Hertiage Night III

UPDATE: There are now HD videos you can see of this event. They are:

Here is what I said at the last Heritage night. Things in italics are a description of what happened, not of what I said.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the third “new” Heritage Night. Today, I’m going to talk to you about some unusual events that took place in the cavern. These events led to the creation of two ‘hoods’: this one, and The Fun House. Before we begin, it’s interesting to note that ‘The Hood Of Illusionists’ was the first ‘hood,’ as before that they were called ‘Bevins’, an incorrect term. Tonight, I will not just be talking about events, but will show you them as well. My assistant, ‘Stone,’ will be helping me with the magic as I narrate.

To begin, we need to move everyone to a version of the city where we can demonstrate what people saw. Stone will now ‘transform’ the ‘egg-room’ doors into teleporters that will take you where you need to go.

People went to the egg-room and were teleported to the city. When everyone arrived, Jamie began narrating again.

In May of 2010, a Bahro appeared in the cavern with the name “NotABeast”.

And as if commanded to do so, a Bahro with that name came to greet people.

 The word ‘Bahro’ means “beastman” and people thought this was a sign that ‘Bahro’ no longer wanted to be called that any more. People came up with an alternative name Vachro (or some version in spelling), meaning ‘linking people’. Dr.Watson told everyone on the DRC forum that the Bahro were not offended by their name and that NotABeast was just a person in a realistic costume. The ‘real’ Bahro do not like the costume and he advised people not to do this any more.

And with that, the Bahro vanished.


Later on, in February 2011, on Rand’s birthday, strange things started happening. While people were talking to Rand, fog of different colours appeared.

Fog of all sorts of colours appeared.


As if by magic, Kerath’s arch appeared by the lake at the bottom of the great stairs.

Jamie points and everyone walks to see what had happened.


The Bahro started swarming around it.

Bahro flew in and swarmed around the misplaced arch.


As if this were not odd enough, people began to fly through the air. Personally, I get sick when people do this to me so I’m going to AFK; if you don’t want to be thrown into the air, I suggest you do the same.

People fell from great heights – much higher then can be reached by jumping.


There were even reports of people saying things without meaning to.

Everyone in the age received a Kimail that read, “I hate Heritage Night’. It appeared to come from Jamie, but it really came from Stone5.


What evil had fallen over the cavern? Was it the return of the Bahro or something worse? The DRC locked themselves in a discussion on what to do for days. Most people thought it was pranksters, but feared the pranks had gone too far and it would be the end of the cavern as we know it.

The DRC finally came to a decision after many weeks. The DRC felt it was wise to continue cavern operations, but create two hoods: ‘The Fun House’ – where these ‘pranks’ can happen at any time, and ‘The Hood Of Illusions,’ reserved for shows like this. The idea behind these hoods is to give a place for pranksters to ‘play’ without disturbing others. These pranksters [hackers OOC]  became known as ‘The Gray Hats’ since their pranks are not used for evil, but not everyone likes them (so they can’t be considered ‘good’ either.)

The Gray Hats follow a strict set of rules set out by themselves and the DRC. The most important ones are: not hacking people without permission and only hacking things in the designated areas.

Thank you.  Any questions?

Finally we will return to the hood for a ‘magic’ show.


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