Best Of Hertiag Night 2014

Hello and welcome, It has now been one year since I ‘rebooted’ Heritage Night. Today, I’m going to tell my story; the story of how I got involved with Heritage Night and what some of the highlights were.

But first some back story: the original Heritage Night was put on by DimensionTravelerCalum back in 2010. Each week, Calum would tell a story from URU’s past (2003 and 2007). When Calum had exhausted all of the stories he could tell, he started retelling old stories. This got tiring for Calum after a while. He asked for volunteers, but nobody else was interested. So, eventually, he Hertiage Night and it remained closed till I picked it up last year.

One night in September or November of last year, I was thinking about all the cool stuff I had seen that others had not. Thinking about the hacking that lead to the magic hoods, I wished that others could see what I had seen that day. I then realized that I could reproduce the effects in The Hood Of Illusions. I also realized that I could do many similar cool things and retell the stories of MOULa (2010-2014). I had to build up some confidence since I’m shy, but eventually I announced my first event in December. By that time, I had most of the 2014’s Heritage Nights planned in my head. Calum let me use the Heritage Night name and blog. Now, I will discuss my favourite events. After the presentation, I will put links on the Heritage Night blog where you can read the scripts for the events I will mention.

My favourite event was the ‘hacks in the city’ recreation. The presentation was spectacular and I think people liked it more than I did. (It’s less impressive when you know what’s coming next). At the event, I retold the story of the hacks in the city that caused Cyan to create two ‘hacks allowed’ hoods. It was so impressive, that people have requested I redo the event and ‘film’ it. I can’t guarantee that I will do any event, but I do plan on doing it next year sometime. I couldn’t have done it without Stone, who handled the ‘magic’ for the event.

My second favourite event was the ‘Light The Lake’ event, in which Stone and I showed the maximum possible level of brightness the lake can go to (when fed a large amount of ‘good’ pellets). We also showed the ‘drunken Dalek’ lake measuring device. The assets are still in game, even though it was disabled before the end of GameTap (2007) MOUL.

My third favourite (and last for this visit) was my ‘OHB’ event. OHB is a community member who has done a lot of interesting things for the community, including the creation of two interactive (robot) avatars. What was so great about this event is that I got OHB to come into the cavern as a special guest. He had not been in cavern for a few years. His robot came the next day and stayed a week. I did ask him to bring in his robot as a surprise, but he could not do it since he had to go to the hospital and almost didn’t make it at all.(His problem turned out to only be miner in nature, so he is OK now). It was very nice of him to turn on his robot for a whole week and he was a fun special guest to have on stage with me.

So those are the events I wanted to talk about tonight. They all went extremely well and as planned for the most part (if not better). I did have backup plans, but thankfully, I did not have to rely on them. After all, doing special events like the ones I talked about is why I signed up for Hertiage Night! I’m going to try and think up some even cooler things for next year!

Fun fact: Most of the people (if not all) who helped me out are in the same time-zone as me! This makes it convenient to work on events!

Speeches from my froviot Heritage Nights: – OHB entry. -The fun house

Q&A Chat log:

