Lighting The Lake

Shorah, all! Today, I’m going to be talking about ‘Lighting the Lake’. Before we begin, is everyone familiar with the pellet-baking machine in Er’cana?

If not, let me give some background. There is an oven in one of the ages that allows the user to bake a sausage-shaped log which we call a ‘pellet’. When a pellet is dropped into a pool of water, it will produce some light. How much light you get depends on what settings you use to bake the pellet. You can either drop the pellet into a Borah cave or a pool of water in A’gura.

In 2007, it was discovered that ‘well baked’ pellets dropped in the Agura pool of water actually affected the lake and this would eventually make the lake brighter. This is due to luminescent algae in the water, which, as far as I know, has died since the fall of D’ni.

So a project was started to light the lake to its maximum brightness, since a brighter lake would also effect the brightness of the cavern. At that time, someone at the DRC installed a funny machine at the docs. It’s supposed to measure the lake light, but it’s broken somehow and so was later removed.

I will take questions at this time, and then Stone5 will adjust the lake brightness leavals so you can see how bright and dark they go. This can only be done in the hood. Then we can go to the city to see the lake brightness measuring device.

The Q&A is bellow:

(07/26 15:06:02)  Magic Ro’: TOC has a working Lake Light Meter
(07/26 15:06:09)  Jamie Marchant: That’s cool :)
(07/26 15:06:16)  Malim Praedari: Where will the chatlog b published
(07/26 15:06:18)  Jamie Marchant: I haven’t been on TOC for a while
(07/26 15:06:22)  Malim Praedari: I will have to leave soon
(07/26 15:06:30)  Magic Ro’: It’s in COD
(07/26 15:06:42)  Jamie Marchant: Yes which reminds me all the Q&A will be in the chatlog
(07/26 15:06:59)  Jamie Marchant: The thing I just read to you will be on the Heritage Night blog latter
(07/26 15:07:05)  Malim Praedari: What is cod?
(07/26 15:07:27)  radioflux: City of Dimensions
(07/26 15:07:31)  Magic Ro’: City of D…. forgot how to spell it
(07/26 15:07:34)  Magic Ro’: TY
(07/26 15:07:41)  Jamie Marchant: I belive COD is the city of demistionts, an altertive city in the The Open Cave shard
(07/26 15:07:43)  Malim Praedari: Ok, but what is the link
(07/26 15:08:07)  Jamie Marchant: I belive if you have an account on The Open Cave you can get there for free
(07/26 15:08:08)  Magic Ro’: use   /cod
(07/26 15:08:12)  Magic Ro’: or the Nexus
(07/26 15:08:24)  radioflux: ???
(07/26 15:08:31)  Magic Ro’: yes
(07/26 15:08:38)  Malim Praedari: No i thik we are misunderstanding
(07/26 15:08:43)  Zeke365: So does this machine of brightnees effect the cavcon any way?
(07/26 15:08:46)  Malim Praedari: what is the link to the chat log
(07/26 15:08:55)  radioflux: heh
(07/26 15:08:55)  Jamie Marchant: No it only measures it.
(07/26 15:09:27)  Zeke365: What was it mesuring for other than brightness?
(07/26 15:09:30)  Jamie Marchant: by right back
(07/26 15:09:53)  Magic Ro’: The very same lake machine can be see at the Dock  with Magic Treasure
(07/26 15:10:08)  Mcbeam: hello?
(07/26 15:10:15)  Zeke365: Hello
(07/26 15:10:15)  Malim Praedari: Hello mcbeam
(07/26 15:10:23)  Jamie Marchant: Sorry about that my internal client got messed up
(07/26 15:10:24) Magic Ro’ says okay
(07/26 15:10:28)  Jamie Marchant: Ok any other questionts?
(07/26 15:10:28)  Mcbeam: where for art ?
(07/26 15:10:39)  Jamie Marchant: where for art?
(07/26 15:10:48)  Magic Ro’: where for art thou
(07/26 15:10:49)  Mcbeam: everybody?
(07/26 15:11:01)  Jamie Marchant: Where upstairs
(07/26 15:11:03)  Stone: Jamy can correct mebut i thin you can find mst of the chat logs and info here….
(07/26 15:11:08)  Zeke365: Was there another purpose for the machine other than brightness of the pellets?
(07/26 15:11:15)  Stone: Jamie     sorry^
(07/26 15:11:16)  Malim Praedari: ok thank you
(07/26 15:11:23)  Mcbeam: oops sorry
(07/26 15:11:43)  Jamie Marchant: The machine by the docs?
(07/26 15:11:49)  Magic Ro’: doesn’t it supply air to the divers?
(07/26 15:11:55)  Zeke365: Yes and why it broke?
(07/26 15:12:03)  Jamie Marchant: Maybe, hold on a moment
(07/26 15:12:28)  Jamie Marchant: The drc site is still down :(
(07/26 15:13:04)  Jamie Marchant: They had a really good thread on the matter but I did not have accass to it when writing my script
(07/26 15:13:30)  Jamie Marchant: Also it’s a lot harder to find good info on Myst stuff with MystLore down :(
(07/26 15:13:38)  Jamie Marchant: Any other questionts
(07/26 15:13:39)  Stone: is it in the waybackmachine
(07/26 15:13:40)  Malim Praedari: what was the intention of it’s function if it did work, did it have lights and a meter to indicate brightnes?
(07/26 15:13:51)  Jamie Marchant: Oh yeah good thinking Stone
(07/26 15:13:54)  Malim Praedari: some sort of indication
(07/26 15:14:04)  Jamie Marchant: I forgot about that when doing my script :(
(07/26 15:14:20)  Magic Ro’: I only see 1s and 0s on the working machine.
(07/26 15:14:34)  Jamie Marchant: That’s kind of the reason I diden’t want to do 07 stuff as there is a lot of reasearch todo since I was never there

I didn’t think of taking a screen shot of the brighter lake but here is the thing by the lake:


Here is a pic.


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