Heritage Night: The Great Zero

Hello. Today, I’m going to be talking about The Great Zero. To help with navigation, the D’ni placed markers (not to be confused with Ki markers) in their ages. The English translation of these markers is “Great Zeros”.

The Great Zero is a machine found in Ae’gura. Like the Great Zeros, it serves as a means to improve navigation. However, this machine would not be known as “The Great Zero” by the D’ni; they would call it “Rezeero”. We currently don’t know the translation of this word.

If you have your Ki correctly calibrated, you will see coordinates that are your location relative to Rezeero (The Great Zero.) Those blue lines that pass by every so often are used to help keep Rezeero calibrated.

When explorers first came to D’ni, Rezeero was uncalibrated. Calibration was done by individuals finding locations throughout the city. Groups of locations were put together in what we know as ‘Marker Missions’. Rezeero provided explorers with a number of marker missions to do and when all were completed, Rezeero powered on. Since it was powered on a while ago, we can’t see it in it’s off state, nor can we see it power on.

So now Stone will change the eggroom’s private rooms into teleporters that will take you to a hackable (magical) version of The Great Zero and we will hack it to turn on.

Here is what we saw in the hood:

People asked what powers The Great Zero, I don’t know but I have now asked:




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