just before the first restoration had closed…
(03/17 12:22:37) DimensionTravelerCalum: One Doctor Richard Watson.
(03/17 12:22:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson showed up at the Concert Hall,
(03/17 12:23:01) DimensionTravelerCalum: And was soon swarmed by explorers,
(03/17 12:23:12) DimensionTravelerCalum: He told us that he was pretty sure that he was Phil’s “he.”
(03/17 12:23:33) DimensionTravelerCalum: Apparently, the two had spent a lot of time together after their respective departures from D’ni.
(03/17 12:23:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: They spent a lot of time with the Bahro-
(03/17 12:24:01) DimensionTravelerCalum: Which was pretty much a surprise to no-one.
(03/17 12:24:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson said that Phil could communicate with them better than he could,
(03/17 12:24:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: but he confirmed that there was a war,
(03/17 12:24:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: A civil war among the Bahro which the good side was losing.
(03/17 12:24:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: but finally- he gave us the news we so desperately wanted to hear
(03/17 12:24:59) DimensionTravelerCalum: Yeesha was alive, and on Releeshan,
(03/17 12:25:05) DimensionTravelerCalum: With the D’ni survivors!!
(03/17 12:25:27) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson told us that he was unsure of how to proceed now that he was back, and excused himself after that.
(03/17 12:25:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: But the next day he returned,
(03/17 12:25:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: After a brief visit from sharper in Watchers, Watson visited there too.
(03/17 12:26:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: He told us that the Bahro indeed had been freed from the Tablet-
(03/17 12:26:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: The game, Myst V, from which we knew about it was based upon Watson’s own journey
(03/17 12:26:37) DimensionTravelerCalum: He didn’t know how accurate the game from Cyan was,
(03/17 12:26:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: But he knew that it was close enough,
(03/17 12:26:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: The story was the same, at any rate.
(03/17 12:26:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: He gave the Bahro their tablet,
(03/17 12:27:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: And they were free.
(03/17 12:27:17) DimensionTravelerCalum: He said that he no longer believed in a physical restoration of D’ni,
(03/17 12:27:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: And so he told us:
(03/17 12:27:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: “Find a way, make a home.
(03/17 12:27:37) DimensionTravelerCalum: Those eerie words from the dream many of us still have.
(03/17 12:27:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: Dreams….
(03/17 12:27:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: What funny things.
(03/17 12:27:58) DimensionTravelerCalum: Meanwhile- on Phil’s Relto.
(03/17 12:28:09) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil himself had appeared
(03/17 12:28:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Explorers were gathered there, and Phil just linked in,
(03/17 12:28:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: Most of his words were rambling and incoherent from what reports tell me,
(03/17 12:28:45) DimensionTravelerCalum: But a few things stuck out
(03/17 12:28:58) DimensionTravelerCalum: “The answers are there, man. You just have to listen.”
(03/17 12:29:06) DimensionTravelerCalum: Listen to what? it was asked?
(03/17 12:29:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: “Her.”
(03/17 12:29:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: We can only assume that he meant Yeesha,
(03/17 12:29:29) DimensionTravelerCalum: And that she herself would be coming soon.
(03/17 12:29:35) DimensionTravelerCalum: Coming to D’ni–
(03/17 12:29:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: So many of us wanted to hear what she had to say.
(03/17 12:30:04) DimensionTravelerCalum: Phil then backed off to the edge of his old Relto, and jumped,
(03/17 12:30:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: Reports are vague on whether or not he was seen after that or not,
(03/17 12:30:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: But i can only assume that he went into hiding again.
(03/17 12:30:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: The day after this-
(03/17 12:30:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson came to a hood like this one,
(03/17 12:31:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: In a room, like this one,
(03/17 12:31:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: And he gave a speech.
(03/17 12:31:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: I’ve lost my notes on the full speech, at the moment,
(03/17 12:31:32) DimensionTravelerCalum: So I only have what’s written in the HN Document journal to go off of for tonight,
(03/17 12:31:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: But it’s a good speech,
(03/17 12:31:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: You all should go find it and read it whenever you get a chance…
(03/17 12:32:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: Among other important things,
(03/17 12:32:12) DimensionTravelerCalum: Watson spoke up in favor of the guilds,
(03/17 12:32:29) DimensionTravelerCalum: Citing that the explorer’s concern about the guild’s involvement in the fall was not the guild’s fault–
(03/17 12:32:33) DimensionTravelerCalum: But people’s pride.
(03/17 12:32:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: He encouraged explorers to join the guilds,
(03/17 12:32:44) DimensionTravelerCalum: And to beware of pride and disunity,
(03/17 12:32:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: We were already fractured
(03/17 12:33:01) DimensionTravelerCalum: We didn’t need to be broken any more than we already had.
