Hertiage Night 5: The Shards(Part A)

Welcome to this month’s Heritage Night! Once again this will be an ‘out of character’ event. Tonight, I will be talking about ‘the shards’. Now for those of you who don’t know, they are many server/client pairs one can use to play this game. Each server/client pair is called a ‘shard’. Each ‘shard’ has different features.

So now for what I do best, some history. The shards are not actually a new concept. After the online component of ‘URU: Ages beyond Myst’ was canceled, Cyan gave certain community members the ability to run their own servers. With a modified client (downloadable from Cyan), one could connect to the different servers. At that time, the servers were known as ‘shards’. No new content was available on the shards. However, the fans did make a tool that allowed admins to mess with the environment, similar to what we see in The Fun House today.

All of the clients had to use a ‘shard list’ Cyan maintained. When Gametap MOUL started in 2007, the ‘shard list’ was shut down and thus the age of ‘shards’ ended till Open Source.

With MOULa being Open Source, we can now make ‘shards’, so for various reasons, several fan shards have been created. They are:

– Minkata testing shard – made for testing new features (and not playing the game). This is the shard OpenURU.org uses to test changes to the game code that will eventually be put into MOULa. They are always looking for people to test features, so if you want to give them a hand, you can check out this shard at: http://www.OpenURU.Org.

– The Open Cave – This fun and non-canonical shard has some fan content and features not found anywhere else. They have pets; they allow anyone to use a ‘Bahro’ ‘treasure chest’ avatar. They’re known for a wacky version of the city called the ‘City Of Dimensions’ (a version of Ae’gura. Oh, and everyone can use magic commands like ‘goto’ (teleport) and jump?

– Gehn Shard – I saved what I consider the best for last. The Gehn is run by the Guild of Writers and uses the ‘H-URU client’. If you visit, you will find plenty of minor improvements to the game. There are also fan created ages, chosen by the Guild, showing some of the best of what the fans can create. In fact, I like it so much that I want everyone to see it and so, as I said in the events section of my post, there will be a special get-together on the shard tomorrow. If you interested in hanging out with me in one of the fan ages, this is the time to get set up on the shard. All Guild of Writers forum accounts are connected to the shard accounts, so if you have a forum account, you already have a shard account. We will meet up in the Vothol Gallery.

Are they any questions?


