Heritage Night 4: Open Source

Hello and welcome to the fourth Heritage Night! So far so good, eh! Unfortunately, I don’t have anything big planned (unlike last time) today, but the topic will be interesting just the same. The topic is ‘open source’. There will be an explanation of what ‘open source’ means, a ‘historical overview’ and a ‘general’ Q&A session. So let’s begin! Oh, this one may be a bit longer than the previous session; if you need to leave, full details will be online on the Heritage Night blog.

To start with, let’s get a raise of hands: are they any programmers here? /me raises his hand.

So what is open source and what does it mean? In simple terms, it means that the ‘blueprints’ (which are normally proprietary) are freely available for programmers to grab, change and build new programs off of.

Now pay attention; this part may be a bit confusing. Only certain parts of this game are open source. Here is what is and is NOT open source. Cyan has made a plug-in for 3d Max, an expensive piece of 3d modelling software. The plug-in is open source. With the expensive software and plug-in, people can make ages.

The game itself is made out of three basic components: the client, the game assets, and the server. Only one of those, the client, is open source. Normal copyright laws apply to the things that are not open. They can not be shared without permission from Cyan. The assets are: the movies, ages, sounds, and textures that make up the game. Messages and all game progress are saved on the server. The client controls what the player sees and hears and how the player interacts with the world (including puzzle logic). Although a lot of the changes go unnoticed behind the scenes, the game has been improved due to changes to the source code, all made by fans. For example, in a previous version of the game, it was not possible to click on people when in the ‘AFK’ mode.


So now the smart people in the audience are probably thinking: “If the server is not open source, how do the shards run?”. The answer is: the shards are run on fan-created servers.

OK, and now some history. On April 6th, 2011, Rand wrote a letter telling the community that open source had arrived and it had. There was great excitement and a few new sections were opened on the Myst Online forums (that were closed later on). At first, Cyan had accidentally released the source code under a license that prevented anyone from distributing the clients they had built. This seems bizarre so let me explain: there are several copy/paste open source licenses you can put on your source code. They had applied a license without taking into account the meaning of one of its clauses.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about this since it’s rather technical, so I will summarise by saying it took a while before the issue was fixed and, in the meantime, only developers who built their own clients could see the changes.

Eventually, it was fixed and soon afterwards the shards were started and some changes were seen in the game. It has always been a slow process getting changes into Cyan’s hands, which has more important business needs to take care of before MOULa stuff (especially now with Obduction on the way).

To make things a bit more confusing, there are two main ‘branches’ of the client. The OpenURU.Org branch and the Guild Of Writers ‘Hack URU’ branch. Why two branches? The basic reason is simple. OpenURU moves at a slow pace and tries to maintain compatibility with Cyan’s custom build system. They don’t change more than a few things at a time and wait for Cyan to accept them before changing more things. There is also a limit to which ‘libraries'( building materials) can be used, as these must also be compatible with the tools Cyan uses. Some people were not satisfied with these conditions and made their own branch (version) of the code. This version is known as the ‘H-uru’ branch. The Gehn shard client is an example of a client that uses this branch.

The last thing I want to talk about is the missing videos. The videos are in a proprietary format created by RAD Game Tools. RAD Game Tools actually found out about Open Source MOULa and were displeased that Cyan had released confidential Bink (the name of the format) code in the project. They threatened Cyan with legal action if they did not fix the issue. All developers were required to remove the offending code and Cyan had to fix the issue ASAP and could not wait for a ‘fan patch’. Cyan’s rushed fix is what causes the bug where: new players must push ‘escape’ after the avatar creation screen to start a new game. How did Cyan make such an oversight? Well, Bink performs two unusual practices when it comes to their licensing model. First of all, they offer each customer a confidential license agreement. Since it’s confidential, Cyan and RAD Game Tools are the only ones who would have a copy. The other thing they did was to take ownership for sample code instead of giving the rights to Cyan, meaning that Cyan could use that sample code, but not distribute it. As far as I know, not even Microsoft or Apple have requirements like this, so Cyan did not expect it. What can we do? Developers are in a discussion right now to find a solution, but like everything in open source MOULa, it’s slow going.