(03/17 12:33:15) DimensionTravelerCalum: there were many explorers that needed to learn to unite together,
(03/17 12:33:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Not fighting amongst out selves.
(03/17 12:33:34) DimensionTravelerCalum: He also told us that
(03/17 12:33:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: While he didn’t think D’ni should be restored physically,
(03/17 12:33:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: That there was still much to be learned from this place,
(03/17 12:33:58) DimensionTravelerCalum: the stories, and the lessons here,
(03/17 12:34:07) DimensionTravelerCalum: All of it could be applied to our surface lives.
(03/17 12:34:29) DimensionTravelerCalum: He warned us about the Bahro war, and told us that the hostile ones showed no reason for their destruction.
(03/17 12:34:44) DimensionTravelerCalum: There’s a bit here that’s fully quoted, so I’ll continue on that…
(03/17 12:35:21) DimensionTravelerCalum: “The good Bahro protecting us have created a grand Deception for our peace of mind– an illusion that all is well here in the Cavern and the ages.”
(03/17 12:35:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: “We have been told that Destruction is Coming.”
(03/17 12:36:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: “I believe specifically that the destruction is coming to the Cavern, but I could be wrong about that.”
(03/17 12:36:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: he went on to tell us that Yeesha had been fighting for us.
(03/17 12:36:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: She was searching ages en-mass to find something to end the Bahro war,
(03/17 12:36:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: Or at least…to protect us when the Bahro protecting us could no longer do such
(03/17 12:37:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: But- Watson told us- it was looking more likely that she would not find what she wanted.
(03/17 12:37:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: That was why the guilds were becoming important
(03/17 12:37:15) DimensionTravelerCalum: New ages,
(03/17 12:37:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: New worlds
(03/17 12:37:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: New places,
(03/17 12:37:32) DimensionTravelerCalum: Any number of which could hold the key to ending the war,
(03/17 12:37:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: And it was coming,
(03/17 12:37:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: The good side was losing,
(03/17 12:37:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: And if we didn’t find a way to protect ourselves…
(03/17 12:37:57) DimensionTravelerCalum: We might become their next target.
(03/17 12:38:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: And as that’s where the end of this entry is,
(03/17 12:38:15) DimensionTravelerCalum: I’d like to go off on a tangent for a moment.
(03/17 12:38:34) DimensionTravelerCalum: the Bahro are very dangerous creatures- when enraged.
(03/17 12:38:51) DimensionTravelerCalum: If they wanted to- they could fill the skies of every age with their wings.
(03/17 12:38:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: Blanking it all out.
(03/17 12:39:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: They’ve done it on ages like Releeshan–
(03/17 12:39:10) DimensionTravelerCalum: Other places…
(03/17 12:39:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: you stand here now under that same deception that we were under then,
(03/17 12:39:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: That all is well…
(03/17 12:39:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: I’ve got to tell you now that it’s not.
(03/17 12:39:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: For what you’ll learn next week,
(03/17 12:39:50) DimensionTravelerCalum: Well…
(03/17 12:40:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: You’ll understand that this peace that we have here is temporary.
(03/17 12:40:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: There will come a day when the Bahro return
(03/17 12:40:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: When we can no longer come to D’ni…
(03/17 12:40:32) DimensionTravelerCalum: They’ve been led away,
(03/17 12:40:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: For our protection as much as their own…
(03/17 12:41:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: There is still a danger that the Bahro wanting our deaths will realize that Yeesha has been deceiving them…
(03/17 12:41:05) DimensionTravelerCalum: And they will return.
(03/17 12:41:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: For now- we sit and play and laugh…
(03/17 12:41:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: Personally- I believe that this is what we are meant to do, in a sense.
(03/17 12:41:28) DimensionTravelerCalum: ‘make a home’
(03/17 12:41:38) DimensionTravelerCalum: We love this cavern,
(03/17 12:41:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: Many of us staying here through it all even when it seems like there;s nothing to do.
(03/17 12:41:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: And yet we stay.
(03/17 12:42:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: Many of us decided it was best to leave-
(03/17 12:42:04) DimensionTravelerCalum: So as to help the war…
(03/17 12:42:07) DimensionTravelerCalum: And yet we returned.
(03/17 12:42:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: The cavern calls to us,
(03/17 12:42:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: Even when we’re here,
(03/17 12:42:21) DimensionTravelerCalum: There is a subtle thing,
(03/17 12:42:26) DimensionTravelerCalum: Asking us to stay…
(03/17 12:42:30) DimensionTravelerCalum: What it is….i can’t say.
(03/17 12:42:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: this place….
(03/17 12:42:44) DimensionTravelerCalum: It’s still in danger,
(03/17 12:42:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: If anything- the recent KI issues are only highlighting that fact.
(03/17 12:43:07) DimensionTravelerCalum: Reminding us that Destruction can still fall upon us at any moment.
