Seer’s River


1. The only water in a desert is a river,
2. It flows where it wills, pushed on by the storms.
3. Rain falls, thunder cracks, rocks crumble.
4. And now a waterfall to an ancient world is opened, does anyone dare enter?
6. Beasts of burden worship the solace of a river.
7. Quiet and calm, Loud and raging.
8. Few understand the path of least resistance better than the river.
9. Songs untold are sung, and plays and poems are penned.
11. Who can control a flowing river?
12. Few.
13. Who can control an oncoming storm?
14. None.
16. The balance of power shifts constantly, though none are as powerful as the Maker.
17. Even the warpers of reality fall under his jurisdiction.
19. A girl lost in time floats among the stars between the cracks, her life ended, but journey continuing.
20. She seeks those who have long since been lost to time, friends, enemies.
21. An evil hides on the bank; watching; waiting for the prey that he hunts.
22. He bides his time by picking off the fish floating in the river, wishing that one would become his target as if by magic.
23. As he waits, the girl reunites, and hunts for the same target.
24. The River flows where it wills, not even the crude evil could control what came down its banks.
25. Hope.
27. A single lie changed the course of a river.
28. An order for east, misheard as west.
29. And so the men building a dam built it on the wrong side.
30. A town was flooded due to their error.
32. In the flow of the river is a sound.
33. It pulses, and flows, and beats, and sounds.
34. A song of melody is played by a river, unheard by those save who listen.
35. A mad man hears the sound of time’s reversal.
36. Others hear noise- endless static- while he hears a harmony.
38. Beating drums.
39. A rhythm of four.
40. And then four again.
41. Eight to the Eighth.
42. Four are followed by Twelve.
43. Twelve are followed by Eight.
44. Eight are followed by Twenty-Four.
46. And his number is 625.
47. A session of Five by 125.
48. Unbalanced, a single soul lies in the center of the battlefield of two sides.
50. The mad man hears what is not meant to be heard.
51. His past insanity was given by his own future actions.
52. A wound occurs, and blood flows.
54. Don’t give up, they say.
55. You still have friends, they cheer.
56. Useless noise lost to the void.
58. A Branch is made.
59. A Split path is before them, lying beyond this fixed point.
60. In success, Reality continues onward.
61. In failure, Time is remade in-complete, and conflicting.
62. Neither can happen at once, and yet they do.
63. Such is the nature of a river of time.
65. A Star of Light hangs over the paths of many.
66. He listens to the troubles given by the world, and so seeks to change them.
67. Muttered whispers, insane ramblings, elevated laughter.
68. He hears the harsh tones of the world, and offers advice.
70. A Rogue of Sound lies in her room, and dreams of darkness.
71. She cannot hear the cries of the many, and so cries herself to slumber.
72. Sound cannot reach her ears, and so he hides away behind written words.
73. She ignores the pains of the world, and offers advice.
75. Together, a Rouge of Light, and a Star of Sound, matching pairs, matching wits.
76. Together they unite a broken world.
77. Together they unite their fractured team.
78. Together they ascend, and through ascension…
79. They Synchronize and Unite.
81. The flow of time lay broken at his feet.
82. The Lordling cackled as a black hole raged on behind him.
83. 4:13 struck the clock.
84. The Lordling turned his head.
85. 6:12 struck the clock.
86. The Knight drew his sword.
87. 8:16 struck the clock.
88. The Lordling and the Knight leaped towards each other.
89. 10:25 struck the clock.
90. With a slash- Off with his head.
91. 11:11 struck the clock.
92. With a bang- Out with his heart.
94. A Mage of Space threaded the stars between her fingers.
95. She danced the words of others and the worlds of ideas among the light.
96. Time flowed onward- and she delighted in the feel of rational space.
97. The Breeze blew into town- and she felt disturbed.
98. The Breeze vanished before she knew what had happened.
99. The Mage was confused, concerned, but relieved.
101. He held his ground.
102. He was gravity.
103. He had a plan.
104. He had blown up a world.
105. He had missed a simple piece of advice.
106. He failed to listen to their cries.
107. He did not engrave their name onto his heart.
108. And so they did it for him.
109. With that action alone: peace had been made.
110. A Crystal became a bridge.
111. A tear became a river.
112. A storm brought relief to those who were thirsty.
114. Life moved on- and the children of the heroes were born.
115. But two had died…never to be recovered.
116. A crash- and suddenly all expectations had become folly.
118. The Inventor and His Wife had survived against all odds.
119. A stray decision- a fragment of crystal- and suddenly they survived.
120. Their child born- they escaped to a new world.
122. The girl of flame sought the cool emotion of the boy of the wing.
123. Their souls meshed- and their older friends congratulated them.
124. Their younger friends were jealous- but knew their time would come.
125. Tick Tock- Goes the Clock.


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