Now for the ‘general’ questions section.

Chat log:

(04/12 15:28:35) Chat.log started…
(04/12 15:28:44)  JamieWithHNKey: Any questions?
(04/12 15:29:00)  radioflux: what does H-uru mean?
(04/12 15:29:24)  Zeke365: Why do you think MOula is slow growing is it because of cyan or fans?
(04/12 15:29:29)  Acorn1: jamie, how does the plug-in work in terms of open source?
(04/12 15:30:03)  I.H.P:Max: one at the time, please…. let him answer
(04/12 15:30:18)  JamieWithHNKey: Yes I’m  no longer copy/pasting so I’m slow
(04/12 15:30:50)  JamieWithHNKey: H-URU is Hack URU(accoding to Adam Joson) it was started so that Adam and some of his buddies at the GoW could hack URU(2003)
(04/12 15:31:04)  radioflux: Ok thanks
(04/12 15:31:26)  JamieWithHNKey: Uru slow growing: I think I missed that sentence
(04/12 15:31:56)  JamieWithHNKey: It since Cyan is busy with other cemmetils stuff like Obudction and RealMyst 2.0
(04/12 15:32:01)  Zeke365: is Moula slow growing because of fans or by cayan?
(04/12 15:32:17)  JamieWithHNKey: Also most programmers are more interseting in working on H-URU
(04/12 15:32:18)  Denizen: Or by cayenne?
(04/12 15:32:32)  Boywhith: Before Obduction is was very slow growing also…
(04/12 15:32:45)  JamieWithHNKey: The plugin is also Open Source, I think I mised that setnece :(
(04/12 15:33:02)  I.H.P:Max: even great Wines and Whisky mature slowly….
(04/12 15:33:14)  Korov’ev: it’s just that at the moment Obduction and realMyst are the priorities
(04/12 15:33:31)  JamieWithHNKey: Korov’eve is correct
(04/12 15:33:35)  Boywhith: At this moment, yes, but 2 years ago?
(04/12 15:33:40)  Acorn1: And the bink problem – the fix caused yet more work
(04/12 15:33:42)  Ben Berry: Does the Cavcon level determine how Uru functions overall?
(04/12 15:33:57)  ~ Kaaja ~: and we often forget that it takes money and time for additions here.. donations are never enough ..helpful but not enough
(04/12 15:33:57)  JamieWithHNKey: Other things where a prioritie at that time
(04/12 15:34:01)  JamieWithHNKey: I hate to say this but
(04/12 15:34:01)  Korov’ev: iOS apps, I guess
(04/12 15:34:14)  JamieWithHNKey: To Cyan MOULa is a ‘hobby’ project
(04/12 15:34:33)  Boywhith: yeah, I agree. But so always something has priority.
(04/12 15:34:45)  JamieWithHNKey: it’s like when your in school, you have to do all your homework before you can play video games
(04/12 15:35:00)  ~ Kaaja ~: :)
(04/12 15:35:01)  Korov’ev: there’s a “setting expectations” post by RAWA about this
(04/12 15:35:09)  JamieWithHNKey: Even if it means you spend 2 weeks doing nothing but homeowrk you still cann’t play video gaems
(04/12 15:35:24) Mister Magic leans left
(04/12 15:35:33)  JamieWithHNKey: Yes there is, RAWA said right when MOULa started that things would be slow going
(04/12 15:35:48)  Boywhith: conclusion, MOULa will hardly change in future.
(04/12 15:36:20)  Korov’ev: long after school is just the same :)
(04/12 15:36:26)  Zeke365: It at least its 4 years running and still running
(04/12 15:36:51)  Boywhith: yeah, but what has changes sinds feb 2010?