(05/17 15:28:53) Chat.log started…
(05/17 15:29:09)  JamieWithHNKey: Anything you say to me at this point COULD end up on the Hertiage Night blog.
(05/17 15:29:24)  JamieWithHNKey: Now someone had a question
(05/17 15:29:55)  Velvey: vivar?
(05/17 15:29:56)  Christian Walther: Do you know anything about the shards that existed in beta/prologue/whatever? Atrus, Katran, Achenar I believe?
(05/17 15:30:00)  vivarrodrigoz: tell me
(05/17 15:30:15)  Velvey: you wanted to ask something?
(05/17 15:30:15)  vivarrodrigoz: ah the question?
(05/17 15:30:24)  vivarrodrigoz: ah yes yes sorry
(05/17 15:30:25)  JamieWithHNKey: I have heard of them, I don’t know much about the
(05/17 15:30:37)  vivarrodrigoz: ok moment need translation
(05/17 15:30:40)  vivarrodrigoz: please
(05/17 15:31:23)  Christian Walther: Ok, thanks (neither do I as I wasn’t around at that time)
(05/17 15:31:32)  vivarrodrigoz: I like an image created by fans
(05/17 15:31:46)  vivarrodrigoz: name katha age i think i have 2 pics
(05/17 15:31:54)  vivarrodrigoz: katha housenight.jpg
(05/17 15:32:17)  vivarrodrigoz: and the other is the same house but is the day
(05/17 15:32:22)  JamieWithHNKey: I once red an interesting blog form somone who was around at the time, I’m sure you can find it if you Google for it
(05/17 15:33:05)  vivarrodrigoz: in this picture you can see something fabulous is a huge mansion
(05/17 15:33:19)  JamieWithHNKey: viv I’m still talking about the last thing, could you please wait a bit
(05/17 15:33:29)  vivarrodrigoz: yes sorry
(05/17 15:33:49)  vivarrodrigoz: i wait sorry
(05/17 15:34:03)  JamieWithHNKey: annways if you want me to look for the blog articale about the Beta, let me know by forum PM latter and I’ll try and hunt it donw.
(05/17 15:34:30)  Christian Walther: it’s OK, thanks, I’d probably find it on my own
(05/17 15:34:48)  Boywhith: sorry, I am late.
(05/17 15:35:00)  vivarrodrigoz: hola boy :)
(05/17 15:35:14)  JamieWithHNKey: Gehn is called Gehn is a ‘node’ to the Beta shards you talked about.
(05/17 15:35:16)  Boywhith: shorah all :))
(05/17 15:35:21)  JamieWithHNKey: Now onto viv’s thing.
(05/17 15:36:01)  vivarrodrigoz: i think need to download gehn shard?
(05/17 15:36:01)  JamieWithHNKey: Shorah Boywith, you missed the talk, we are doing a Q&A, I am chatlogging everything for the blog.
(05/17 15:36:37)  Boywhith: Thanks Jamie, I have missed there was a HN today.
(05/17 15:37:16)  JamieWithHNKey: Yes, http://www.guildofwriters.org/cwe/gehn_shard.exe will install it, it uses a copy of your MOULa data so the install is light
(05/17 15:37:35) vivarrodrigoz thanks you
(05/17 15:37:43)  JamieWithHNKey: Hmm, it was on the forums, but I did not have things ‘set up
(05/17 15:37:47)  JamieWithHNKey: WOPSE!
(05/17 15:37:57)  JamieWithHNKey: For the AGM, so I did not annonce it then.
(05/17 15:37:58)  Padbra Padchocola: hi all
(05/17 15:38:07)  vivarrodrigoz: shorah padbra
(05/17 15:38:13)  Boywhith: shorah Padbra :)
(05/17 15:38:26)  Christian Walther: You could put it on the GoMe calendar
(05/17 15:38:32)  Padbra Padchocola: there is a agm today?
(05/17 15:38:34)  JamieWithHNKey: Shorah Padbra, you missed the story, however, they was hardly annyone here for that so they might be ‘rerun’ eposodoe in ‘the future’
(05/17 15:38:53)  Padbra Padchocola: ok
(05/17 15:38:57)  JamieWithHNKey: No, there was 2 weeks ago, but I was not ready so I could not annonce Hetiage Night then :(
(05/17 15:39:16)  Padbra Padchocola: ok
(05/17 15:39:37)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok so does anyone have any quesionts about The Shards?
(05/17 15:39:51)  Christian Walther: I don’t think viv’s question was answered…
(05/17 15:39:57)  vivarrodrigoz: yes
(05/17 15:40:01)  Boywhith: They are difficult to manage…
