Heritage Night II

Here is the speach I wrote and persented at heritage night:

Hello. Today I’m going to be talking about OHB (or Orange Hair Boy) and his robots. Before we begin, I have a script this time which I am copy/pasting from. Since I can’t run the game in a window, I will have to alt-tab in and out, so I may miss things happening in cavern. With that said, let us begin:
Soon after MOULa opened, I found a hood named “The Guild of Robots”. Interested, I went in. There were two people in the hood. One of them called himself “OHB”; the other, “OHBot”. OHBot was a robot created by OHB, who had a striking resemblance to his creator. OHBot was in very early stages of development. Most of the things I said to him, he did not understand and said something like:
“I don’t know what you said; I’ll let OHB know, so he can fix the problem.” [Of course, with my spelling, I got this more than other people and OHB was ‘spying’ on my conversation and kept telling me how to correctly spell things so that OHBot would understand.” If I only knew, at that point, that OHBot would be become a big thing! I left and continued my duties around cavern.
As time passed, OHBot became a lot more advanced. You could ask him many things and he had many responses. For example, you could ask him “OHBot, what it your favorite color?” and he would say “Orange”. If you threw something at him, he would set his “phasers to 100% and destroy the object” or “duck out of the way faster than you can see”. There was a lot of silly stuff like that, but also a lot of useful stuff as well. He could tell you the weather, calculate a puzzle answer and translate phrases into different languages. (I will give more on this in a bit).
But it was not all good for OHB! A lot of people felt that the cavern was no place for robots! I don’t wish to dwell too much on the controversy, so I will sum it up as follows:

Rand saw OHBot at an event and said he was entertaining, OHB then soon realized that his robot was against the Code of Conduct. Since Rand liked him, he decided to get special permission to run OHBot in the cavern. So whether people liked him or hated him, he was there to stay.
Now back to the translations. OHB added the translation function for fun. He did not realize how useful it would be. When they were added, people were Ki mailing their buddies, who did not speak that much English and were telling them to get into the “Guild of Robots”.  The only problem was that you had to be in the same room as OHBot for him to do the translation and it had to be public, so the chat was covered in translations.
[OHB made a tool called Bablebot, which ran in front of a windowed MOULa client and translated what people said (between two languages). I’m not sure if it still works. Work on Bablebot inspired OHB to start a new project: GULP, a project to make fan translations (localizations) of MOULa and Riven.]
Now two more things:
On July 10th, 2010, a BOMB created by OHB’s arch-nemesis appeared in cavern. He had the appearance of an older man and was programmed with lines from Starship Titanic which he spoke out loud.  The nemesis had captured OHB and was holding him in the nemesis’s Relto (without his Relto book, but with his Ki, oddly). On the forums, AgeExplorer wrote about what was going on, including the Ki mail he received from OHB. It was a coded message to deactivate the bomb. Explorers had to figure out how to decode it, which eventually they did. The cavern was packed the whole time and most explorers could not get in to see what was going on. Fortunately, explorers managed to crack the code and save the day. Those who did not get to see the BOMB got one more chance to see him in a hood, in which he was in a disarmed state.
Finally: what happened to OHBot? Did the controversy get to him? Did OHBot get too hard to maintain? NO! OHB simply moved onto other things. In fact, we may even see him someday. When, I cannot say! tEST
Now the man himself will arrive soon to talk about his experience with OHBot.

OHB cold come and here is a chatlog of what he wrote:

(01/18 15:44:26)  OHB: thanks, excitied to be here :)
(01/18 15:45:14)  OHB: and i’ll apologize up-front if i seem a little “off” this afternoon. i had to go to the ER earlier for some back pain and now i have some super awesome meds :)
(01/18 15:45:37)  OHB: And thanks, Jamie, for your introduction
(01/18 15:45:38)  Korov’ev: ouch…
(01/18 15:45:41)  Calum Traveler: hehe, it’s been one of those months, it seems XD
(01/18 15:45:44)  JamieWithHNKey: No problem!
