Hertiage Night talk

In spite of coming at the wrong time(sorry) my Heritage Night FAQ and ‘future’ speech went over well, here is the chatlog in-case you missed it:

(04/24 18:26:02) Chat.log started…
(04/24 18:26:41)  Jamie Marchant: now everything from this point on could appear in a chatlog, thoug I will try and remove the private messages
(04/24 18:27:02)  Jamie Marchant: You can ask any question about MOUL(2010) and I will attempt to answer
(04/24 18:27:17)  Jamie Marchant: Please ask one question at a time
(04/24 18:27:34)  Ben Berry: have you met Sven before?
(04/24 18:27:35)  Annabelle: When was the date the Cavern reopened?
(04/24 18:27:42)  Jamie Marchant: when where done if you want to keep chatting for a bit I can open up the Heritage Night hood
(04/24 18:27:50)  Jamie Marchant: ONE at a time!
(04/24 18:27:54)  Jamie Marchant: ok lets begin
(04/24 18:28:07)  Annabelle: jamie…we cannot know who’s asking also lol
(04/24 18:28:20)  Annabelle: we are not side-by-side ;-)
(04/24 18:28:40)  Jamie Marchant: Hmm good point
(04/24 18:28:53)  Jamie Marchant: well wait for me to anwer a question before asking the next
(04/24 18:28:59)  Annabelle: k
(04/24 18:29:13)  Jamie Marchant: i can’t remeber the date MOULa opened but I think that question was trying to tripe me up
(04/24 18:29:38)  DaH: What was the history of the age and Ae’gura expansions
(04/24 18:29:48)  DaH: Opening them up
(04/24 18:30:04)  Annabelle: no not at all it wasn’t ill intended
(04/24 18:30:13)  Annabelle: i was only curious
(04/24 18:30:17)  Jamie Marchant: That happend in MOULa(2007) which was before my time
(04/24 18:30:29)  Annabelle: no i meant in 2010
(04/24 18:30:47)  Jamie Marchant: I’m not sure I understand the question
(04/24 18:30:48)  Zeke365: i joined on 2011
(04/24 18:30:54)  Ben Berry: that’s why I asked about Sven
(04/24 18:30:59)  Jamie Marchant: good for you
(04/24 18:31:24)  Jamie Marchant: i may have meet Sven but I’ve meet many many people over the years I dont renenber all of them
(04/24 18:31:37)  Jamie Marchant: s/he is not on buddies list
(04/24 18:31:49)  Ben Berry: he did the let’s play during 2010
(04/24 18:32:04)  Jamie Marchant: Hmm… I mised that one
(04/24 18:32:20)  Jamie Marchant: Wait! I remember that now!
(04/24 18:32:31)  Ben Berry: did a door run as well
(04/24 18:32:42)  I.H.P:Max: Ehhh… where is thi s going?
(04/24 18:33:05)  Jamie Marchant: i never saw that LP and the only time I met him he was not filming but I remember him talking about it
(04/24 18:33:08)  Ben Berry: just seeing if anyone knew him
(04/24 18:33:15)  I.H.P:Max: Wanna tell anything about the Future of HN, Jamie?
(04/24 18:33:23)  Jamie Marchant: Ok
(04/24 18:33:33)  Blanka: Sven has several “Let’s Play MOUL Again” videos on YouTube. “Welcome Back!” he always says at the beginning.
(04/24 18:33:41)  Ben Berry: yes
(04/24 18:33:44)  I.H.P:Max: you got grand plans?
(04/24 18:34:12)  Jamie Marchant: Next months topic will be “The Shard” and will include a trip to the Gehn Shard!
(04/24 18:34:22)  Jamie Marchant: After that I will talk about memory forum threads
(04/24 18:34:36)  Jamie Marchant: in the furture we will do what was never done but suggested at leat twice
(04/24 18:35:02)  I.H.P:Max: A space flight?
(04/24 18:35:15) Korov’ev is thinking about a multi-shard tour/HN…
(04/24 18:35:26)  Jamie Marchant: I will retell stories of MOUL(2007) and use Grey Hat magic to make people look like chacters from the stories
(04/24 18:35:30)  I.H.P:Max: That sound interesting… yeah
(04/24 18:35:41)  I.H.P.X: nice!
(04/24 18:35:49)  Jamie Marchant: It will all take place in the Hood Of Illusionts
(04/24 18:35:55)  Zeke365: Gives me ideas for my own projects
(04/24 18:36:00)  Ben Berry: Will you be a part of the Myst Productions filming?
(04/24 18:36:02)  I.H.P:Max: Can I be Zandi?
(04/24 18:36:15)  I.H.P.X: :)
(04/24 18:36:15)  Jamie Marchant: The planes for this are very far off and I don’t have details yet
(04/24 18:36:27)  Blanka: Shoud we wear our Maintainers Suits? Just kidding!
(04/24 18:36:38)  I.H.P:Max: But in a near future, Jamie?
(04/24 18:36:43)  Jamie Marchant: LOL if the script calls for a matiners suit
(04/24 18:36:53) Blanka cheers
(04/24 18:36:56)  Korov’ev: Can I be Wheely? no, wait, that’s not a good idea…
(04/24 18:36:59)  Jamie Marchant: it will be either this fall or next spring
(04/24 18:37:09) I.H.P.X is gonna be Yeesha for halloween, btw
(04/24 18:37:15)  I.H.P.X: ^^
(04/24 18:37:19)  mTX17: haha
(04/24 18:37:24) Fil claps his hands
(04/24 18:37:26)  Jamie Marchant: Since I have a lot of planning and other Hertiage Nigths I wan to do first
(04/24 18:37:40)  Jamie Marchant: I also have to find someone who know that time perid or read up on it.
(04/24 18:37:50)  Jamie Marchant: I can’t remember what’s happening this summer
(04/24 18:38:02)  Ben Berry: the lost art
(04/24 18:38:24)  Jamie Marchant: Stone is busy but we WILL be doing our Fun House thing soon!
(04/24 18:38:50)  Blanka: Mysterium 2014 is this summer.
(04/24 18:39:03)  Jamie Marchant: I meant in terms of Heritage Night
(04/24 18:39:36)  Jamie Marchant: Since I begain it I accutlly had a sceudle planned as per what would happen where
(04/24 18:40:13)  Jamie Marchant: Oh yeah! This summer there will be a ‘open Hertiage Night’ where YOU can tell stories
(04/24 18:40:26) Calum Traveler smiles
(04/24 18:40:42)  Jamie Marchant: *sorry whre you can tell your MOUL(2010) or MOUL(2007) stories
(04/24 18:40:51)  Jamie Marchant: hi Calum diden’t see you there
(04/24 18:41:26)  Jamie Marchant: Any other questionts?
(04/24 18:42:22)  I.H.P.X: well done jamie
(04/24 18:42:35)  Jamie Marchant: well I guess not, I acctually planned this with some ‘extra’ time
(04/24 18:42:51)  Jamie Marchant: annways keep watching the blog and forums for Hertiage Night updates
(04/24 18:42:54) Annabelle claps her hands
(04/24 18:42:58) mTX17 claps his hands
(04/24 18:43:01) I.H.P.X claps her hands
(04/24 18:43:02) Zeke365 claps his hands
(04/24 18:43:05) …Chat.log stopped.


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