OHBot and the Bomb(second telling)

Hello. Today I’m going to be talking about OHB (or Orange Hair Boy) and his robots.

Soon after MOULa opened, I found a hood named “The Guild of Robots”. Interested, I went in. There were two people in the hood. One of them called himself “OHB”; the other, “OHBot”. OHBot was a robot (computer controlled avatar) created by OHB, who had a striking resemblance to his creator. OHBot was in very early stages of development. Most of the things I said to him, he did not understand and said something like: “I don’t know what you said; I’ll let OHB know, so he can fix the problem.” With my usual bad spelling, I got this more than other people. OHB was monitoring my conversation (to help improve OHBot) and kept telling me how to correctly spell things so that OHBot would understand. If I only knew, at that point, that OHBot would be become a big thing! I left and continued my duties around cavern.

As time passed, OHBot became a lot more advanced. You could ask him many things and he had many responses. For example, you could ask him “OHBot, what it your favorite color?” and he would say “Orange”. If you threw something at him, he would “set his phasers to 100% and destroy the object” or “duck out of the way faster than you can see”. There was a lot of silly stuff like that, but also a lot of useful stuff as well. He could tell you the weather, calculate a puzzle answer, play ‘20 questions’ and translate phrases into different languages.

OHB added the translation function for fun. He did not realize how useful it would be. When they were added, people were Ki mailing their buddies, who did not speak that much English and were telling them to “get into the Guild of Robots now!” The only problem was that you had to be in the same room as OHBot for him to do the translation and it had to be public, so the chat was covered in translations. This led to OHB creating a translation program BabelBot. It will run alongside MOULa and provide translations (using Google translate). The only downside is you need to run MOULa in a window. After Bablebot OHB made a project called GULP to translate several Myst projects.(including MOULa and Riven)

Now back to robots, it’s time to talk about ‘the bomb’! On July 10th, 2010, a man who the Ki identified as ‘BOMB’ appeared in the city. He was a robot that was created by OHB’s unnamed arch-nemesis. He had the appearance of an older man. When talked to he would speak out loud, his material being a bunch of funny lines from the video game Starship Titanic. If left alone he would start counting down bet never reach zero.(instead he would panic and restart from 1000). OHB’s arch nemesis had captured OHB and was holding him in the nemesis’s Relto. OHB did not have his Relto book, but he did have his Ki (oddly). On the forums, AgeExplorer wrote about what was going on, including the Ki mail he received from OHB. It was a coded message to deactivate the bomb. Explorers had to figure out how to decode it. The cavern was packed the whole time and most explorers could not get in to see what was going on. Fortunately, explorers managed to crack the code and save the day! OHB was saved as well. Later this disarmed BOMB (who thought he was still armed) was in the arch’s hood for those to see, who had missed the event.


So what happened to the robots? Sadly OHB has moved onto other things, however thanks to events like this his legacy lives on.


And now the man himself OHB, who will be telling his side of the story and then answering any questions you, may have for him.

OHB’s story and FAQ:

