Seer’s Words


1. Dry hanging words are heard by none.
2. Engraved in stone, printed in ink, signed with numbers.
3. Few hear the wisdom of the writers of words, seeking refuge in the pages of the past.
4. Words are powerful items, capable of brewing storms of judgement and chaos.
6. Beware of those seeking solace in the words of idiots.
8. In the endings and the beginnings, the wise of the past clung not to the sayings of reassurance, but to the knowledge of the presence of the others around them.
9. The humble spirit of animals are unknown by those who speak letters, hearing only sounds and noises.
10. But once, and only once, a beast spoke a word, and terror was known like no other on that day.
11. A War had begun.
13. Children unaware of the past learn by the wisdom spoken by the elders.
14. They explore, and learn, and eventually become the ones who teach themselves.
15. Words call out unspoken, begging to be heard.
17. A child grew up on folk lore and tales, never once wishing them to be true.
18. One day, the child discovered a book, and never once wished it to be false.
19. Though the elders thought the child foolish, the words in the book were comforting.
20. The child became an adult, and left on a journey of discovery.
21. The adult took the book with him, and one day he found what he was looking for.
22. Words etched in a rock, describing an ancient world that traveled through words.
23. The world had died due to the folly of words miss-spoken.
25. A Creature of Power watched a World Crosser, wishing that they could speak the same language.
26. One day the Creature approached the Crosser, but could not form the words necessary to introduce himself.
27. The Crosser, startled at first, soon realized that the clouds brewing in the Creature’s eyes were of frustration at his own lack of speech.
28. She bowed, and wrote in the sand, a single word, then a single phrase.
29. The Creature, understanding that language, but unable to speak it, wrote it out in his own language.
30. Soon, the Crosser and the Creature were communicating not in their respective tongues, but a common set of symbols that each had collaboratively created.
31. The two became close friends, and remained close, even after the day they parted ways and lived their separate lives.
32. In another life, the Crosser and the Creature were reborn into a single race different from their previous lives.
33. They were soon reunited by their memories of their created language whom no-others seemed to know.
34. Years would pass, and peace would be brought to their troubled world, though trouble never once fell between them during that time.
36. A Book contains many things, but none so powerful as words.
38. Lies upon Lies.
39. Men dote upon the citizens beneath them, hoping to earn their support.
40. They fling mud at each other, not caring that the splatters hit those beneath them.
41. Both men lie and yet tell the truth.
42. Find your own path in their words.
43. Chart a course in the stars made from their expansive statements.
44. Only you can know your own truth.
46. A girl learned words of power, engraving those very words into her core.
47. She began to lose sight of her own self, and so fell from grace.
48. In a jail cell, she realized that such a path of murder, thievery, bribery, and politics was doom.
49. She wrote of her brother, asking for his advice on what she should do, and came to a realization:
50. In the years before, she was thought to be the calming influence, and he the corrupting force.
51. But as she wrote, she understood that even she had them figured out wrong.
52. It was in the moment of her writing that she figured out that, in her solitude, she had lost her guiding light.
53. In his reply, he revealed that his brash behavior had grown worse, although he had lost the apparent corruption that they all had seen.
54. He had become driven to do good deeds in her absence, and had gotten so involved in his tasks that he had nearly driven himself to death once already.
55. Through their letters, their words, they came to understand that as twins, they balanced each other out in ways they had never realized until their separation.
56. Upon their reunion, a mere year later, they embraced and never separated, vowing to make the other better.
58. Through words, a boy convinced a general of treachery.
59. Through words and clever ploys, the boy challenged the general to a game he could not win.
60. The general misheard, and so though himself the victor.
62. A team of Twelve played a game.
63. One spoke in an accent thick enough that only one could understand her.
64. She got away with saying things lewd and demeaning, all because they misunderstood the things she said.
65. Only one of the twelve understood her, but failed to do anything to change her ways.
66. The game failed due to her random acts of mayhem, and so it was reset.
67. A Scratch was made– the disk overturned.
68. Even in death, and rebirth, the girl would cause mayhem, however much she regretted it.
69. She longed for a single soul brave enough to challenge her master to appear, and free her from her curse.
70. In the end, the one who freed her became her successor.
71. She had failed in succeeding- her only life’s goal, destruction, fulfilled.
73. Words are powerful things.
74. A simple miss spoken word, and nations fall.
75. A simple statement taken in an impossible way.
76. Life is an unending riddle of words and impressions.
78. The man who lives by the sword dies by the sword.
79. The man who dies by the word yet lives by the word.
81. A writer found himself puzzled for words.
82. He turned to his friends to find none.
83. He turned to his family to find none.
84. He toiled away at his pens and books, finding no new words.
85. He found the words when slumber claimed him.
86. But he could not remember, when morning awoke,
87. “For the Life of me, what were those words?”
88. The Dog barked in response.
89. The writer laughed.
91. A claim of ignorance- a spark of intolerance.
92. So began a world war.
93. A claim of knowledge- a dash of lies.
94. So ended a friendship before it began.
96. The Liar found Himself troubled.
97. He claimed to be a woman, and acted as an Aunt.
98. His double life finally claimed his sanity- and he snapped.
100. The Liar became enthralled with the idea of debasing others.
101. He claimed people were liars like himself.
102. He puffed up their egos in his own mind,
103. And deflated them with his cutting remarks.
105. Such are the follies of Liars-
106. They fall on their own swords.
108. The woman who lived by the word died by the word.
109. The woman who died by the pen yet lived by the words.
110. The nonsense of ignorance knows not what it tampers with.
112. Fillies and Colts.
113. Boys and Girls.
114. Simple tags for simple people.
115. And yet the stupid find a ‘simple’ word to be an insult?
116. Children know more than they let on.
118. Quietly- a boy watched as a corrupt seed destroyed his home.
119. Silently- a girl listened as a corrupt home destroyed her life.
120. And yet in their shared silence did they find companionship.
121. They understood what others did not.
123. They saw what others refused to see.
125. They were not deceived.


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