(01/18 15:46:06)  OHB: well, i’m not sure if there’s a format here or anything
(01/18 15:46:16)  OHB: i suppose we could go with Q&A
(01/18 15:46:42)  JamieWithHNKey: I was hopeing you would talk about it about your stuff, tell us how you came up with them, etc
(01/18 15:46:45)  OHB: and perhaps i’ll tell stories as they relate to questions i get
(01/18 15:46:48)  OHB: sure
(01/18 15:46:58)  OHB: first of all, if i use voice can everyone hear me?
(01/18 15:47:05) To OHB: (maybe inviate OHbot in himself)
(01/18 15:47:07)  Calum Traveler: um…no,
(01/18 15:47:12)  Zeke365: nope
(01/18 15:47:14)  Calum Traveler: lemme check my settings…
(01/18 15:47:14)  OHB: no? hmm
(01/18 15:47:22)  OHB: it’s probably my settings
(01/18 15:47:24)  Calum Traveler: nope, enabled…
(01/18 15:47:30)  Calum Traveler: probably. VC is one of those pesky things.
(01/18 15:47:43)  Zeke365: nothing
(01/18 15:47:43)  OHB: how about that time? if not, i’ll type
(01/18 15:47:44)  Calum Traveler: still nothin’…
(01/18 15:47:45)  Boywhith: I can, but sound quality is often poor.
(01/18 15:47:46)  OHB: ah well
(01/18 15:47:47)  OHB: ok
(01/18 15:48:01)  OHB: so, i guess it all starts with OHBot.
(01/18 15:48:17)  OHB: And you’ll notice a trend with all of my things:
(01/18 15:48:30)  OHB: 1. It was for fun – primarily for my own enjoyment and challenge
(01/18 15:48:43)  OHB: 2. I never anticipate where things will end up going
(01/18 15:48:59)  OHB: So, OHBot was just a pet project to see what I could make happen
(01/18 15:49:32)  OHB: as Jamie mentioned, it started off very basic. So basic that originally you could just give it basic commands to do things like walk or speak
(01/18 15:49:56)  JamieWithHNKey: (oh yeah the speatch was cool! :))
(01/18 15:49:58)  OHB: it wasn’t until i later had the idea of integrating it with a chat program that things started to get interesting
(01/18 15:50:34)  OHB: i got a copy of ALICE from the internet, integrated it and within a couple of hours OHBot was now ALICE
(01/18 15:50:53)  OHB: and that was fun, but ALICE and it’s underlying technology wasn’t enough – it was very limiting
(01/18 15:51:07)  OHB: so, i took that as a starting point and made my own
(01/18 15:51:13)  OHB: over the course of months
(01/18 15:51:26)  OHB: OHBot as ya’ll might remember him was born
(01/18 15:51:32)  OHB: actually, how many of you have met OHBot?
(01/18 15:51:36)  Calum Traveler: me!
(01/18 15:51:39)  Calum Traveler: :33
(01/18 15:51:40)  Boywhith: I have…
(01/18 15:51:45)  OHB: how many of you haven’t?
(01/18 15:51:52)  Acorn1: i haven’t
(01/18 15:51:52) Cpt. Jericho remembers all those Chuck Norris jokes
(01/18 15:51:57)  DbeMagic: me
(01/18 15:51:58)  Len555: me
(01/18 15:52:00)  Zeke365: not me
(01/18 15:52:01) ~ Kaaja ~ raises her hand
(01/18 15:52:02)  OHB: haha oh yeah the chuck norris jokes
(01/18 15:52:26)  OHB: right, so OHBot was just another avatar except instead of a human at the keyboard, there was a computer program
(01/18 15:52:40)  OHB: as time went on i wanted to push the limits to see what i could get him to do
(01/18 15:53:03)  OHB: the translations part that Jamie mentioned was a big one
(01/18 15:53:20)  OHB: although, as is typical, i didn’t quite appreciate how big it would be
(01/18 15:53:37)  OHB: it only took an hour to get working using the Google Translation API (since deprecated)
(01/18 15:54:00)  Calum Traveler: (Google!!/shakefist)
(01/18 15:54:08)  OHB: but news spread fast and lots of explorers that didn’t speak English started pouring out of the woodwork
(01/18 15:54:34)  OHB: i hadn’t really appreciated the sheer number of non-English speaking explorers until then
(01/18 15:54:57)  OHB: that gave way to other projects like URU BabelBot and ULP (later renamed GULP)
(01/18 15:55:25)  OHB: By this time, OHBot was popular in circles, but there wasn’t a general awareness of his existence.