Chat log

03/12 14:31:30)  OHB: it’s ok. i’ll type i guess.
(03/12 14:31:52)  OHB: so, as Jamie mentioned, it all started with OHBot…and he was born out of sheer boredom.
(03/12 14:32:17)  OHB: I’ve always been one to play with things and try things out. I guess I was just the right guy in the right place with the right knowhow.
(03/12 14:32:39)  OHB: From OHBot, everything took a somewhat logical path of progression from one project to another.
(03/12 14:33:25)  OHB: And while I completely enjoyed doing things like OHBot and the BOMB, etc., it became pretty clear to me that my role wasn’t to lead the revolution.
(03/12 14:34:03)  OHB: Rather, it was just to inspire it. I helped form the Grey Hats and worked with Cyan to get those things (like the Fun House and Guild of Illusions) officially sanctioned.
(03/12 14:34:48)  OHB: There are plenty of other people with more skills than I…and I was happy for them to be able to use the new space to further their own efforts to bring URU into the next century.
(03/12 14:35:12)  OHB: Today, I’m not very active in the cavern…I have other things that I’m working on.
(03/12 14:35:21)  OHB: But, I keep in touch with the community in my own ways.
(03/12 14:35:51)  OHB: I still maintain GULP – the project for translating URU/Riven/etc into other languages in the hope that one day we’ll be able to share what we have with everyone.
(03/12 14:36:10)  OHB: And I’m on this year’s Mysterium committee…so come on out to Salt Lake City this year! :)
(03/12 14:36:39)  OHB: that’s really all I’ve got. I’m happy to answer any questions that anyone has.
(03/12 14:36:58)  HeritageNightGuy: I’ve got a question?
(03/12 14:37:03)  OHB: sure thing
(03/12 14:37:06) Christian Walther has a question
(03/12 14:37:16)  HeritageNightGuy: What inspired you to make the bomb?
(03/12 14:37:40)  OHB: I was always curious what I could make OHBot do…what his limitations would be.
(03/12 14:37:56)  OHB: OHBot was a little different than the bots we’re used to today, like Mimi Bot who I see on my buddy list.
(03/12 14:38:21)  OHB: OHBot didn’t directly interact with the game or the servers. OHBot was basically a robotic player…pressing keys on the keyboard like you and I do.
(03/12 14:38:30)  OHB: Walking using the keyboard and mouse like we do.
(03/12 14:38:40)  OHB: So I experimented with lots of things.
(03/12 14:38:54)  OHB: I tried to see if I could get OHBot to go on his own pellet runs, for example.
(03/12 14:39:08)  OHB: Quite complicated for a blind and dumb computer program lol
(03/12 14:39:15)  OHB: It wasn’t a huge success.
(03/12 14:39:40)  OHB: In the same vein, I experimented with OHBot’s access to use the microphone
(03/12 14:39:55)  fredinsel: Hello Folks, hallo Leute
(03/12 14:39:56)  OHB: I made it so he could play music
(03/12 14:40:10)  mTX17: abend fred :)
(03/12 14:40:16)  OHB: And, in reverse, I made it so OHBot could record audio as well to MP3 files.
(03/12 14:40:31)  OHB: But I thought it would be cool to interact with a robot in some way with voice.
(03/12 14:40:47)  OHB: After some thought, I remembered the game Starship Titanic.
(03/12 14:41:00)  OHB: It had lots of awesome robot characters…each was fully voiced.
(03/12 14:41:26)  OHB: …and I already had all of the extracted audio. So, it was a pretty easy jump from there to making the BOMB.
(03/12 14:41:43)  OHB: Originally, I thought about making a robot bartender using the voice of BarBot from Starship Titanic.
(03/12 14:41:44)  HeritageNightGuy: There is a BOMB in the game
(03/12 14:41:53)  OHB: He would have lived in the Kahlo pub.
(03/12 14:42:17)  OHB: But, I settled on the BOMB character (yes, it’s a character in the game) because he didn’t do much and he would be easy to program.
(03/12 14:42:41)  OHB: From there, I made an event for fun, and the rest is history :)
(03/12 14:42:54)  HeritageNightGuy: Thanks for the explaination
(03/12 14:42:56)  OHB: does that answer your question, Jamie?
(03/12 14:43:10)  HeritageNightGuy: Yes thank you
(03/12 14:43:17)  OHB: CW, you had a question?
(03/12 14:43:21)  Christian Walther: You just answered my question, thanks (about mentioning the ingenious way OHBot interacted with the game, compared to today’s bots who have it a lot easier)