(12/14 15:20:52) Chat.log started…
(12/14 15:21:21)  spatialkay: i saw ohb a few weeks ago, is he ok?
(12/14 15:21:56)  Zeke365: How do you get speaches to appear in game like that so quick?
(12/14 15:22:11)  Neutiquam Erro: Cut and paste i guess
(12/14 15:22:23)  HeritageNightGuy: Oh yes he managed to make to the event just fine and his trip to the histportal was just a stomic bug I think
(12/14 15:22:38)  HeritageNightGuy: OHB is doing great these days
(12/14 15:22:42)  spatialkay: good to hear
(12/14 15:22:46)  Neutiquam Erro: Yes
(12/14 15:22:54)  spatialkay: havent seen him for a while
(12/14 15:22:55)  HeritageNightGuy: Yes cut and past is how I type things so fast
(12/14 15:23:13)  HeritageNightGuy: as you can see my nornal typing is much slower and has a lot more spelling problems
(12/14 15:23:29)  Neutiquam Erro: Lol mine too
(12/14 15:23:38)  Zeke365: Forom word document or notepad
(12/14 15:24:01)  HeritageNightGuy: OHB was here right after the vault wipe but I have not seen him recently myself
(12/14 15:24:14)  HeritageNightGuy: I use OpenOffice acctully
(12/14 15:24:23)  Zeke365: Okay
(12/14 15:24:28)  HeritageNightGuy: So I can make docuements in my preferad envomrnet of Linux
(12/14 15:24:37)  HeritageNightGuy: I have also found it tanfers better
(12/14 15:24:55)  Zeke365: So how does the bots differ from the regular avtar
(12/14 15:24:57)  HeritageNightGuy: From OpenOffice then word
(12/14 15:25:16)  HeritageNightGuy: They are controlled by a computer rather then a person
(12/14 15:25:46)  HeritageNightGuy: So intead of someone thinking up what to say each time, you type something and the bot decode and comes up with a response
(12/14 15:26:30)  Zeke365: Some times they ingore me
(12/14 15:26:42)  Neutiquam Erro: I think they have crashed then
(12/14 15:27:09)  Zeke365: or they want to have some fun with us
(12/14 15:27:19)  HeritageNightGuy: For OHBoat(OHBs bot) you have to end your sentence with OHBot or else he will not respound
(12/14 15:27:26)  HeritageNightGuy: *OHB’s
(12/14 15:27:53)  Zeke365: i remeber when lyrobot was on I enjoyed playing with him
(12/14 15:28:16)  HeritageNightGuy: OHB’s ‘BOMB'(IC his arn nemesis’s BOMB) was very limited in what you could do with him
(12/14 15:29:05)  HeritageNightGuy: Lrybot hardly had any intellence and was more of
(12/14 15:29:13)  HeritageNightGuy: ‘command system’.
(12/14 15:29:31)  Zeke365: How about stone5
(12/14 15:29:33)  HeritageNightGuy: Lryobot was creatred so that people could make they own magic in The Fun House
(12/14 15:30:09)  Zeke365: Okay
(12/14 15:30:22)  HeritageNightGuy: Stone5 has a specail client which can opporate as a bot or avitar depending on what Stone wants
(12/14 15:30:24)  Zeke365: Someone crashed
(12/14 15:30:33)  HeritageNightGuy: Oh dear!
(12/14 15:30:40)  HeritageNightGuy: Well this Q&A will be on the blog
(12/14 15:30:46)  Neutiquam Erro: Spatial k
(12/14 15:31:18)  HeritageNightGuy: Stone5 can also enable and disable commans on the fly depending on what he wants
(12/14 15:31:42)  HeritageNightGuy: The bot was also created to do things in The Fun House
(12/14 15:31:45)  Zeke365: Cool so I never know if I talkin to the bot or him
(12/14 15:32:09)  HeritageNightGuy: Yeah that’s kind of wird
(12/14 15:32:32)  HeritageNightGuy: The avatar ‘Stone’ is controlled by the same player and is never a bot
(12/14 15:32:38)  Neutiquam Erro: Wb spatial
(12/14 15:32:46)  HeritageNightGuy: [I should correct that for the blog]
(12/14 15:32:53)  spatialkay: network error
(12/14 15:33:02)  HeritageNightGuy: Net 6?
(12/14 15:33:11)  spatialkay: think so
(12/14 15:33:20)  HeritageNightGuy: Uh probally nothing to worry about .
(12/14 15:33:30)  Zeke365: i hope we have an update soon that will fix that
(12/14 15:33:51)  HeritageNightGuy: Accutlly it IS nothing to worry about and I think it’s unfixable
(12/14 15:34:04)  HeritageNightGuy: The problem is just that your commincation with the sever is dropped
(12/14 15:34:23)  Neutiquam Erro: Could be for any reason i guess
(12/14 15:34:25)  HeritageNightGuy: Although I guess we could change the dailog to someting more ‘user freindly’ then ‘Net 6’
(12/14 15:34:38)  spatialkay: i think we had a local outage that caused it
(12/14 15:34:43)  Zeke365: So it dropped by wifi connection sometimes this may be off subject sorry