(05/17 15:40:20)  Christian Walther: (or even asked completely, for that matter)
(05/17 15:40:21)  JamieWithHNKey: oh Viv what is your question
(05/17 15:40:30)  Boywhith: not as i called… plug and play.
(05/17 15:40:58)  vivarrodrigoz: I just wonder if in the future we could explore that age I’m dying of curiosity to know what you can find us
(05/17 15:41:01) Padbra Padchocola waves hello
(05/17 15:41:31)  JamieWithHNKey: hmm, what age?
(05/17 15:41:41)  Velvey: he’s talking about katha
(05/17 15:41:44)  vivarrodrigoz: katha age i think
(05/17 15:41:49)  vivarrodrigoz: is the name
(05/17 15:42:03)  vivarrodrigoz: i have 2 pic of katha …
(05/17 15:42:20)  vivarrodrigoz: 1 name katha_housenight.jpg
(05/17 15:42:40)  vivarrodrigoz: age created for fans
(05/17 15:43:24)  Velvey: those pictures are from years ago!
(05/17 15:43:31)  Padbra Padchocola: katha is a concept art from cyan I think, no?
(05/17 15:43:33) vivarrodrigoz nods his head
(05/17 15:43:48)  vivarrodrigoz: and i have other
(05/17 15:43:49)  Christian Walther: Yes, these pictures were not created by fans, they are Uru concept art, by Stephan Martiniere I belive.
(05/17 15:43:56)  vivarrodrigoz: name reano.jpg
(05/17 15:44:12)  Padbra Padchocola: right, Stephan Martiniere
(05/17 15:44:14)  vivarrodrigoz: yes correct right
(05/17 15:44:42)  Padbra Padchocola: I don’t know about reano
(05/17 15:44:58)  radioflux: impressive art, but never realised
(05/17 15:45:08)  JamieWithHNKey: The name sounds fimalier
(05/17 15:45:33)  JamieWithHNKey: I think Cyan has a concept art gallery somewhere online
(05/17 15:45:44)  Padbra Padchocola: reh-ahno?
(05/17 15:46:14)  Christian Walther: http://rel.to/chiso has a lot too
(05/17 15:46:37)  JamieWithHNKey: Personally I want to see Cyan relase that raceing level, where players could race a … something
(05/17 15:46:44)  JamieWithHNKey: and it would stream to the pub?
(05/17 15:46:49)  tkol17: http://chiso.uruslasthope.com/
(05/17 15:46:50)  vivarrodrigoz: my question is if in the future us to explore that age
(05/17 15:47:32)  Padbra Padchocola: if it is just a concept art, someone have to build the age first
(05/17 15:47:41)  Padbra Padchocola: :p
(05/17 15:47:42)  JamieWithHNKey: Well the fans could make what we think the age should look like based on the sketches.
(05/17 15:48:00)  JamieWithHNKey: Or Cyan could make what they inteended the age too look like.
(05/17 15:48:20)  JamieWithHNKey: I don’t think either party watns to do so at this time.
(05/17 15:48:33)  Padbra Padchocola: cyan will not build new ages I think
(05/17 15:48:38)  JamieWithHNKey: Also this is not a ‘shard’ question, so if you want to talk about more, lets do so after the meeting
(05/17 15:49:01)  Boywhith: now they are much to busy with Obduction.
(05/17 15:49:09)  Padbra Padchocola: right
(05/17 15:49:22)  Padbra Padchocola: and it’s nice :)
(05/17 15:49:37)  JamieWithHNKey: Hopfully
(05/17 15:49:40)  Padbra Padchocola: :))
(05/17 15:50:06)  vivarrodrigoz: wow
(05/17 15:50:14)  vivarrodrigoz: more pics thanks tko :)
(05/17 15:50:29)  vivarrodrigoz: wow i will explore this age is so beautifull
(05/17 15:50:29)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok are they any ‘on topic’ questionts?
(05/17 15:50:56)  Padbra Padchocola: I have a question about kind of age creation, but it’s something different
(05/17 15:50:58)  vivarrodrigoz: sorry for the interruption
(05/17 15:51:14)  radioflux: no problem, viv
(05/17 15:51:15)  JamieWithHNKey: I understand
(05/17 15:51:20)  Padbra Padchocola: I don’t know where I can ask it
(05/17 15:51:51)  JamieWithHNKey: Gould Of Writers is good place of age creation type questionts
(05/17 15:52:17)  Padbra Padchocola: ok
(05/17 15:52:31)  Padbra Padchocola: thx
