ARTICLE: Unity, Duty, and Destiny

Shorah all,

By the time you all are reading this, I’ll probably be out at some lame ol’ convention that’s probably not at all as fun as what’s going on down in D’ni. I know I won’t be enjoying it nearly that much.

I’m sorry I can’t be there personally, but as this last week has proven…Life Happens.

So what to say? Hmf… Well…. Hi Everyone! I hope you’ve had a good weekend so far. And I especially hope that the grand opening of this International Hood (Please forgive me if I got the name wrong, and feel free to correct it, whomever is speaking this!) is going over well.

Years ago, I came to D’ni, not a clue what I was doing, and only a book on my hip. I was…. Seven or Eight then. Just a kid. I explored in silence, solving puzzles and looking at things. And then…I met explorers.

Other people, here in D’ni.

I acted much like any new Explorer would, just setting foot into D’ni- a whole populated cavern. It was rare then, being the time between restorations, but I met people. Kind people. Considerate people.

I went under a childish name then, something shamelessly borrowed from a toy franchise. I didn’t understand the things people said, or how they could do half of the things they did…

I made a fool of myself, many, many times. Good grief what an idiot I was then. There’s a reason almost every forum on the Internet has an “Over 13” age restriction, I guess. Kids just…they just don’t know what to make of themselves.

I hid, yeah. But then, as the years moved on, The Second Restoration came.

I changed names, from a toy to a TV character- I became Calumon, and…as a child moving onto a teen, I still made my mistakes. I was too hyper for my own good.

But. There was a hood- A simple place.

“A Beginner’s Bevin.”

That was its name.

I remember it fondly. Beginner’s was a place that new explorers and old alike gathered together. It was a place that they could meet up, and learn. Despite D’ni being locked to the United States for the most part, thanks mostly to Miss Alexander’s funding, there were still those from other countries- other languages- who came to D’ni.

You know that Nederlandse Hood? German NULP? I remember those from those days between restorations…And during the Second as well. People still came in from those places- maybe less so or more so than today, but they were there.

But it was through Beginner’s that many took their first steps, and it was through Beginner’s that everyone gathered for the ResEng’s Orientation meetings, even if they’d been through them dozens of times already.

I apologize if this comes off as incorrect, or if it’s just my memories playing tricks on me…

I know I didn’t spend enough time in D’ni then as I could have, but I remember fondly… Beginner’s was a road sign, much like Greeters’ was then as well.

Two road posts- two signs- there to help explorers find their way, to help them make their homes.

I have a pit in my stomach as I write this out. There was a lot over this last year that’s hit me hard… A dark road with no end in sight…

But, when I heard about this hood, this place for new explorers of other languages to get together, and find others of their own language…

I felt hope, the first time I heard of this.

For a long time before it, I’d been searching for a way to make sure that our fractured, splintered community could be brought together and mended whole again. I’d been asked it, in fact, by another explorer from that old time. He knew better than I, and he thought I could do something to bring everyone together.

I think I failed my old friend in that respect, but you guys- all of you, Max, Alien, Kaaja, and everyone else who’s supported this idea of a hood and helped to make it whole…

You guys succeeded where I’ve failed- you’ve brought back something that this Cavern has been dreaming of for years…


It’s a tiny seed, but even the smallest of seeds can grow into a mighty tree.

As for the title of this little memo that I wrote up…

It ties back to that old game that I got my first name from.




It is through a Unified front that we can all do our Duty for D’ni…and thus, fulfill whatever Destiny we all have planned for our lives.

So that’s it. I can’t think of anything else to add to this.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and… even though I know I’ll be seeing you guys again on Monday…

Live a good life. Be the better person. Think with an open heart. Believe not in the me that believes in the future- but in the YOU that believes in a better future for all!

Obligatory Gurren Lagann references aside, that’s all I ask of you.



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