Welcome to the five-year anniversary of free-to-play Myst Online. I would like to start by thanking everyone who helped make MOULa what it is today. I would like to not only thank those that have donated to Cyan, but also those who have made fan content, helped with programming, event organization, helped out explorers, and even those who just ‘hung out’ in the city and talked with people. All these people helped to make this game as great as it is, so lets have a round of applause for everyone in the MOULa community!

Now for the fun part of this event: it’s time for Myst series trivia!

Did you know that the fortress in the mechanical age was based on a dungeons and dragons campaign that Rand ran? I once read that Rand and his brothers would play D&D often and Rand would make dungeons filled with complex puzzles. Interesting precursor, eh?

Did you know that in Myst III, you were originally going to walk into Atrus’s study and find him collapsed over his desk after being attacked by Saavedro? We know this thanks to concept art for the game. The caption under the concept art describes the scene, but not why it was changed, I suspect this was too violent for the game’s opening.

Speaking of Myst III, did you know Myst III is one of the last games Presto Studios made before closing? Presto closed after the games industry was shifting towards 3d console games and away from PC adventure games. It was a shift they didn’t like. If they hadn’t got the contract to make Myst III, they would have made a fourth Journeyman Project game. That series is about time travel and all we know about the fourth game is that it ‘illustrated one of the potentially dangerous outcomes of time travel technology‘. You know, I kind of wish they hadn’t got the Myst III contract since that sounds epic!

Did you know that some of the full motion sequences in the series were very hard to produce? The scene where Saavedro throws a fire orb and steals the book (in Myst III), and the scene where the scribe takes off in the meglave were Releeshahn particularly painful to make and took hours to edit.

Did you know that the frog in Riven (called a ‘Ytram‘) is named after sound designerMarty O’Donne‘. Ytram is Marty backwards.[/nod]

Did you know that there was originally going to be a sixth smaller island in Riven*? There where a few early screen shots online and the island can be seen in-game even though it can’t be reached.

*Citation can be found on this page:

That’s all the trivia I have for now! Thank you for listening.

At this point we talked about the travail. Nothing too important was said so I am not going to post the chatlog.


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