(04/12 15:36:55)  I.H.P:Max: ah… but it’s still a place where we, everybody, can meet!
(04/12 15:37:07)  Denizen: The last spark has been fixed
(04/12 15:37:20)  janeerah: mainly, not a lot, Tom
(04/12 15:37:25)  Korov’ev: magic bot?
(04/12 15:37:28)  Zeke365: Eariler version of the social network of today
(04/12 15:37:32)  Boywhith: yeah, that is one thing.
(04/12 15:37:58)  Boywhith: BTW, I don’t want to sound negative. It is wonderful to be here.
(04/12 15:38:11)  JamieWithHNKey: Look under ‘announcements and news’ on the forums for a list of changes
(04/12 15:38:18)  JamieWithHNKey: Here are some notworthy ones:
(04/12 15:38:31)  JamieWithHNKey: – Security fixes provided by the “Grey Hats”
(04/12 15:38:32)  Ben Berry: until the limit reaches 50 then laaaaaag
(04/12 15:38:58)  JamieWithHNKey: (before the fix it was possible to run some code on your local machine)
(04/12 15:39:13)  JamieWithHNKey: Other fixeses
(04/12 15:39:31)  JamieWithHNKey: The name change ‘bevin’ to ‘hood’
(04/12 15:39:51)  radioflux: why did they change the name?
(04/12 15:39:55)  Boywhith: Who care that name change?
(04/12 15:40:15)  JamieWithHNKey: Bevin is the incorrect term
(04/12 15:40:16)  Boywhith: Totally unimportant.
(04/12 15:40:17)  ~ Kaaja ~: i would like to know
(04/12 15:40:18)  Korov’ev: IIRC the hood of illusion happened in 2011
(04/12 15:40:28)  Acorn1: There are some brilliant fan ages – if only they could be incorporated.  Cyan seem supportive of that….but again it’s so slow
(04/12 15:40:29)  Denizen: Every change to canon is significant… IT’s because we’re surfacers lol
(04/12 15:40:29)  ~ Kaaja ~: just curious
(04/12 15:40:37)  JamieWithHNKey: I was going to stick into a Heritage Night so I’ll tell the story!
(04/12 15:40:57)  Ben Berry: besides when you discard the Bevin book from your shelf a relto page appears in your Hood’s age. love the island hopping
(04/12 15:41:06)  Boywhith: sorry, Jamie… go on, please.
(04/12 15:41:19)  Korov’ev: HN derailing is happening again :)
(04/12 15:41:34)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok this is off the top of my head
(04/12 15:42:04)  JamieWithHNKey: In MOULa and maybe the 2007 vestion there was a bug in the Ki where all hoods showed up as ‘Bevin’ which is the first hood the DRC found
(04/12 15:42:27)  radioflux: awkward
(04/12 15:42:34)  JamieWithHNKey: Explorers diden’t like this since it’s like calling all major cities Toronto
(04/12 15:43:06)  JamieWithHNKey: The objection got load enough till the bug was fixed
(04/12 15:43:12)  JamieWithHNKey: (with Open Source)
(04/12 15:44:07)  JamieWithHNKey: Meanwile OOC I THINK the reason Cyan called them all Bevin’s was becasuse Neerbearhood was to long  to fit propory
(04/12 15:44:15)  JamieWithHNKey: on some sceens/interfaceses
(04/12 15:44:47)  Ben Berry: makes sense
(04/12 15:44:50)  JamieWithHNKey: I think it might have been Nearbearhood(or however it’s spelt) in the Beta of one of the URUs
(04/12 15:45:05)  Boywhith: Neighborhood
(04/12 15:45:16)  radioflux: Nearbearhood is brilliant :)
(04/12 15:45:18)  JamieWithHNKey: By the way hoods or NOT instants like other ages, they accuall spots in the cavern
(04/12 15:45:33)  Lady Ellen’s: have you ever tried crowd funding for uru as a supplement?