(01/18 15:55:55)  OHB: Not until there was a complaint in a forum post and thanks to the Barbara Streisand Effect, he became famous overnight
(01/18 15:56:28)  OHB: I’ll skip around here and quickly talk about URU BabelBot and GULP
(01/18 15:57:09)  OHB: So, to address the multicultural aspect of the cavern, I created URU BabelBot which allowed users to use a Windows program that sat on top of the URU window to translate text
(01/18 15:57:29)  OHB: The text translation was largely automatic and working for 14 languages all via Google which made it super fast.
(01/18 15:58:00)  OHB: But, then, there was all of the content of the game. If you don’t speak English, you don’t get to read all of the fantastic journals
(01/18 15:58:09)  OHB: So, ULP was born to address that problem
(01/18 15:58:36)  OHB: now renamed GULP, it’s a system where people can submit translations of content in the game in other languages for peer-review
(01/18 15:59:16)  OHB: I initially made the first sets of translated journals available through URU BabelBot, but getting them into MOUL is a different challenge…something the GOW is still working on.
(01/18 15:59:36)  OHB: Then, there’s the BOMB. That was fun.
(01/18 15:59:48) Calum Traveler giggles in agreement
(01/18 15:59:50)  OHB: I guess it was more of an experiment to see what could be done in the cavern.
(01/18 16:00:19)  JamieWithHNKey: [I was one of the people who could not get into see the BOMB, but I did see him latter]
(01/18 16:00:35)  JamieWithHNKey: [:(]
(01/18 16:00:41)  OHB: I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was basically considered “new content” for MOUL
(01/18 16:00:51)  OHB: even though it only lasted a day
(01/18 16:01:20)  OHB: I advertised ahead of time that “Nothing will be happenning in the city on [date] at [time]”
(01/18 16:01:43)  OHB: and by this time i had a pretty good reputation for pushing the envelope i guess so people turned up
(01/18 16:01:56)  OHB: there was a whole story with a small cast of characters
(01/18 16:02:17)  OHB: the city was filled to capacity for over 6 hours straight…something i didn’t imagine would happen.
(01/18 16:02:47)  OHB: We had to hack in the characters in order to bypass the population limits on the city just to keep the thing going.
(01/18 16:03:04)  OHB: it was the first time one of my robots “spoke” out loud via interaction
(01/18 16:03:29)  OHB: all in all, despite the occational greifer and complaint, i regard it as a huge hilarious success
(01/18 16:03:57)  OHB: MOUL:Stats was a side-project which was my own challenge to learn more about using the back-end systems.
(01/18 16:04:07)  OHB: If you’ve heard of the “vault” – that’s what i’m talking about here.
(01/18 16:04:34)  OHB: I had been playing with it and seeing what i could do with it for a while, but because of the dangerous nature of those tools, they were never for public consumption.
(01/18 16:04:45)  OHB: but, i wanted to find a way to take data from there and make it public
(01/18 16:05:24)  OHB: MOUL:Stats was born, and while it was short-lived, it gathered statistical information about MOUL from the vault and turned it into graphs and stuff.
(01/18 16:05:39) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(01/18 16:05:41)  OHB: It was pretty cool the types of things that people started to find as they sifted through the aggregated data
(01/18 16:05:52)  OHB: and a number of mysteries were discovered too
(01/18 16:06:17)  OHB: And finally, i should talk about the Grey Hats, The Fun House, and the Hood of Illusions.
(01/18 16:06:38)  OHB: Did you know that the word Illusion in English comes from a word that means “fun”? :) Fun!
