Shorah all!

To quote myself at today’s AGM:

(04/06 13:03:18) DimensionTravelerCalum: So- as you know this last round of HN was quite a bit unstable
(04/06 13:03:48) DimensionTravelerCalum: It didn’t go exactly as planned, and I didn’t get a chance to do the New HN that I planned for this round.
(04/06 13:03:59) DimensionTravelerCalum: I’m still working on that,
(04/06 13:04:07) DimensionTravelerCalum: But at the moment it’s on the side burner,
(04/06 13:04:12) DimensionTravelerCalum: And you can thank Alien for inspiring this,
(04/06 13:04:21) DimensionTravelerCalum: Because I’m working on something else HN related!
(04/06 13:04:27) GoMeDoobes: :)
(04/06 13:04:34) DimensionTravelerCalum: For those of you who remember the old Spoken Word Nights that vid used to do,
(04/06 13:04:40) DimensionTravelerCalum: specifically 25 and 50,
(04/06 13:05:08) DimensionTravelerCalum: You’ll remember that they were pretty funny things!
(04/06 13:05:17) DimensionTravelerCalum: A bit of parody/historical stories,
(04/06 13:05:33) DimensionTravelerCalum: And if you haven’t seen those, I recommend you look them up!
(04/06 13:05:53) DimensionTravelerCalum: They’re very muchly a type of predecessor to Heritage Night in a strange sense of it…
(04/06 13:05:57) DimensionTravelerCalum: Anyways,
(04/06 13:05:59) DimensionTravelerCalum: years back now,
(04/06 13:06:04) DimensionTravelerCalum: when Fun House first appeared,
(04/06 13:06:12) DimensionTravelerCalum: Carl Palmner wanted to do a sort of pagent event,
(04/06 13:06:19) DimensionTravelerCalum: That never got off the ground,
(04/06 13:06:29) DimensionTravelerCalum: Since he had other stuff to do soon after the idea was formed,
(04/06 13:06:47) DimensionTravelerCalum: And well…you know how it goes.
(04/06 13:06:52) DimensionTravelerCalum: I never managed to get to it,
(04/06 13:06:57) DimensionTravelerCalum: But now, well…
(04/06 13:07:15) DimensionTravelerCalum: I’m pleased to announce a Historical Parody Pagent,
(04/06 13:07:22) DimensionTravelerCalum: What is it parodying, you ask?
(04/06 13:07:23) DimensionTravelerCalum: Well…
(04/06 13:07:36) DimensionTravelerCalum: What else is there?
(04/06 13:07:40) DimensionTravelerCalum cues the Star Wars theme
(04/06 13:07:56) DimensionTravelerCalum: So- coming sometime “Soon”!
(04/06 13:08:10) DimensionTravelerCalum: and I don’t know when or how,
(04/06 13:08:24) DimensionTravelerCalum: But, “Soon”
(04/06 13:08:39) DimensionTravelerCalum: [The Adventures of SPACE QUAB! EPISODE IV!]
(04/06 13:08:49) DimensionTravelerCalum: will be here!
(04/06 13:09:02) DimensionTravelerCalum: Please keep an eye on the Heritage Night website for more information,

SO, with all that said- I’ll be posting a quick snipit from the opening of the story to give you all a taste of what’s to come, just click under the “More” cut. (The food is still cooking, so the final flavor may be a tad different!)

Anyways- keep an eye posted for more posts about this! There will be more to come! ;)


Get ready, men! They’re cutting the door down!
After a few tense moments, the sparks trace a complete rectangle in the door before stopping.
And then…
It Explodes open!
The Relto Alliance Bahro prepare their slingshots as the NOLOBEN EMPIRE WINGSOLDIERS charge in through the open door- firing off magicka blasts of fire and ice and lightning.

BAHRO (WILHELM) is hit by a fire blast, forcing him to the ground.
BAHRO (#1):
Soon, the NOLOBEN EMPIRE WINGSOLDIERS have overrun the Shroomie Ship, and taken control of its opperations.
With that done, the WINGSOLDIERS step aside as a dark, shadowy form emerged from the other ship.
As he stepped into the light, his heavy breathing could be heard through the mask filters.
Whoever or whatever it was, it was wearing a Maintainer Suit, and seemed to be surveying the room impassively.



  1. Is there more? Great start

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