(04/12 15:45:34) From mTX17: neighborhood :)
(04/12 15:45:45)  LuMagic: wow nice lag
(04/12 15:45:46)  I.H.P:Max: nearbear’s lives in the Hoods
(04/12 15:45:50)  Korov’ev: the full term is used on Gehn
(04/12 15:46:02)  JamieWithHNKey: Cool :)
(04/12 15:46:28)  JamieWithHNKey: Belive it or not I can think of 2 or 3 more Heritage Nights :)
(04/12 15:46:36)  JamieWithHNKey: The neve one will be about the shards
(04/12 15:46:39)  Boywhith: :)
(04/12 15:46:40)  radioflux: bring em on!
(04/12 15:46:43)  I.H.P:Max: yeah… some Hoods have differing KI coordinates
(04/12 15:46:50)  ~ Kaaja ~: there is a difference in the names of the hoods as well…some have bug lamps and some have hands
(04/12 15:47:02)  ~ Kaaja ~: why is that?
(04/12 15:47:02)  Denizen: One is called a Seret
(04/12 15:47:06)  ~ Kaaja ~: there!!
(04/12 15:47:10)  ~ Kaaja ~: thats it
(04/12 15:47:13)  ~ Kaaja ~: but why ?
(04/12 15:47:23)  JamieWithHNKey: Seret is one of the first Hoods the DRC found
(04/12 15:47:24)  Boywhith: don’t forget the heektables. Most are malfunctioned.
(04/12 15:47:26)  Denizen: They’re the older ones
(04/12 15:48:03)  JamieWithHNKey: Was there a question back there I did not answer?
(04/12 15:48:03)  mTX17: boy: because these tables are running on XP :)
(04/12 15:48:24)  Ben Berry: fixing the heek tables must be a really low priority
(04/12 15:48:26)  Boywhith: lol!
(04/12 15:48:27)  JamieWithHNKey: LOL, funny you’d think that at tabet would run Windows 8!
(04/12 15:48:31)  ~ Kaaja ~: i have a question and i’m sure its dumb.. but here goes
(04/12 15:48:36)  Acorn1: Lady Ellen’s question was on crowdsourcing
(04/12 15:49:02)  Acorn1: To raise funds
(04/12 15:49:02)  ~ Kaaja ~: is there old content that was created that was never added here
(04/12 15:49:05)  ~ Kaaja ~: ?
(04/12 15:49:11)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh yes, people have asked that in the past and Cyan has never been up for it, I can’t remember why
(04/12 15:49:21)  Denizen: Most definitely… beyond gira is a great song too
(04/12 15:49:33)  JamieWithHNKey: Poke around on the forums for somone asking about a MOULa kickstarter
(04/12 15:49:47)  Ben Berry: probably would take too many resources from Obduction
(04/12 15:49:50)  Boywhith: splendid idea!
(04/12 15:50:15)  Acorn1: But we can donate via CAVCON
(04/12 15:50:25) From ~ Kaaja ~: is there old content that was never added here??
(04/12 15:50:35)  JamieWithHNKey: Keeja: old contenet, I really don’t know
(04/12 15:50:42)  Boywhith: But that is only enough for the runnig costs…
(04/12 15:50:51)  Boywhith: *running
(04/12 15:50:58)  ~ Kaaja ~: heres another brave question: whens the last time anyone here has donated to the game?
