Heritage Night: Stories Of MOULa’s past.

Hello and welcome to another Heritage Night, the event where I talk about the game’s history. Since the anniversary of MOULa happened earlier this month, I thought it would be nice to hear the stories from explorers who have been here a while about their experiences in the game.

I will be up first. My name is Jamie Marchant and I have been an explorer since MOULa started in 2010. I had played URU offline, but was not interested in playing the paid-for Myst Online in 2007. I occasionally checked in on the site after it was cancelled. One time, I checked the site in 2010 and then realized the game was now free! It was very exciting, I downloaded it as soon as I had the chance. At the time, it was very hard to get into, due to everyone trying at once. I had to wait a week before I could get in.

It was fun to see all the new content not present in the offline game. I soon realized that what made MOULa special was: playing with other people.

I attended a number of memorable events; my favourites involved authorized hacking (restricted to certain areas) and computer controlled avatars (“bots”).

At one time, the bot OHBot was standing in his neighbourhood 24/7 and one could come by and visit him. Authorized hacking would also occur regularly. I loved this since I would visit the city to see if anything was up. If nothing was happening, I would check to see if there was any authorized hacking. If not, I could always ‘hang out’ with OHBot.

Sadly, this time is passed, but these and other events can now be remembered thanks to events like this one. Thank you for listening to my story, I have time now for a few questions.

Next up: Tai’lahr! Please welcome her to the stage!

Tai’lahr’s story:

“I’m not going to tell you the history of the cavern; Jamie and the Heritage Night group already do a good job of that. I’m just going to tell you about my experiences and how it felt back then.

I arrived in the cavern in late December 2006 – the day before The Great Scream (although I wasn’t present when it happened or even aware that it did for awhile). I explored on my own for awhile, but began meeting other explorers. At the end of January 2007, the DRC released Eder Delin and I spent many a late night helping with door runs there and making new friends.

In the first few months, there was a steady stream of new things for explorers to find. About once a week, something new would be discovered. Sometimes it was a linking book released by the DRC, a linking stone left somewhere by the bahro, a Relto page left somewhere by Yeesha or an article of clothing. And, in the first week of every month, explorers would run through the ages looking for a sparkling object to add to their calendar island.

One of the most exciting things to happen was in April when the pedestal and bahro stone to the city appeared in the hood book room and for awhile, our hood had a special visitor. Every time someone linked into the hood, a bahro would appear beside the pedestal. We took turns linking in while others posed with the bahro.

Also that month, my hood mates and I got to participate in the making of Marten’s video, “Talk” (http://alderem.noip.me/Uru/talk.html) which was very exciting for us. Later that month, I joined the Guild of Greeters. I did most of my greeting in the “A Beginner’s Bevin” neighborhood where the Restoration Engineers (ResEngs) would give Orientations.

Many of the explorers were proactive in those days. If they wanted something, they organized and took action. Sometimes, it was an event or action to get the DRC’s attention to get something they wanted and sometimes it was to accomplish something on their own. Like the “Day of Darkness” on May 1st when everyone wore black to protest the lack of communication from the DRC. Or, vidkid organizing the “24 Hour Great Zero Recalibration Revival” in April and the “Bevin Objection” on the Great Stairs in September.

Even the Memorial outside the Kahlo Pub which seemed to be because of Wheely & Rose dying there was actually something that Explorers had been suggesting for a long time.

When the DRC released the Er’cana linking book and encouraged explorers to help feed the lake algae by dropping pellets, there was much discussion among the explorers about pellet recipes and whether or not it was even the right thing to do. They persistently requested more information from the DRC to help them decide what to do. JWPlatt went to great lengths to convince the DRC to provide explorers with the Lake Point Data which they eventually did.

Ordinary explorers could find themselves in extraordinary situations – like when Rils went on an expedition to Negilahn with DRC member Douglas Sharper. Or, when Yeesha appeared to a group in a neighborhood or when a bahro would appear to explorers. Back then, it wasn’t an illusion created by bots; it was real and it was a rare event that was treasured by the explorers who experienced it.