(01/18 16:07:15)  OHB: we had been playing around already with some cool tools that let us make modifications to the environment. All temporary, of course, but still fun things
(01/18 16:07:34)  OHB: This got larger attention from Cyan with whom we had maintained a good relationship i’d say
(01/18 16:07:58)  OHB: all of this happened right when the open source talks had just started
(01/18 16:08:17)  OHB: so, we needed to find a balance between good hacking and bad hacking, and where hacks happened and where they didn’t
(01/18 16:08:35)  OHB: we drafted a proposal to Cyan to govern future hacking which they accepted
(01/18 16:08:48)  OHB: And The Fun House and the Hood of Illusions were born
(01/18 16:08:57) To ~ Kaaja ~: Fair enough, you diden’t ask me and I just say you running around in front of me on stage
(01/18 16:09:05)  OHB: those of us at the GoW who were involved were known as the Grey Hats.
(01/18 16:09:24)  JamieWithHNKey: [TFH and THOI will be tlaked about in a future Heritage Night….
(01/18 16:09:25)  OHB: and generally, that’s what i’ve been involved with here.
(01/18 16:09:31)  OHB: awesome
(01/18 16:09:48)  JamieWithHNKey: there may even be magic(in the hood offcouse)
(01/18 16:10:05)  OHB: So, there’s lots of stories and details left out because it could take decades to tell all of the stories, so I will open it up to Questions
(01/18 16:10:17)  JamieWithHNKey: Thank you once again OHB! And thank you for all your had work!
(01/18 16:10:25) Acorn1 claps her hands
(01/18 16:10:27) Boywhith claps his hands
(01/18 16:10:27) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(01/18 16:10:27)  ~ Kaaja ~: can we have Q and A??
(01/18 16:10:28) tkol17 claps his hands
(01/18 16:10:29)  OHB: Feel free to ask about past/present/future/me in/out of the cavern, etc
(01/18 16:10:33) DbeMagic claps her hands
(01/18 16:10:34)  Len555: i have a question
(01/18 16:10:43)  JamieWithHNKey: i will post relative links on the Heritage Night site after the meeting
(01/18 16:10:45)  OHB: go ahead Len
(01/18 16:10:49)  JamieWithHNKey: (as well as my oringal script)
(01/18 16:10:59)  Calum Traveler: :)
(01/18 16:11:01)  ~ Kaaja ~: thanks jamie
(01/18 16:11:06)  JamieWithHNKey: please PM me or OHB with your quesitonts
(01/18 16:11:10)  JamieWithHNKey: oh!
(01/18 16:11:12)  Len555: With google out of the picture, what is the limitations in  moula when trying to put a front end translator on it
(01/18 16:11:27)  Len555: sorry looked up to late
(01/18 16:11:46)  OHB: Well, the original Google Translation API was deprecated, but it was replaced by a new improved but paid one
(01/18 16:11:56)  OHB: however, the prices are super super cheap.
(01/18 16:12:08)  OHB: something like 20 million words for US$1.00
(01/18 16:12:22)  OHB: so, it’s not really an obstacle
(01/18 16:12:27)  ~ Kaaja ~: wow
(01/18 16:12:29)  Korov’ev: I think glosbe is free, though it’s a bit limited…
(01/18 16:12:31)  Cpt. Jericho: Still a lot of money considering the output quality
(01/18 16:12:38)  Len555: ok so it can be done , just a matter of cyan, and fan support?
(01/18 16:13:04)  OHB: in fact, the last version of BabelBot I made used the new one and i kept getting bills from Google for $0.00 because we hadn’t translated enough for it to be a penny lol
(01/18 16:13:22)  JamieWithHNKey: lOL
(01/18 16:13:25)  OHB: actually integrating translation into the client is a whole other beast
(01/18 16:13:48)  JamieWithHNKey: I think that will take some work from Cyan as well
(01/18 16:13:59)  OHB: Jamie (and I’m sure many of you) are wondering if OHBot will make an appearance tonight
(01/18 16:14:22) To OHB: Sh! it was supposed to be a supprise :(
(01/18 16:14:53)  OHB: I really wanted to get him in here for this meeting because OHBot is always fun. However, given my current condition (like, i couldn’t get out of bed this morning) it was not possible for me to do so today.