(04/12 15:50:58)  JamieWithHNKey: There are some T-shirts that had to be removed for copyirght reasons and there is no easter egg in the egg room
(04/12 15:51:28)  I.H.P:Max: Ka & Jamie… Rand mentioned some stuff that never madi it into MOULa, when he wisted Kire at some point
(04/12 15:51:34)  radioflux: That would be an Easter Egg Room
(04/12 15:51:43)  Acorn1: Chloe Rhodes is trying to re-incorporate the original content ie the ages that went into Myst 5
(04/12 15:51:45)  Denizen: I have… I think we need to inspire people again to make their alms
(04/12 15:51:45)  Korov’ev: quite a lot, in fact
(04/12 15:51:56)  I.H.P:Max: that might just been Age Concepts, not “ready made” stuff
(04/12 15:52:04)  JamieWithHNKey: The egg room has part of an easter egg in it in URU:CC/URU + PoTS
(04/12 15:52:05)  ~ Kaaja ~: reincorporate it where?
(04/12 15:52:06)  Denizen: concerts have in the past really raised morale and cavcon
(04/12 15:52:24)  Acorn1: a new shard I think
(04/12 15:52:57)  JamieWithHNKey: Last time anyone has donted to the game: I think thatsomething
(04/12 15:53:05)  Boywhith: Cyan must stimulate the donation by doing something.
(04/12 15:53:07)  JamieWithHNKey: ok werid bug where my text disapered
(04/12 15:53:24)  I.H.P:Max: a bit Laggy
(04/12 15:53:26)  JamieWithHNKey: Annyone most people probally don’t want to say when they last donated or how much
(04/12 15:53:26)  ~ Kaaja ~: game cooties
(04/12 15:53:28)  Ben Berry: yeah that happens sometimes
(04/12 15:53:34)  Denizen: I’m certain Cyan is contemplating here, but the energy is going into Obduction
(04/12 15:53:39)  JamieWithHNKey: I’m having no issue with lag but I’m far away from you
(04/12 15:54:03)  ventris: Cyan does not need to do anything. This game is only a vanity project for them
(04/12 15:54:16)  radioflux: like jamie said: MOULs is hobby for Cyan
(04/12 15:54:30)  I.H.P:Max: ah… not vanity, Rand’s Pet Creation!
(04/12 15:54:32)  Boywhith: That is the main problem. MOULa has a (very) low priority for years and that won’t change.
(04/12 15:54:34)  ~ Kaaja ~: we are its hobby.. a social experiment
(04/12 15:54:34)  Denizen: myst was once a hobby :)
(04/12 15:54:51)  Ben Berry: so true
(04/12 15:54:52) LuMagic sneezes
(04/12 15:54:54)  JamieWithHNKey: LOL@Kaaja
(04/12 15:55:00)  I.H.P:Max: I don’t wanna be anybodys “experiment”!
(04/12 15:55:04)  ~ Kaaja ~: YAY us!!
(04/12 15:55:10)  Ben Berry: lab rats
(04/12 15:55:19)  radioflux: I am my own experiment
(04/12 15:55:23) LuMagic sneezes
(04/12 15:55:25)  JamieWithHNKey: <insert Protal joke here>
(04/12 15:55:31)  Denizen: gezundheit
(04/12 15:55:35)  I.H.P:Max: I’ll be Lab Bunnie next week… tha OK?
(04/12 15:55:37)  Boywhith: I am an experiment of the real me, typing this.
(04/12 15:55:45)  Korov’ev: like the Stanford Prison? brrr…
(04/12 15:55:45)  Acorn1: Chocolate bunnie
(04/12 15:55:51)  radioflux: Chocolate Lab Bunny?
(04/12 15:56:21)  Ben Berry: eating cheese
(04/12 15:56:37)  Denizen: chocolate bunny is a great beer
(04/12 15:56:37)  mTX17: i am not a lab rat. the MCP teleported me to the grid
(04/12 15:56:37)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok before we start goofing off, anymore serries questionts?
(04/12 15:56:50)  JamieWithHNKey: LOL@mTX17!
(04/12 15:57:06)  ~ Kaaja ~: IF  and only IF we all gave our 401K and money stuffed in mattresses.. pawned grannys gold teeth..would there EVER be anything added?
(04/12 15:57:26)  I.H.P:Max: aaaaanyways….. yes. You know how many Shards there are atm. Jamie?