It was an exciting time to be an explorer in the D’ni cavern.

I was fortunate to be present for many DRC member visits, but the one that’s most important to me was when Dr. Watson told us the future of the cavern was up to us; that the guilds and explorers would have to work together writing, maintaining, mapping, and exploring new Ages. Explorers took that message to heart and are still working together to bring new ages to the cavern.

End of Tai’lahr’s story.

Chat log(Q&A):

(02/27 14:23:07) HeritageNightGuy: Note question will appear on the Heratige Night blog
(02/27 14:23:10) skuavi II: we can explore more new ages?
(02/27 14:23:15) skuavi II: on april?
(02/27 14:23:27) HeritageNightGuy: I don’t know anything about that, sorry.
(02/27 14:23:52) Tai’lahr: You can currently explore new ages on other shards, yes. Hopefully, some of them will find their way here to MOULA.
(02/27 14:23:53) HeritageNightGuy: I MAY do an event in the future where I update people on current events. Stay tuned
(02/27 14:24:20) rarified: I’m trying to orient myself in the historical calendar. I was a little shy in the beginning so I don’t remember much group involvement.
(02/27 14:24:37) rarified: Do you remember what time frame the light meter was removed?
(02/27 14:24:46) skuavi II: i see a pic about.., the people say is tokotah alley in the past
(02/27 14:24:55) skuavi II: the pic called reano.jpg
(02/27 14:25:02) Tai’lahr: Not too long after it was installed.
(02/27 14:25:05) rarified: I remember it being present the first few visits I did, and then it was removed.
(02/27 14:25:07) skuavi II: you can search it in images google
(02/27 14:25:20) skuavi II: the pics looks amazing
(02/27 14:25:29) Tai’lahr: Yes, it wasn’t working the way Laxman had hoped.
(02/27 14:25:43) skuavi II: ah ok :)
(02/27 14:25:45) Tai’lahr: We’re having two conversations right now, aren’t we? ‘ _
(02/27 14:25:57) rarified: Ummm, yup
(02/27 14:26:02) skuavi II: and katha island
(02/27 14:26:13) Tai’lahr: Okay, any other questions for me?
(02/27 14:26:37) rarified: Question for Jamie, maybe related to you Tai
(02/27 14:26:46) HeritageNightGuy: Got for it!
(02/27 14:26:55) Tai’lahr: Okay.
(02/27 14:27:18) rarified: I try (without having been there) to have much of a draw to events with Bots and Magic Shows.
(02/27 14:27:34) Tai’lahr: Try to understand?
(02/27 14:27:44) rarified: It’s spectacular as a technical feat, but it seems to diminish the IC experience for me.
(02/27 14:28:06) rarified: Do you find that to be the case personally? Or is the gathering of a group the attraction?
(02/27 14:28:21) Tai’lahr: I kinda feel the same way, but I support the people who put them on and who attend because it keeps the cavern active.
(02/27 14:29:00) rarified: What about you Jamie? You said you came in just as the Bots were being developed?
(02/27 14:29:46) skuavi II: friends in the game know my great fascination with this game
(02/27 14:30:01) HeritageNightGuy: Hmm….
(02/27 14:30:38) HeritageNightGuy: I think hacks are none-cannonical but there are a fun none the less.
(02/27 14:31:06) HeritageNightGuy: I don’t think I could every see I saw any of the hack in a stirct IC talk expect fro in parseing or as a really wird dream
(02/27 14:31:21) skuavi II: I always ask how things are new ages to explore and discover new old machines d.ni
(02/27 14:31:23) rarified: Yah, I would try to steer clear of the Purity of D’ni society mindset.
(02/27 14:31:43) HeritageNightGuy: I don’t ahve a problem with breaking cannon though, it’s fun
(02/27 14:31:47) skuavi II: the kiva’s exists in real life