(12/14 15:34:59)  spatialkay: i dont worry about it, its just a nuisance
(12/14 15:35:04)  HeritageNightGuy: I don’t mind, I’m an IT guy
(12/14 15:35:15)  HeritageNightGuy: I may cut this part out though
(12/14 15:35:16)  Zeke365: Just like the guild of lags
(12/14 15:35:49)  HeritageNightGuy: WiFi can cause Net 6’s but they can be a glich anywhere from here to the server.
(12/14 15:36:10)  HeritageNightGuy: Not much that can be done about it, it’s like when YouTube videos pause or start buffering
(12/14 15:36:37)  Zeke365: and will never stop
(12/14 15:36:53)  HeritageNightGuy: Probally not
(12/14 15:37:08)  Zeke365: Well thank you for a wonderful evening I have to go see ya
(12/14 15:37:18)  HeritageNightGuy: Bye see you later
(12/14 15:37:18)  Neutiquam Erro: Bye zeke
(12/14 15:37:29)  HeritageNightGuy: Anyone else have anything they want to say?
(12/14 15:37:49)  Neutiquam Erro: When is the next heritage night?
(12/14 15:37:59)  Neutiquam Erro: And the address of the blog
(12/14 15:38:25)  HeritageNightGuy:
(12/14 15:38:41)  Neutiquam Erro: Ty
(12/14 15:38:50)  HeritageNightGuy: I have to plan my next year of Hertiage Nights but it will be in January
(12/14 15:39:11)  Neutiquam Erro: Oh that’s quick, i was thinking later than that
(12/14 15:40:01)  Neutiquam Erro: you will publicise it too on the forums?
(12/14 15:40:31)  HeritageNightGuy: Yes indeed though I don’t know when in January and probally won’t know till next year
(12/14 15:40:54)  HeritageNightGuy: I try to have 1 Heritage Night per month but I’ve run out of ideas form my 2013 planning
(12/14 15:41:35)  Neutiquam Erro: Dies the dite have an archive too?
(12/14 15:41:39)  Neutiquam Erro: Oops
(12/14 15:41:44)  Neutiquam Erro: Does the site
(12/14 15:42:03)  HeritageNightGuy:
(12/14 15:42:09)  Neutiquam Erro: Ah good thanks
(12/14 15:42:15)  Neutiquam Erro: I’ll take a look there
(12/14 15:42:54)  HeritageNightGuy: Any other questionts
(12/14 15:43:29)  spatialkay: how often is the fun house and hood of illusions open?
(12/14 15:44:16)  HeritageNightGuy: The Hood Of Illusions is only open for events and sadly The Fun House can be open whenever a Grey Hat wants it to bee
(12/14 15:45:04)  HeritageNightGuy: Acctually I will have to track down some Gray Hats and find out what the status of it is. As I’m not sure what ‘state’ the hoods are in this time round
(12/14 15:45:29)  HeritageNightGuy: They haven’t been used in a whil since The Grey Hats have mostly ‘moved on’.
(12/14 15:45:30)  Neutiquam Erro: The fun house has been opened a couple of times recently
(12/14 15:45:45)  HeritageNightGuy: But that does give me an idea…
(12/14 15:46:59)  HeritageNightGuy: It’s a suprise
(12/14 15:47:08)  Neutiquam Erro: Lol
(12/14 15:47:23)  Neutiquam Erro: Will the heritage nights be at a similar time to now?
(12/14 15:47:43)  HeritageNightGuy: There are normally on Saturday but yes normally at this time
(12/14 15:47:52)  Neutiquam Erro: That’s good
(12/14 15:48:02)  HeritageNightGuy: I also occrtionally appear at the AGM if I have things planned by then.
(12/14 15:50:04)  HeritageNightGuy: well it looks to me like this meeting is over
(12/14 15:50:12)  Neutiquam Erro: Yes
(12/14 15:50:20)  HeritageNightGuy: Goodbye
(12/14 15:50:24)  Neutiquam Erro: I look forward to the next
(12/14 15:50:28)  Neutiquam Erro: Bye
(12/14 15:50:30) From spatialkay: im shy too. so i understand
(12/14 15:50:39)  ChristaM: goodbye
(12/14 15:50:41) To spatialkay: Thanks
(12/14 15:50:52)  Skydiver Mir: bye


2 responses to “Best Of Hertiag Night 2014

  1. I was a part of the original Heritage Night and my name was LAHI. I miss all of the events, people and games. I hope to become active again

    LAHI On Dec 14, 2014 4:37 PM, “Heritage Night” wrote:

    > jamiemarchant2013 posted: “Hello and welcome, It has now been one year > since I ‘rebooted’ Heritage Night. Today, I’m going to tell my story; the > story of how I got involved with Heritage Night and what some of the > highlights were. But first some back story: the original Heritag” >

  2. jamiemarchant2013

    I’m still doing events, there is one this Saturday at 12 Ki time. I will be talking about computer controlled avatars.

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