(04/12 15:57:28)  ~ Kaaja ~: can it ever be added too
(04/12 15:57:41)  Acorn1: Did you decided to re-run the second half of the fun house HN?
(04/12 15:57:52)  D’lago: The amount of money it takes to seriously fund the development of a game this large is far more than the Uru player base will ever be able to cough up.
(04/12 15:57:58)  JamieWithHNKey: One question at a time!
(04/12 15:58:14)  I.H.P:Max: let him answer…
(04/12 15:58:27)  I.H.P:Max: if he can… heh
(04/12 15:58:34)  JamieWithHNKey: I’m sure if we all give 10000 FRANKS then yes Cyan would add something
(04/12 15:58:40)  JamieWithHNKey: let’s get started
(04/12 15:58:43)  JamieWithHNKey: FRANK!
(04/12 15:58:45)  JamieWithHNKey: FRANK!
(04/12 15:58:47)  JamieWithHNKey: FRANK!
(04/12 15:58:49)  ~ Kaaja ~: frank
(04/12 15:58:50)  mTX17: haha
(04/12 15:58:50)  Ben Berry: noticed a bug with a pillar I have from Kadish tolesa. I try to return it to the alternate cavern but when I magically link there, all I get is a black screen with cursor functions still working to link back to my relto. Any way to fix this?
(04/12 15:59:02)  D’lago: They’d add Frank, the friendly NPC.
(04/12 15:59:11)  ~ Kaaja ~: :)
(04/12 15:59:12)  ventris: lol
(04/12 15:59:15)  mTX17: *g*
(04/12 15:59:16)  JamieWithHNKey: I’ll talk about your bug after the meeting \
(04/12 15:59:16)  Boywhith: No. That is evil Bahro magic.
(04/12 15:59:19)  UGLYDOG: FURT
(04/12 15:59:25)  Acorn1: Oh Chloe’s shard will be called DIRT.. The devblog is on http://www.thedeepcity.com
(04/12 15:59:46)  JamieWithHNKey: Acon1 asked me wather there will be a redo of Part II of last moneths event
(04/12 15:59:53)  ~ Kaaja ~: when will they do the beta for DIRT?
(04/12 15:59:57)  I.H.P:Max: ummm… did you all not attend AGM?
(04/12 16:00:05)  ~ Kaaja ~: ops..sorry jamie
(04/12 16:00:08)  JamieWithHNKey: I will talk to Stone next week and we will see WHEN that will take place
(04/12 16:00:13)  Korov’ev: off topic, people
(04/12 16:00:15)  JamieWithHNKey: It will be after easter offcosue :)
(04/12 16:00:23)  Acorn1: Yay
(04/12 16:00:27)  mTX17: thank you jamie
(04/12 16:00:53)  JamieWithHNKey: Next question, shards
(04/12 16:00:58)  I.H.P:Max: Jaime, a question… if you know how many Shards are “active” and developing stuff?
(04/12 16:01:00)  JamieWithHNKey: There are 5 I know of
(04/12 16:01:05)  I.H.P:Max: ah
(04/12 16:01:14)  JamieWithHNKey: fiveish
(04/12 16:01:18)  JamieWithHNKey: This shard!
(04/12 16:01:19) mTX17 wants to ask a question…
(04/12 16:01:23)  JamieWithHNKey: The Open Cave
(04/12 16:01:38)  JamieWithHNKey: The Lost City Of Adlantis(no new stuff)
(04/12 16:01:51)  JamieWithHNKey: Minkia testing shard(for TESTING)
(04/12 16:02:01)  mTX17: why do the developers not stick their heads and ideas ogether, to create one MOULa or URU or DIRT?