(05/17 15:52:35)  JamieWithHNKey: No problem!
(05/17 15:52:39)  Padbra Padchocola: :)
(05/17 15:53:42)  JamieWithHNKey: anye other questionts?
(05/17 15:54:14)  Padbra Padchocola: well… DIRT?
(05/17 15:54:16)  vivarrodrigoz: you know?
(05/17 15:54:24)  vivarrodrigoz: i like the yellow room
(05/17 15:54:27)  vivarrodrigoz: wonderfull
(05/17 15:54:35)  JamieWithHNKey: DIRT? yellow room?
(05/17 15:55:03)  Padbra Padchocola: Dirt: Urulive
(05/17 15:55:03)  Boywhith: You mean the new Messenger Pub?
(05/17 15:55:04)  vivarrodrigoz: i see the web http://chiso.uruslasthope.com/
(05/17 15:55:30)  JamieWithHNKey: I think D.I.R.T is an ealery verstion of URU Ages Beyound Myst
(05/17 15:55:41)  JamieWithHNKey: or is that Mudpie
(05/17 15:56:00)  Padbra Padchocola: the new “dirt” by fans
(05/17 15:56:01)  radioflux: Dirt: Uru Live is new shard
(05/17 15:56:05)  vivarrodrigoz: dirt but I do not know when I will be able get me down
(05/17 15:56:13) vivarrodrigoz leans left
(05/17 15:56:27)  Boywhith: I prefer more clean places ;)
(05/17 15:56:36)  Padbra Padchocola: so, it’s a independant shard?
(05/17 15:56:51)  vivarrodrigoz: i prefer more books in my library of my relto ;)
(05/17 15:56:52)  radioflux: as far as I am aware, it is
(05/17 15:57:01)  vivarrodrigoz: and more fantastic ages :)
(05/17 15:57:15)  radioflux: http://dirturulive.tumblr.com
(05/17 15:57:22)  Padbra Padchocola: and do you know if there is some prevision to implement it on moula?
(05/17 15:57:38)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh yes, it’s so new, I forgot about when wrting my speech!
(05/17 15:57:39)  Padbra Padchocola: thx for the url :)
(05/17 15:57:42)  Boywhith: I hope it is.
(05/17 15:57:47)  JamieWithHNKey: Is that out, yet!
(05/17 15:57:58)  Christian Walther: not publicly
(05/17 15:57:59)  JamieWithHNKey: I can’t wait to try it! It might be BETTER then Gehn!
(05/17 15:58:03)  Boywhith: A wild dream was…
(05/17 15:58:06)  radioflux: still in alpha, I think
(05/17 15:58:13)  Boywhith: a second Nexus here…
(05/17 15:58:14)  JamieWithHNKey: That’s what I thought.
(05/17 15:58:20)  radioflux: or very closed beta
(05/17 15:58:26) Padbra Padchocola can’t wait
(05/17 15:58:37)  JamieWithHNKey: I think the new Avater screen looks cool!
(05/17 15:58:38)  radioflux: waiting with baited breath…
(05/17 15:58:42)  Boywhith: filled with linkingbooks to all fanages!
(05/17 15:58:54)  radioflux: quite ambitious plans, too
(05/17 15:59:04)  radioflux: I wonder who’se going to build all those ages…
(05/17 15:59:17)  JamieWithHNKey: Fans!
(05/17 15:59:50)  radioflux: I’d like some quality control, though ;)
(05/17 16:00:03)  Padbra Padchocola: :p
(05/17 16:00:15)  Boywhith: of couse, that must be an important step.
(05/17 16:00:21)  Padbra Padchocola: yes :)
(05/17 16:00:37)  Boywhith: But to that high standards…
(05/17 16:00:58)  Boywhith: the Vothol Gallery and Vinhir’s House can come here.
(05/17 16:01:26) Padbra Padchocola nods his head
(05/17 16:02:03)  JamieWithHNKey: I’d like to ‘wrap thigns up’, any other questions?
(05/17 16:02:15)  JamieWithHNKey: We can casually chat in Agarua after the meeting
(05/17 16:02:22)  Velvey: Thanks Jamie for your info! See you later guys, have fun!
(05/17 16:02:24)  Padbra Padchocola: :p
(05/17 16:02:31)  radioflux: how about tomorrow?
(05/17 16:02:33) Velvey waves hello
(05/17 16:02:33)  vivarrodrigoz: see you later velvey
(05/17 16:02:36)  radioflux: we go to Gehn?
(05/17 16:02:41)  JamieWithHNKey: Bye hope to see you tommrow on the Gehn shard!
(05/17 16:02:42)  Velvey (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):  
(05/17 16:02:43)  Padbra Padchocola: see you velvet
(05/17 16:02:48) …Chat.log stopped.



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