Re: Boston

I’m not sure what to say in light of days like today. 12 years ago, I can remember seeing news reports about a plane crash… It’s hard to think about something like this happening.

It’s shocking to see such things in the world. It makes you feel…unsafe. Wary, cautious.

I look around and I wonder- what is there to do at times like this?

Call off all ideas of doing things?

Six hours ago- people were hurt, and I sat here unaware.

The World is a dangerous place.

And yet despite things like this- genuine threats that can hurt people, we find the government considering insane laws that can do just as much damage. Things like CISPA or other such internet ‘security’ laws…

Shouldn’t the safety of actual people be more important that that of electrons floating through a maze of wires?

I don’t know. It just seems absurd that there can be a 180 like the way people are acting.

I sit here right now, writing this, and thinking, ‘how could anyone want to do such a thing?’ Shouldn’t we all want to work together?

It’s snowing right now.



One response to “Re: Boston

  1. We were about to go to sleep when we heard about it, I had just unlogged from URU, where we planned the international hood. What a contrast! I have no words to say how I feel about it, and it’s so wrong….. whatever the reasons for this might be (even if nothing in my opinion justifies such a thing), it’s always the innocent people who are involved. To say it like Kennedy: “I am a Bostonian!”

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