(04/12 16:02:07)  JamieWithHNKey: And my favoirt: The Gehn Shard
(04/12 16:02:10)  mTX17: together
(04/12 16:02:11)  janeerah: afk
(04/12 16:02:56)  JamieWithHNKey: mTX….:  I guess everonye has the own of idea of what people want to do
(04/12 16:02:59)  I.H.P:Max: all heads are not compatible with eachother, mT
(04/12 16:03:06)  mTX17: to combine could end in more benefit for all
(04/12 16:03:10)  JamieWithHNKey: This is a good and a bad ‘problem’ with Open Source
(04/12 16:03:19)  mTX17: okay
(04/12 16:03:21)  Boywhith: May I make a statement, Jamie?
(04/12 16:03:26)  JamieWithHNKey: I mean look at Linux
(04/12 16:03:42)  JamieWithHNKey: There are at least 12 well known Linux distros all slighlty diffrent
(04/12 16:03:47)  mTX17: jamie: i understand your point. but it is not compareable :)
(04/12 16:03:51)  I.H.P:Max: “love thy neighbor” … or thy fellow developer… not always easy
(04/12 16:03:51)  JamieWithHNKey: All that come with sligtly diffrent programs
(04/12 16:04:10)  Ben Berry: What do you think of the fan made version of this in Second Life?
(04/12 16:04:33)  JamieWithHNKey: I don’t know I don’t have Secound Life or care to get into it any time soon
(04/12 16:04:55) I.H.P:Max has never been to SL and never will…
(04/12 16:04:57)  ~ Kaaja ~: SL is not a shard
(04/12 16:05:00)  Acorn1: gehn and TOC do work together, use the same fixes etc
(04/12 16:05:04)  Boywhith: Not a good plan… it will empty the original MOULa.
(04/12 16:05:14)  ~ Kaaja ~: its a social gathering place and nothing more
(04/12 16:05:18)  Boywhith: We mast keep players here.
(04/12 16:05:25)  Korov’ev: there’s also Profound Atoll ;)
(04/12 16:05:27)  Boywhith: *must
(04/12 16:05:33)  mTX17: boy: yes, i agree with you
(04/12 16:05:42)  UGLYDOG: Or Marlboro
(04/12 16:06:06)  Jeyt Crighton: how much programming knowledge does one need to start making changes?
(04/12 16:06:15)  Boywhith: About one year ago, I heard a nice plan, i believe from DTC.
(04/12 16:06:16)  JamieWithHNKey: Good question!
(04/12 16:07:02)  Ben Berry: Have you heard of the Lost Art (Myst) project?
(04/12 16:07:02)  Boywhith: To expand the nexus.
(04/12 16:07:06)  JamieWithHNKey: I would say a lot as the code is not very well documented so you really have to know what your doing
(04/12 16:07:29)  Boywhith: One part: the original MOULa Ages and Hoods.
(04/12 16:07:35)  Jeyt Crighton: thanks
(04/12 16:07:36)  JamieWithHNKey: Jeyt if you want we can speak more aobut this afteweard
(04/12 16:07:44) I.H.P:Max wold emphasis .. really REALLY
(04/12 16:07:48)  Jeyt Crighton: sounds good
(04/12 16:07:53)  Boywhith: Second part links to all  ‘finished ‘ fan Ages!
(04/12 16:08:21)  Korov’ev: Sevkor, basically?
(04/12 16:08:23)  Boywhith: So all include, but separate from eachother, in MOULa!
(04/12 16:08:30)  JamieWithHNKey: Next question
(04/12 16:09:51)  I.H.P:Max: all in all, what ever we wish for …. Cyan and Only Cyan, can implement it into MOULa
(04/12 16:09:55)  ~ Kaaja ~: who brought pizza?
(04/12 16:10:13)  D’lago: I think Tom was supposed to bring the pizza.
(04/12 16:10:17)  Boywhith: I agree, Max.
(04/12 16:10:23) JamieWithHNKey looks around for the pizza guy
(04/12 16:10:37)  ~ Kaaja ~: whelp!  donations for pizza
(04/12 16:10:38)  JamieWithHNKey: I’ll be back
(04/12 16:10:47)  Denizen: lol
(04/12 16:10:51)  Boywhith: Jamie goes for pizza’s.