(03/12 14:43:34)  HeritageNightGuy: We have time for a more quesioints and then the cavern tour is on
(03/12 14:43:59)  OHB: ah yeah. Today’s bots have it a lot easier, but it took some better technical guys than I to figure out how to do that.
(03/12 14:44:08)  spatialkay: how does a bot controlled by a keyboard differ from useravatars?
(03/12 14:44:16)  Christian Walther: and Cyan to release the source code.
(03/12 14:44:46)  OHB: well, we already had the source code for the necessary things before that :)
(03/12 14:44:55)  OHB: but Cyan releasing the code certainly helped in other areas.
(03/12 14:45:10)  OHB: spatialkay, in many ways there is no difference.
(03/12 14:45:26)  OHB: I always used to tell people, OHBot is an avatar like any other person.
(03/12 14:45:49)  OHB: While we use fingers to press keys and use the mouse, OHBot has virtual fingers that operate a virtual keyboard and mouse.
(03/12 14:45:58)  OHB: When OHBot went online I would watch him.
(03/12 14:46:43)  spatialkay: would he not require your intervention to act?
(03/12 14:46:50)  OHB: He went through the login dialog, picked the right avatar, went to Relto, used his Nexus book to get to his hood.
(03/12 14:46:54)  OHB: All just like we do.
(03/12 14:47:09)  OHB: once in a while he’d get stuck and I’d have to help but he was pretty good on his own.
(03/12 14:47:46)  RoJethhe: So more or less you programed Macors/Micros?
(03/12 14:47:48)  Christian Walther: Could he ever “see” (interpret the video output) or was it just the chatlog until the end?
(03/12 14:48:47)  OHB: Rojethhe, you could call it macros…but they were very smart macros with LOTS of custom code for the AI and a database full of information.
(03/12 14:48:56)  OHB: CW, I did experiment a little with “seeing”
(03/12 14:49:18)  OHB: In order to OHBot to go on a pellet run, he would have to locate the big blue button to open the oven, for example.
(03/12 14:49:51)  OHB: And, OHBot used VERY basic vision when linking. He’d wait for the screen to go dark, then for it to be not dark.
(03/12 14:49:58)  OHB: that’s how he’d know he had finished linking :)
(03/12 14:50:08)  HeritageNightGuy: That’s neat!
(03/12 14:50:21)  OHB: same thing when logging in.
(03/12 14:50:28)  OHB: he could “see” when the avatar selection screen appeared
(03/12 14:50:55)  OHB: any other questions?
(03/12 14:50:58)  Christian Walther: Interesting, thanks.
(03/12 14:51:03)  OHB: you’re welcome! :)
(03/12 14:51:42)  OHB: Alright well if there’s no more questions I’ll turn things back over to Jamie
(03/12 14:51:48)  OHB: Thank you for the invite!
(03/12 14:51:48) RoJethhe claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:52) Frobozz claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:53) mTX17 claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:54) Christian Walther claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:54)  HeritageNightGuy: No problem
(03/12 14:51:57) tkol17 claps his hands
(03/12 14:51:57) Boywhith claps his hands
(03/12 14:52:03) OHB bows
(03/12 14:52:07)  HeritageNightGuy: Thank you ver much ounce again to OHB!
(03/12 14:52:09) HeritageNightGuy bows
(03/12 14:52:18)  OHB: my pleasure
(03/12 14:52:36)  HeritageNightGuy: And that’s it for tonight’s Heritage Night! Thakn you very much for comeing
(03/12 14:52:44)  OHB: i’d join you for the cavern tour but as it happens, i’m in the middle of a date and my date has been gracious enough to wait for me to do this :)
(03/12 14:52:53)  OHB: bye everyone!
(03/12 14:52:55) Franklife claps his hands
(03/12 14:52:59) mTX17 waves goodbye
(03/12 14:53:01) mTX17 claps his hands
(03/12 14:53:02) tkol17 waves goodbye
(03/12 14:53:03)  Christian Walther: give a hug to your date
(03/12 14:53:04) ChristaM claps her hands
(03/12 14:53:13)  HeritageNightGuy: I’m not running the cavern tour and have some other stuff to do myself
(03/12 14:53:17)  spatialkay: and a big smooch too
(03/12 14:53:17)  HeritageNightGuy: See you later
(03/12 14:53:20)  OHB: oh…there will be hugs
(03/12 14:53:25)  OHB: …and smooches…
(03/12 14:53:27)  OHB: ;)



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