Seer’s Journey.


1. A Journey starts in the Desert.
3. A woman waits patiently, and becomes a mother.
4. A man waits anxiously, and becomes a father.
5. A child is born, and becomes an explorer.
7. Years pass, and the child grows, seeking out new life in old places.
8. The child is called to a place not yet known, or understood.
9. A life spent growing in this unknown world prepares them for what is to come.
10. Five comes before two comes before four.
11. Then then a scream, and solitary worlds are visited for a time.
13. When time resumes, strangers find themselves united in an unknown expanse.
14. A world unknown, mysteries thought solved left unended anew.
15. Seven journeys lie in a desert.
16. Three hide behind lava, Four between the pieces of art.
17. A Vault lies behind seven keys, containing a treasure none wanted to find.
18. A slave, cloaked by the hand of many, leaves a symbol for all to see.
19. A fortress’ path contains five, yet two of its greatest secrets lie off of the beaten path.
21. A desert breaks even with Fives and Tens- matching the Symmetry of the world that spawned it.
22. Four points make a map, yet the journey between them is random.
23. Eighteen, Twenty-Five, Thirteen, Six.
24. Two gardens, twins separated by magic, share a common goal.
25. Twelve reside here.
27. Twin worlds, once the same but now different.
28. A tapestry torn, only the sole survivor tells the tale of her love, lost before the turmoil.
29. She cries in silent memorial, first for death, second for betrayal.
30. A man lost his way, and so was broken, but in being broken, he found wisdom.
31. Colors come in Fives.
32. Beings come in Threes.
33. He, She, They, and I.
35. The child grew, and so became an adult, and set out to do what they believed was right.
36. Those watching scorned the child who grew into a wise adult, while others still praised them.
37. The child still grows, but not in the physical, but in the spiritual.
38. The Grower breathed life into the fallen tree, and then left it to protect the life it was given.
40. A new tree grows, a trunk of stone and leaves of paper.
41. Debates arise, but the tree grows steady.
42. Rings and paths lie beneath the stars, hidden so cleverly from view.
43. It is only in the dark that light can truly shine.
44. And it is only in the dark that a tree can truly grow without harm.
45. Life blooms.
47. Six strangers befriend each other under the perils of a dark moon.
48. A creature lies in the dark, meddling, fussing, planning.
49. It is through the unity of friendship that the creature is banished back to whence it came.
51. A child on his way to becoming a man set out into the desert.
52. Five paths lay open.
53. One is broken.
54. One is lost to time.
55. Two return to their start.
56. And a ruin is found.
57. The very earth bleeds life to a wasteland.
58. And the storm comes.
59. Perilous Rain falls from above, yet shelter is found by all.
61. A man hailed himself as a God, and so built monuments to his fake power.
62. Vast temples demonstrating his mastery over the world he lived in were built.
63. A Tree dies.
64. And the beginning is tied to the end.
65. A Starry expanse.
66. A Lush Island.
67. And all that lies between.
68. A cycle is broken.
70. A battle is started in a land of frozen rock.
71. Fire fights Fire, Lightning against Lightning.
72. Five souls enter, four emerge.
73. A Golden Dragon rises, and roars.
74. So lies the path of a dragon born king.
76. In the beginning, there was a cavern.
77. The cavern died- and was left abandoned.
78. In the years that followed- it was rediscovered.
79. Journals were made into a game.
80. The game- born- is known wide to all.
81. Not years later- a child is born.
82. The Child grows up knowing of this cavern.
83. He lives and breathes, learning as the journals and their story unfold.
85. The Child learns of D’ni proper- and visits it.
86. He takes his path, slow and steady.
87. He learns of the things he’s known,
88. And of the things he never knew.
90. A restoration failed- the Child travels alone.
91. He finds things- learns- and restores…
92. Then silence.
93. The child lives on- making mistakes and learning from them.
95. The final game- the end of all ages-
96. The Child understands something- and yet nothing.
97. The Cavern is restored again.
98. The Child returns- and learns more.
100. Death surrounds him, but he does not care.
101. Life surrounds him, and he basks in the glow.
102. A kindred soul is gone- and his soul is torn wide.
103. “It’s not real” he tells himself, unaware of all that is to come.
105. The Cavern dies once more.
106. The Child now a Man weeps for all moments come and gone.
107. The Regret of things he should have done.
108. He works to know more- understand what he once ignored.
110. The Cavern is reborn again.
111. The Man becomes a Public Servant.
112. He doles out History and Information wherever possible.
113. He helps whoever he can whenever he can.
114. All the while the world moves on without him.
116. As a Star of Light in a Dark Cave, he provides the history.
117. He tells those who never knew of what came before.
118. He hopes for life to flourish in D’ni.
119. He provides steps and a ladder.
121. A Bartender closes his shop for the final time.
122. He thinks of all the fond memories he had in that place.
123. The Journey of ownership continues, but for a new soul.
124. The Bartender feels the call of another passion.
125. And so he spreads his wings and Ascends.


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