(04/12 16:11:11)  Ben Berry: has to keep up his strength
(04/12 16:11:21)  JamieWithHNKey: HO HO HO! Happy Easter! I have the Pizza!
(04/12 16:11:42)  JamieWithHNKey: HO HO HO!
(04/12 16:11:48)  I.H.P:Max: come and discuss all creative ideas you have than
(04/12 16:11:49) JamieWithHNKey delviers Pizza at the door!
(04/12 16:11:49)  Korov’ev: the easter chocolate pizza
(04/12 16:11:51)  Ben Berry: Santa?
(04/12 16:12:04)  radioflux: anyway, gtg
(04/12 16:12:04)  ~ Kaaja ~: hey jamie?
(04/12 16:12:06)  Acorn1: yum,thanks Jamie
(04/12 16:12:07)  Boywhith: Thanks, Jamie :))
(04/12 16:12:10)  JamieWithHNKey: Yes Santa! Why not!
(04/12 16:12:21)  radioflux: every HN teaches me something new – thanks Jamie!
(04/12 16:12:22)  ~ Kaaja ~: can i mention something here?
(04/12 16:12:35)  JamieWithHNKey: No problem radioflux!
(04/12 16:12:52) From ~ Kaaja ~: can i mention about an event?
(04/12 16:13:12) To ~ Kaaja ~: mention what about it?
(04/12 16:13:13)  ~ Kaaja ~: i want to see if we can get all shard creators there
(04/12 16:13:16)  ~ Kaaja ~: ops
(04/12 16:13:18) I.H.P:Max is waiting …. Ka?
(04/12 16:13:33)  ~ Kaaja ~: asking jamie if i can have a moment
(04/12 16:13:40) To Christian Walther: Arn’t you one of the programmers form OpenURU.Org?
(04/12 16:13:42)  ~ Kaaja ~: <.<
(04/12 16:13:55)  ~ Kaaja ~: cuz we are talking about shards and OOC
(04/12 16:13:55) From Christian Walther: yep, both OU and H-uru
(04/12 16:14:06)  I.H.P:Max: that would be great if we can get all of the gathered!
(04/12 16:14:08) To Christian Walther: Can I tell eveyone that your here?
(04/12 16:14:13) From Christian Walther: sure
(04/12 16:14:22)  I.H.P:Max: but can they be in the same room, all at once??
(04/12 16:14:24)  ~ Kaaja ~: on the 24th the IH will have an open house of sorts to invite all who do things inspired by the game
(04/12 16:14:46)  JamieWithHNKey: Ehem Christian Walther, one of the URU developers is here, if you want to ask him nerdy stuff about the code you could
(04/12 16:15:05)  Christian Walther: I can’t promise I’ll be able to answer though :)
(04/12 16:15:19)  I.H.P:Max: 24th of April….. International’s Hood!
(04/12 16:15:27)  Christian Walther: I’m far from an expert on Plasma.
(04/12 16:15:46)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh yes one more thing!
(04/12 16:16:11)  UGLYDOG: universal insatisfaction, females need to control someone to be happy
(04/12 16:16:46)  ~ Kaaja ~: that was random O.o
(04/12 16:16:50)  Locarno: How ture
(04/12 16:16:53)  JamieWithHNKey: Anyone want to have a ‘privateish’ session with one of the ‘Plasma explerts'(i.e. AdamJoson), if your interesting let me know and I’ll see IF I can get a hold of one
(04/12 16:17:05)  I.H.P:Max: hmm… my Ignore List seems empty
(04/12 16:17:42)  Boywhith: Keep it that way, Max :)
(04/12 16:18:33)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok I now offically call this meeting to close, thank you everyone for comeing if you want to speak with my in private I’ll be by the fountian
(04/12 16:18:37) …Chat.log stopped.



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