(01/18 16:15:18)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh well maybe anouther time :)
(01/18 16:15:22)  OHB: But, I will, when I can move, find his computer, get it setup, and try to bring him in for a week or something
(01/18 16:15:28)  OHB: and i’ll announce it on the forums
(01/18 16:15:34)  Calum Traveler: :)
(01/18 16:15:34) Korov’ev cheers
(01/18 16:15:36)  OHB: so, not today, but at some point soon he’ll be here
(01/18 16:15:39) JamieWithHNKey cheers
(01/18 16:15:46)  Acorn1: Thank you!
(01/18 16:15:49)  Calum Traveler: it’ll be good to see the bot again,
(01/18 16:15:57)  Calum Traveler: always nice to see familiar faces once in a while :)
(01/18 16:15:58)  ~ Kaaja ~: :)
(01/18 16:15:58)  Boywhith: yeah, nice!
(01/18 16:16:00)  OHB: i might even bring the BOMB in for some explosive fun
(01/18 16:16:02)  OHB: :)
(01/18 16:16:04)  Cpt. Jericho: I still have it buddied.
(01/18 16:16:10)  Boywhith: wow…
(01/18 16:16:12)  OHB: alright, next question?
(01/18 16:16:13)  JamieWithHNKey: There you have it folks OHBot is comeing back fora bit
(01/18 16:16:30)  Calum Traveler: Not really a question, but Like I just said, it’s great to see you again, OHB,
(01/18 16:16:35)  OHB: likewise!
(01/18 16:16:40)  Calum Traveler: :)
(01/18 16:16:45)  OHB: good to see a number of familiar names in here :)
(01/18 16:17:10)  ~ Kaaja ~: :)
(01/18 16:17:22)  ~ Kaaja ~: and new ones as well
(01/18 16:17:24) From Kobresia: Hi, I have a question.
(01/18 16:17:43)  OHB: Len asked about contact information. My email address is [under the chat log]. You can find me on Facebook or G+ or email me. :)
(01/18 16:17:47)  JamieWithHNKey: Kobresia has a question!
(01/18 16:17:55)  Kobresia: thanks
(01/18 16:17:56)  OHB: yes, also nice to see new names
(01/18 16:18:05) From Acorn1: can you comment on how OHBot differs from Lyrobot – I have seen him but not OHBot
(01/18 16:18:20)  OHB: ok Kobresia, what’s your question?
(01/18 16:18:31)  Kobresia: Which languages will be support BabelBot?
(01/18 16:18:45) To Acorn1: Question qued up, it will be answerd in a moment
(01/18 16:19:10)  OHB: ah, good question. so, i haven’t released a new version of BabelBot for a long time
(01/18 16:19:20)  OHB: Last I checked it supported like 14 languages.
(01/18 16:19:45)  JamieWithHNKey: Diden’t it also have a text-to-speach thinig
(01/18 16:19:46)  OHB: Theoretically, there’s no reason that all languages can’t be supported.
(01/18 16:20:07)  OHB: However, there’s a current client limitation so you can only type Latin letters in the chat.
(01/18 16:20:19)  OHB: So, there goes Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc.
(01/18 16:20:37) To OHB: doesen’t the client now support Unicode?
(01/18 16:20:40)  ~ Kaaja ~: all those pretty fonts
(01/18 16:20:48)  OHB: yes, BabelBot also had text-to-speech. that was added because there was a visually impared person who requested it
(01/18 16:20:56) From OHB: does it?
(01/18 16:20:59)  Calum Traveler: (and also the english keys that URU doesnt like for some reason)
(01/18 16:21:08) To OHB: I belivce so!
