Seer’s Mirror


1. Shards of Broken Glass reflect worlds infinitely unknown.
2. Through the looking glass lies a mile of yellow road.
3. A civilization waits beyond, lying dead on the surface.
4. But beneath that world lies another world, fighting for its life.
5. Mirrors are found; Lightning is used; A rift is opened.
7. A single warrior fell through to another world, and found herself reborn.
8. Powers beyond imagination lay at her fingertips, locked away by layers of doubt.
9. A boy in armor will provide a key, and the warrior would provide a solution to a problem.
10. A lock opened, a window shattered, and a civilization moved away from danger.
11. Although internal danger remained unseen, beneath the surface.
13. Puzzles of reason, left unsolved, were tampered with.
14. Bowing to wisdom, many saw the truth.
15. A man thought himself proud, and so fell from grace.
16. The new world would not keep itself hinged to such madness.
18. In another time, another place, a boy was attacked, and lost to a parallel world made by his own entry into the past.
19. Time and space, unstable by this, sought to end his life and undo the damage.
20. The boy wandered the splinted world, unaware of the change, while seemingly everything hunted him with a vengeance.
21. He met a girl, who thought him strange, and so followed him despite his protests.
22. She would save his life, and he in turn would show her the world beyond.
24. It’s bigger on the inside, he loved it when they said it.
25. A healer found a crack in a bedroom wall, and mended it, unaware of the threat it posed.
26. Silence will fall.
28. In the unknown, a brother and a sister lived in turmoil.
29. She was kind, he was cruel.
30. But in their own ways, they reflected the other perfectly.
31. The brother brought down his sister down to reality from her lofty dreams.
32. The sister kept her brother from causing harm by keeping his attention on her.
33. Their balance kept the universe in balance, but as the final star above their world began to die, so did their unity.
34. The brother, unable to win at their daily games, came up with a brilliant ruse.
35. He tricked his sister into indulging in her fantasies, and so distracted her from the change on the board that he had so obviously made.
36. She failed to notice, ever so late, that the King she was chasing was but a Queen.
37. And so the Brother beat her at chess.
39. In another time, a Red Boy tricked a Green General with the same ploy, only grander in scale.
40. The idea was presented in a chess game, though the General failed to see the strategy before him.
41. The General’s King had sacrificed himself for the Queen of his own will, no longer an “It” to be ordered.
42. So blinded by this distraction, the Boy made his move in reality unseen.
43. The General sought to promote himself to Emperor, and so checked the Red King opposite him.
44. Believing the game to be over, the Green General betrayed his own king, and stole the Crown.
45. The move, forfeit, was a sign of surrender- and the Red Boy began his ploy.
46. The Green Emperor moved his armies, thinking all opposition removed- the fool.
47. The Red Boy’s army countered, spawning from the very air itself, and invaded the Emperor’s Sanctum.
49. The beginning is tied to the end.
50. The Future is the Past, an observer notes.
51. Untold wonders lie before two souls, boy and girl.
52. Untold horrors lie before two souls, girl and boy.
53. Four lives, two paths, one destiny.
54. A child is born, and so grows up love.
55. A child is orphaned, and so is rescued.
56. Together they fight for a world that seeks to harm them at every turn.
57. And yet fate finds itself falling into their favor.
59. In another time, a girl plays the roll of a man.
60. In another place, a boy plays the roll of a woman.
61. Between them, a single friend- a single foe.
62. Love blooms, though neither can admit it.
63. And through the death of their mutual friend, a new life is conceived.
64. The girl leaves the man to die.
65. The boy leaves the woman to grieve.
66. And the mutual soul, connecting them together, lives on, pretending to be blissfully unaware.
68. A girl saved her father from harm at the cost of her own mobility.
69. Not scarred, as one would think, but determined.
70. The girl becomes a hero, and so recruits others to her cause.
71. The eternal silence is all she fears, and so drowns it out with noise.
72. The Green Bird and the Black Raccoon play a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
73. No one knows where the dice shall land.
75. A town is built around a clock tower.
76. Un-moving are its four sides, and so the town remains asleep.
77. The morning comes.
79. Lovers meet in exile, and so build a life together.
80. A single chance for return comes, and they take it.
81. The caring wife is trapped while her husband makes his escape.
82. But he loves her so very much, and so mount a rescue.
83. A birdcage in a tree is not a prison so much as a taunt.
84. The captor would soon wish that he had not earned the Black Cloak’s ire.
86. The Mirrors of Reality lie in wait.
87. A Dragon rests on her master’s head.
88. The Girl loves her pet as much as she did a living relative.
90. When death struck true- a girl sought a revival.
91. A mirror lay before her- and her wings spread at it’s sights.
92. Herself and her Dragon- alive and well.
93. The Reflection rippled- and the Girl asked her self how?
95. A feather and a flower- the other her answered
96. A feather and a flower- she inquired- Just like that?
97. Just like that.
98. And so the girl departed for the flower- feather in hand.
100. Friends reunited, and lovers rejoice.
101. The path of destruction lay before the gate to freedom.
103. A Demon overtook a Castle through trickery and vile.
104. The Castle’s Knights fought valiantly to save their home.
105. And so the Demon’s nemesis took control of the forces.
106. Death raised his scythe, and rallied the Knights.
108. The Demon was overthrown and banished from the Castle.
109. He met an insane man on the outside- and promised a cure.
110. Insanity gone- the Demon’s tongue wove- for my stolen Castle.
111. The insane man agreed, and so they struck out.
113. The Castle’s defenders had rallied their forces.
114. Nothing the Demon or the insane man threw at them took hold.
115. And so the Knight in Black Armor- Death Incarnate- took aim.
117. The Demon was beheaded on that day.
119. A soul sought refuge, and so took pity on others.
120. They toiled away, grinding other’s weapons to a sharp point.
121. They toiled away, serving drinks and pleasures.
122. One day- a kindred soul asked, “Have you not had enough?”
124. The soul replied, “I do believe I have.”


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