Seer’s Warnings


1. Five times warnings have been given.
2. Five times warnings have been ignored.
3. Books come in four, pens in solitude, while beetles stand cubed.
4. Six Warriors stand at the top of the single ravine keeping them from their two companions.
5. Ten times has the words of wisdom been presented, and twenty-five times more shall it be given.
7. A dog’s bark sets cowards running, but a cat’s scratch keeps them in line.
8. Heroes named, icons are crafted, and stories spread, but are the lessons learned?
10. The toils of the few benefit the many, the least being thought of as animals.
11. But one could see what was before her, and she felt for them.
12. The Grower of Life saw an opportunity for their freedom and she grasped for it…
13. And she let go.
14. Even so, it was a single man who brought freedom to the Least.
15. A single man who simple saw fit to do what he had been doing already.
16. Returning what was taken.
18. A dream was dreamed, of an oncoming storm of Destruction.
19. Countless times the dream was dreamed, and many wondered of its meaning.
20. When Destruction came, many were surprised, few were comforted, and all were warned.
21. The Warning was misheard, and then forgotten.
22. Do not mistake the folly of the past for the doom of the future.
24. The Storm returns, brewing once again in the faces of many.
25. Three years of preparation, a warning heeded?
26. Find a way.
27. Make a home.
28. Destruction is coming.
29. And so the Faces of Stone toil in the darkness, seeking illumination.
31. Do not be distracted by the spoils of mad men.
32. They fling mud and spit and lies.
33. They care little for their so called followers.
34. They divide and conquer.
35. Only fools divide themselves into submission.
37. Social turmoil is but a single warning of dangerous times.
38. A broken system can not be fixed by the ones breaking it.
40. Do not be deceived.
41. Do not be distracted.
42. Do not be foolish.
43. Do not be afraid.
45. Fear leads to anger.
46. Anger leads to hate.
47. Hate leads to pain.
48. Pain leads to suffering.
49. Suffering leads to fear.
50. It is a constant cycle.
52. Beware of false prophets.
53. Do not seek the wisdom of false advertising.
54. History is written by the losers, and so it repeats continually until a winner takes command.
56. Tick.
57. Tock.
58. Tick.
59. Ding.
60. How can a simple foam be so flammable?
62. They wait for he who fans flames whilst writing a cleansing rain storm.
63. They wait for she who would thaw knowledge and reforms it into a weapon.
64. They wait for he who shall craft a story while destroying a thousand words.
65. They wait for she who will die a thousand deaths and not take a single soul.
66. We wait for he who will drop ice like its hot while the demon is on the rise.
67. We wait for she who will craft a thousand worlds with her mind alone.
68. We wait for he who will burn a tapestry to enter a tree of healing.
69. We wait for she who will turn from the light and fall to the darkness.
70. He comes for she who inquires of rumors.
71. She comes for he who will lead a journey.
72. They come for all that is to be seen, and all that is new to them.
74. Do not drink of the Well of Truth.
75. Such things corrupt.
76. Do not eat of the Fruit of Corruption.
77. Such things destroy.
78. Do not read of the Tome of Destruction.
79. Such things are rarely true.
81. Destruction is coming.
82. A Home is made.
83. Will you be ready?
85. First instincts are often the correct choice.
86. Do not second guess yourself.
87. If a stranger asking for help gives you vibes of great misfortune, decline and abscond.
88. Do not play the part of a foolish butler distracted from his mission.
89. Otherwise, you shall be chased by men wielding swords that can cut through expensive cashmere coats.
90. Whereupon you will fall into a lake and catch a cold, threatening your job and livelihood while being chased by men wielding swords that cut through expensive cashmere coats.
91. Do not play the part of the foolish butler distracted from their mission.
93. Do not allow your heart to be corrupted by darkness.
94. For that is the path to devastation.
95. Do not let your soul be split in two.
96. For that is the path to becoming the very thing you sought to become,
97. In the most implausible way you could have never imagined.
98. Do Not betray your brother.
99. For if you shall do these things…
100. You will become a Sun.
102. Do not hold onto that which has passed its prime.
103. For what is more sad than when that thing is yourself?
104. In the end of all things, you cannot resolve to change the future to the past.
106. The Past is the Past.
107. The Future is the Future.
109. Do not be deceived by the disillusions of children.
110. Do not be deceived by the callousness of a scorned woman.
111. Do not be deceived by the lies of men.
112. Such are the paths of insanity.
114. In time, It was hoped that they all would understand what he had known.
115. In time, it was hoped that they all would understand what he had learned.
116. In time, it was hoped that they all would understand what pain he had felt.
117. Time passed- and his hopes were dashed in the present.
118. But hope remains for the future.
120. Do not cling to what has left you-
121. Do not think on what you could have done differently-
122. For forgiveness has been given to you.
123. The only question remains.
124. Can you forgive yourself?


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