(01/18 16:21:09)  OHB: at least, the client didn’t support Unicode before…it might now
(01/18 16:21:28) To OHB: I don’t think wher doing anything with it but I think it’s there
(01/18 16:21:32)  Korov’ev: clients on shards do
(01/18 16:21:42)  Korov’ev: but the font is limited
(01/18 16:21:44)  OHB: ah, well there’s two things at work there
(01/18 16:21:56)  OHB: one is fonts, the other is the underlying messaging mechanism
(01/18 16:22:01)  OHB: the back-end supports Unicode
(01/18 16:22:17)  OHB: the front-end uses Plasma P2F fonts
(01/18 16:22:25)  OHB: which can only support 256 characters
(01/18 16:22:46)  Korov’ev: west-european languages, basically
(01/18 16:22:46)  OHB: Part of GULP was making new fonts for URU
(01/18 16:23:04)  OHB: mostly
(01/18 16:23:10)  OHB: you can support Thai with that
(01/18 16:23:16)  JamieWithHNKey: Basiclly yes Koov’ve euopean langauges only
(01/18 16:23:42)  OHB: i did make some new fonts for URU for things like Hungarian and Thai which worked when seriously hacked in
(01/18 16:23:55)  Boywhith: sorry, have to go… it was very interesting!
(01/18 16:24:01)  OHB: but yeah, there are limits. But, it’s something that the GoW is working on
(01/18 16:24:02)  Calum Traveler: (Later, tom)
(01/18 16:24:09)  OHB: Take care @Boywhith
(01/18 16:24:24)  radioflux: see you  boy
(01/18 16:24:27)  ~ Kaaja ~: bye tom
(01/18 16:24:28)  JamieWithHNKey: thank you for comeing Boywidth, hope to see you latter
(01/18 16:24:38)  lisa-maria: dag tom
(01/18 16:24:43)  OHB: i could talk for days about localization in URU…if anyone wants more, let’s have a chat on the surface via email or something
(01/18 16:24:48) From Boywhith: Sure come the next time…
(01/18 16:24:57)  OHB: next question?
(01/18 16:25:14)  ~ Kaaja ~: :)
(01/18 16:25:15)  lisa-maria: tot later weer!
(01/18 16:25:18)  JamieWithHNKey: Acron1 wanted me to talk about OHBot VS Lyrobot
(01/18 16:25:35)  OHB: ah sure, yeah. Lyrobot!
(01/18 16:25:43)  JamieWithHNKey: Lryobot does take some ideas from OHBot like the Ki directly
(01/18 16:25:49)  JamieWithHNKey: directory
(01/18 16:25:55) From Calum Traveler: that gave me an idea of a question,
(01/18 16:25:57) From Calum Traveler: heh…
(01/18 16:26:19)  JamieWithHNKey: Butt Lrybot does not do the same things as OHBot
(01/18 16:26:34) To Calum Traveler: I read you, your question is qued up
(01/18 16:26:39)  OHB: although i should point out that the KI Directory is a separate thing than OHBot. OHBot consumes it the same way Lyrobot does
(01/18 16:27:36)  JamieWithHNKey: They servec diffrent propesis
(01/18 16:27:49)  OHB: indeed. OHBot was a chat bot and provided services via chat.
(01/18 16:28:11)  JamieWithHNKey: While Lyrobot is meant to contorl The Fun House
(01/18 16:28:16)  OHB: Lyrobot was created to provide a way for anyone to apply hacks to the Fun House by giving Lyrobot commands instead of doing all the hackery yourself
(01/18 16:28:40)  JamieWithHNKey: He can NOT tell you the weather, or a chuck norries joke or anything like that
(01/18 16:28:51)  radioflux: pity ;)
(01/18 16:29:05)  OHB: I’ve always looked at OHBot and the BOMB as explorations of what was possible in the cavern using what we had to work with. (Pre open-source days)
(01/18 16:29:06)  ~ Kaaja ~: but still a lot of fun and efforts appreciated
(01/18 16:29:30)  OHB: OHBot proved you could bring in some advanced functionality albeit through an “aware” avatar
(01/18 16:29:44)  OHB: BOMB proved you could use that for puzzles
(01/18 16:29:50)  JamieWithHNKey: I’ll tell you what(here is some insentive to get OHBot up next week), why don’t you see OHBot yourself when OHB bring him up next week :)
(01/18 16:30:05)  OHB: it’s up to others to come up with more ideas and do your own thing.
(01/18 16:30:07)  ~ Kaaja ~: :)
(01/18 16:30:34)  OHB: yeah, i’ll bring OHBot in. I won’t PROMISE that it’ll be next week, but I was AIM for next weekend.