(03/17 12:43:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: That any time we link away could be our last.
(03/17 12:43:31) DimensionTravelerCalum: There is hope, yes,
(03/17 12:43:43) DimensionTravelerCalum: Many explorers still work towards finding ways of progressing things
(03/17 12:43:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: Towards ending the Bahro conflict,
(03/17 12:43:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: But even so– the deception remains,
(03/17 12:44:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: I can’t say for sure whether or not that’s a good thing,
(03/17 12:44:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: But…
(03/17 12:44:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: We can’t remain divided like this.
(03/17 12:44:39) DimensionTravelerCalum: If you find it within yourselves to be able to help out,
(03/17 12:44:41) DimensionTravelerCalum: In any way,
(03/17 12:45:04) DimensionTravelerCalum: Be it…
(03/17 12:45:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: Be it donating,
(03/17 12:45:12) DimensionTravelerCalum: Or joining a guild
(03/17 12:45:13) DimensionTravelerCalum: Or heck,
(03/17 12:45:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Even just pulling together some fun games,
(03/17 12:45:25) DimensionTravelerCalum: Or even parties
(03/17 12:45:34) DimensionTravelerCalum: Well,
(03/17 12:45:42) DimensionTravelerCalum: That’s all you can do.
(03/17 12:45:44) DimensionTravelerCalum: I myself…
(03/17 12:45:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: I help by doing Heritage Night.
(03/17 12:46:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: I help out where i can,
(03/17 12:46:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: and if that’s all *I* can do,
(03/17 12:46:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Then that’s what I’ll do so long as I feel I am able.
(03/17 12:46:37) DimensionTravelerCalum: I hope you all feel the same,
(03/17 12:46:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: That doing all you’re able to do is all that you’re required to do…
(03/17 12:47:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: This cavern…these ages…
(03/17 12:47:09) DimensionTravelerCalum: Yeesha has referred to it as “URU” once,
(03/17 12:47:14) DimensionTravelerCalum: And that spelling,
(03/17 12:47:19) DimensionTravelerCalum: I think it’s the best thing of all.
(03/17 12:47:20) DimensionTravelerCalum: You.
(03/17 12:47:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: Are.
(03/17 12:47:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: You.
(03/17 12:47:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: All that we do here…
(03/17 12:47:44) DimensionTravelerCalum: It reflects who we are, and what we’re capable of.
(03/17 12:47:54) DimensionTravelerCalum: And…I fell…
(03/17 12:48:03) DimensionTravelerCalum: I fell here into a role that fits me,
(03/17 12:48:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: I didn’t even realize it.
(03/17 12:48:16) DimensionTravelerCalum: I think that’s all anyone can ask for.
(03/17 12:48:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: A place that they can feel at home,
(03/17 12:48:46) DimensionTravelerCalum: I feel that this is what we are meant to do by making a home,
(03/17 12:48:55) DimensionTravelerCalum: Though…we still need to find a way…
(03/17 12:49:00) DimensionTravelerCalum: Somewhere…some when…someday…
(03/17 12:49:10) DimensionTravelerCalum: So I’ll close tonight’s HN,
(03/17 12:49:20) DimensionTravelerCalum: I hope to see you all again next week,
(03/17 12:49:26) DimensionTravelerCalum bows
(03/17 12:49:27) sylster claps her hands
(03/17 12:49:28) Magic Tom claps his hands
(03/17 12:49:30) MagicLileth claps her hands
(03/17 12:49:30) DbeMagic claps her hands
(03/17 12:49:31) Mag’ik claps her hands
(03/17 12:49:31) toffy claps her hands
(03/17 12:49:31) Eric2 claps his hands
(03/17 12:49:34) DifferentDave claps his hands
(03/17 12:49:35) radioflux claps his hands
(03/17 12:49:39) EvG claps his hands
(03/17 12:49:45) DimensionTravelerCalum: And please- remember to go to the Guild of Greeter’sPub for a St.Patricks day party!!
(03/17 12:49:46) DimensionTravelerCalum: :)
(03/17 12:49:46) Magic Tom: very good speech!
(03/17 12:49:55) DimensionTravelerCalum: Grab a shirt from Kirel and drop on by!! :D
(03/17 12:49:56) toffy: thank you DTC
(03/17 12:49:57) sylster: very nicely spoken :)
(03/17 12:49:59) toffy: so touching
(03/17 12:50:05) DimensionTravelerCalum bows
(03/17 12:50:05) skuavi: good DTC :)
(03/17 12:50:14) MagicLileth: very good DTC
(03/17 12:50:19) DimensionTravelerCalum: Thanks for coming everyone
(03/17 12:50:22) Mag’ik: thanks DTC
(03/17 12:50:23) …Chat.log stopped.

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