Hertiage Night: Why I love the serries!

Welcome to Heritage Night. Today, I will be talking about the Myst games and what makes them so great. This may sound redundant (since you probably already know this), but I’m hoping it’s not and that you learn something great about the series which you never thought of. After I’m done talking, I will give you a chance to tell your story of why you love the Myst series! So, let us begin:

-The graphics – the graphics in the series have always been impressive given the limitation of computers when the games were released. The graphics still look great today, if not a tad dated and some of the pre-rendered games look a bit pixelated on modern LCD displays. Most of the graphics in Myst Online also hold up very well today, considering most of the textures, models, and shaders were made for the 2003 URU and the game uses no modern graphics techniques.

-Sound and music – The sound and music have always been very good. Myst III and IV have the best soundtracks, followed by Myst and Riven. I’m not a huge fan of the URU or Myst V soundtracks though. The Myst III and IV soundtracks can easily be described as ‘epic’.

-Game play- The game play is solid for the most part and this does make the series a good set of games, but this is not the reason why I find them so awesome as I do.

– Puzzles – Puzzles in the games are pretty interesting, although that is not the major reason why I play the games. Solving puzzles normally results in unlocking new story segments and new areas to explore, which is rewarding. The only problem is that some of the puzzles are a bit too challenging and I haven’t beaten Myst IV because of this.

– Story – most people would probably say that they play the game for the story. I think of the story as the events that occur in the game. The stories of the games are often interesting and, as I have said, it makes the challenging puzzles worthwhile. Since I haven’t finished Myst IV, I can’t comment on its story. With that in mind, the best story was Myst III, which made me feel sad (but never ‘too’ sad) as the story went on. I will avoid spoilers, but when the whole thing resolved itself at the end, I felt a feeling of great joy.

Now, I’ve saved the best for last. The reason I love the series the most, more than anything else! The reason is “the world!”

The world- the world of Myst is what makes me keep coming back to it! The world is complete, lived in, and has been built to the last detail! Everything exists for a reason; there is logic in the world! The world is complex and there is lots to explore. There are still things I have never seen before scattered across the world. Exploring these worlds is what makes the games so fantastic and so engaging! We are talking about a series where fans ask such questions as ‘What powers the spinning domes in Riven?’, ‘How did Gehn get the Whark into the lake at Plato Island?’, ‘Can the sun in Teledahn really be a sun?’ and many others. These are the worlds of Myst; they are complete to the point of the creators coming up with their own civilization with its own social norms and even its own religion. I think the game with the most in-depth world is also the largest in terms of its size. The only game to be on five CDs! – Riven! Well that’s what I think; why do you like the series? Anyone want to come up here and tell your story?

At this point we casually talked about the series. I have decided not to feature this talk in this blog.


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