(01/18 16:30:35)  JamieWithHNKey: I have not confermed this but I’m sure the current bots where inspired by OHbots succsess
(01/18 16:30:56)  OHB: yeah. I actually helped him created Lyrobot :)
(01/18 16:30:59)  JamieWithHNKey: Does this anwwer your question Acron1?
(01/18 16:31:14)  Acorn1: yes thanks, looking forward to seeing OHBot!
(01/18 16:31:20)  JamieWithHNKey: Great
(01/18 16:31:24)  OHB: next question?
(01/18 16:31:27)  JamieWithHNKey: Calum you had a question
(01/18 16:31:33)  Calum Traveler: semi-related question to the previous discussion,
(01/18 16:31:39)  Calum Traveler: you sort of touched on it there, Jamie,
(01/18 16:31:42)  JamieWithHNKey: Go for it!
(01/18 16:32:00)  Calum Traveler: so, OHB, how does it feel to have inspired a whole line of Bots?
(01/18 16:32:12)  OHB: it feels weird at best lol
(01/18 16:32:17)  ~ Kaaja ~: you should be very proud
(01/18 16:32:19)  Calum Traveler: ^u^
(01/18 16:32:19)  OHB: any of you know Paradox?
(01/18 16:32:29) ~ Kaaja ~ shakes her head
(01/18 16:32:31)  Calum Traveler: vaguely,
(01/18 16:32:35)  JamieWithHNKey: No, but I’ve heard of him
(01/18 16:32:46)  Calum Traveler: (in a sort of…timey wimey sense. XD)
(01/18 16:32:49)  JamieWithHNKey: And I think he was in the “Gehn Shard” update video
(01/18 16:32:53) Cpt. Jericho is too old to remember
(01/18 16:32:59)  ~ Kaaja ~: :)
(01/18 16:33:00)  OHB: he doesn’t come in very often but he was a Grey Hat and is very involved in GoW and making improvements to MOUL
(01/18 16:33:26)  OHB: I was in Vancouver last week on a business trip and I met up with him for drinks.
(01/18 16:33:38)  JamieWithHNKey: cool :)
(01/18 16:33:44)  ~ Kaaja ~: beer pong?
(01/18 16:33:50)  ~ Kaaja ~: jk :)
(01/18 16:33:52)  OHB: I told him that Jamie had asked me to do this Heritage Night and he chuckled and said
(01/18 16:34:12)  OHB: “I’ve been doing URU stuff for a decade, and YOU’RE now ‘Heritage’?”
(01/18 16:34:21)  OHB: which…is totally funny and true and sad
(01/18 16:34:38) Cpt. Jericho hums a tune for unsung heroes
(01/18 16:34:45) ~ Kaaja ~ laughs
(01/18 16:34:46)  OHB: I never went into any of this stuff thinking that i was going to have a lasting impact on things
(01/18 16:34:47) Calum Traveler hums along…
(01/18 16:34:49) <sniffle> ~ Kaaja ~ is sad
(01/18 16:34:56)  Calum Traveler: none of us ever do, OHB,
(01/18 16:35:00) ~ Kaaja ~ and laughs again
(01/18 16:35:07)  Acorn1: Invite paradox in, Jamie!
(01/18 16:35:10)  OHB: i’m glad i did and that I could inspire new things and help to push things forward
(01/18 16:35:31)  OHB: But, we should never forgot about those people behind the scenes
(01/18 16:35:37)  JamieWithHNKey: Good idea, he would be fun for the Fun House event
(01/18 16:35:48)  OHB: My projects were all very public
(01/18 16:36:10)  OHB: His never were…but everyone in here has been impacting by things that he and the other GoW guys have done
(01/18 16:36:30)  OHB: If the memorial imager breaks or needs updated, Cyan calls one of them to fix it.