(02/27 14:31:59) HeritageNightGuy: I’ve used hacks in the past to show things that you can’t see in game like the light meter
(02/27 14:32:14) HeritageNightGuy: I know some of the tours use them this way as well
(02/27 14:32:29) rarified: The most attractive one I could use would be fly mode for taking photos or movies.
(02/27 14:32:54) skuavi II: brb
(02/27 14:32:56) HeritageNightGuy: Ok
(02/27 14:33:13) Tai’lahr: I would like to thank Jamie for inviting me to tell my story here today and in general for hosting the Heritage Night events and preserving our history of the cavern.
(02/27 14:33:29) HeritageNightGuy: Your welcome!
(02/27 14:33:36) Tai’lahr: And, thank you all for coming and listening.
(02/27 14:33:49) rarified: Thanks All!
(02/27 14:34:44) HeritageNightGuy: Any other questionts
(02/27 14:35:27) rarified: Is there a syllabus about what you present in HN? A point where you reset and start from the beginning?
(02/27 14:36:13) rarified: I guess I’m predicating that on your gatherings going through history chronologically.
(02/27 14:37:45) Tom(Samoth): shorah all :)
(02/27 14:37:53) Tai’lahr: Shorah, Tom.
(02/27 14:38:00) rarified: Shorah?
(02/27 14:38:02) rarified: !
(02/27 14:38:08) skuavi II: shorah tom
(02/27 14:38:11) skuavi II: :)
(02/27 14:38:19) Tai’lahr: I’m afraid we’re near the end of the event.
(02/27 14:38:23) HeritageNightGuy: I may have went ‘in order’ at one point but at this point I like to try new and diffrent things and don’t plan on retellig my old stories unless I can make them much better.
(02/27 14:38:30) skuavi II leans left
(02/27 14:38:36) Tom(Samoth) leans left
(02/27 14:38:40) skuavi II leans right
(02/27 14:38:48) Tai’lahr: But, you can read them on the Heritage Night website.
(02/27 14:38:57) skuavi II: talking about new ages :)
(02/27 14:39:02) rarified: Ok, I’ll do that!
(02/27 14:39:08) Tom(Samoth): ok, I was just curious wat was going one here..
(02/27 14:39:16) skuavi II: who know the word nekisaloth?
(02/27 14:39:19) HeritageNightGuy: Haveing said that I have iniveted OHB in for next month and wil be retelling stories about his robots, since I found them really fun.:)
(02/27 14:39:34) Tai’lahr: Now, that should be interesting.
(02/27 14:40:08) HeritageNightGuy: Yes the archive on the site(https://heritagenight.wordpress.com/) is very large
(02/27 14:41:07) Tom(Samoth): ok… go to the Plaza.
(02/27 14:41:45) HeritageNightGuy: Dimensional Traveler Celm has stories on the site from the gametap erea. They detail everyting that happend then./
(02/27 14:41:58) HeritageNightGuy: I have 2010-present ears stuff
(02/27 14:42:22) HeritageNightGuy: (I find it hard to tell storeis about thigns I did not experince)
(02/27 14:42:47) rarified: Better than me… I find it “impossible” ;)
(02/27 14:43:08) HeritageNightGuy: Any more questionts or can I wrap things up now?
(02/27 14:43:54) Tai’lahr: Thank you again, Jamie. I had fun writing my story.
(02/27 14:44:01) rarified: Take a bow, Jamie
(02/27 14:44:08) Tai’lahr claps her hands
(02/27 14:44:12) HeritageNightGuy: I guess this is the end. Well thank you very much for comeing and thanks again to my specail guest this month Tai’lahr.
(02/27 14:44:13) rarified claps his hands
(02/27 14:44:14) HeritageNightGuy claps his hands
(02/27 14:44:14) tkol17 claps his hands
(02/27 14:44:26) Tai’lahr: Safe journeys, everyone!
(02/27 14:44:27) Tai’lahr salutes
(02/27 14:44:51) HeritageNightGuy: And if you thought this was fun, you should come next mont when I will talk about computer controleld avatars
(02/27 14:44:59) HeritageNightGuy: Chow!



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