(01/18 16:36:38)  Calum Traveler: agreed, the behind-the-scenes stuff is all just as important as the public stuff. :)
(01/18 16:36:41)  OHB: they’re impact is amazing
(01/18 16:36:44)  OHB: so, always remember them
(01/18 16:36:57)  OHB: i was always the public face of the grey hats because people already knew me
(01/18 16:37:13)  radioflux: plus, orange stands out ;)
(01/18 16:37:20)  OHB: so, i don’t regret anything that happened, but i try to remain humble about it and remember my place in the larger picture
(01/18 16:37:33)  JamieWithHNKey: Well said OHB
(01/18 16:37:36)  OHB: @radioflux, indeed!
(01/18 16:37:38)  ~ Kaaja ~: yes
(01/18 16:37:48)  OHB: Kaaja asked about the IRL me
(01/18 16:38:14)  ~ Kaaja ~: you DO have orange hair!!  ;)
(01/18 16:38:19)  OHB: So, in real life, something i don’t often talk about in the cavern, so take notes lol!, my name is Lewis
(01/18 16:38:31)  OHB: yes, i do actually have natural orange hair
(01/18 16:38:33) VBCoder wonders what happened to the translator
(01/18 16:38:59)  OHB: up until Dec 31st, I had an orange car with a license plate that says “I AM OHB”
(01/18 16:39:17)  JamieWithHNKey: LOL cool!
(01/18 16:39:21)  lisa-maria: :)
(01/18 16:39:24)  OHB: then i bought a new car and it doesn’t come in orange, so until I get that fixed, I now drive a black Fiat 500L which I adore
(01/18 16:39:34)  ~ Kaaja ~: lol
(01/18 16:39:45)  OHB: I live in Celebration, FL just ouside of Orlando across the street from Disney World
(01/18 16:39:46)  JamieWithHNKey: Does it still say “I am OHB”?
(01/18 16:39:46)  Calum Traveler: hehe
(01/18 16:39:57)  ~ Kaaja ~: miss clairol # G11
(01/18 16:40:06)  OHB: @Jamie, it doesn’t because i have to get an updated tag…but it will again soon
(01/18 16:40:19)  JamieWithHNKey: Cool!
(01/18 16:40:25)  OHB: I was working for Disney, but I currently work for Electronic Arts
(01/18 16:40:29) ~ Kaaja ~ cheers
(01/18 16:40:35) Cpt. Jericho thought OHB would drive a cOHBra
(01/18 16:40:36)  ~ Kaaja ~: fantastic!
(01/18 16:40:36) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(01/18 16:40:45)  JamieWithHNKey: Mass Effect Electronic Arts?
(01/18 16:40:57)  JamieWithHNKey: And wait your worked for Disney!
(01/18 16:41:05)  OHB: My fav character is Stitch and I collected Stitch plushes. See orangehairedboy.com/stitch for a crappy website that lists most of them.
(01/18 16:41:10)  OHB: I really need to update that…
(01/18 16:41:38)  OHB: @Jamie, yes, I’ve worked for Disney twice. This last time I was working on the new disneyworld.com and the MagicBands and MyMagic+ stuff
(01/18 16:41:46)  Calum Traveler: heh, Everyone loves Stitch! XD
(01/18 16:41:52)  OHB: :)
(01/18 16:42:07)  OHB: And, that’s the basics of my real life :)
(01/18 16:42:19)  ~ Kaaja ~: nice!!  thanks for sharing
(01/18 16:42:24) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(01/18 16:42:25)  OHB: no problem :)
(01/18 16:42:25)  JamieWithHNKey: Thanks very much for sharing
(01/18 16:42:37)  ~ Kaaja ~: wish you great success in whatever you do
(01/18 16:42:39)  OHB: any more questions?
(01/18 16:42:43)  OHB: @Kaaja thanks!
(01/18 16:42:54)  Calum Traveler: same here, good luck in all your projects, OHB,
(01/18 16:43:02)  OHB: @Calum appreciated!
(01/18 16:43:33)  OHB: @Jamie, have you received any more questions?
(01/18 16:43:44)  JamieWithHNKey: No I have not, my que is empty
(01/18 16:44:02)  OHB: alright, well last call then. if that’s it, i’ll turn things back over to Jamie


OHB’s email is me@his domain name
His domain name is orangehairedboy.com.


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