‘Appreciation Party’ speech

Here is my speech for the Zak’s Appreciation Party. The party is part of the anniversary events taking place this month(February).

Hello, I’m Jamie (also known as “HeritageNightGuy.”) I do a series of events called “Heritage Night.” At Heritage Nights, I talk about the game’s history. I have covered such topics as “OHBot – a computer controlled avatar” and “the creation of authorized hacking zones”.

Heritage Night was started by another explorer for the same purpose as it’s used today.

I took over Heritage Night in 2013. At that time, it had been dead for a while. I got the idea when I mentioned OHBot in “Myst: The Comedy Text Adventure” and people did not know who he was. I then realized that I had seen things that others had not. Remembering a Heritage Night I had attended, I announced my first event. It was going to be called History Night and I was going to talk about my first experience in MOULa in 2010. I was contacted by Calum, the previous administrator and was told I could use the name and website Heritage Night.

I have done many events since then; some turned out better than others, with my best events involving authorized hacking.

From the beginning, I have tried to make my events unique. I did this by using authorized hacking to demonstrate things or by having unique special guests like OHB, the creator of the computer controlled avatar. Lastly, I have tried to have a unique perspective on things and tell stories.

Thanks for listening. More information on Heritage Night can be found here: https://heritagenight.wordpress.com/. You can also catch up on past events there. To find out when the next event is, check the events section of the forums. We will now begin the Q and A.


(02/12 13:36:12)  JamieM(2.0): So any questionts?
(02/12 13:36:37)  Calum Traveler: not a question per say, but I’d just like to say, Jamie, I’m glad to see HN is still running after all these years.
(02/12 13:36:47)  JamieM(2.0): Thanks Calum :)
(02/12 13:36:50)  TrapperDave: Thanks to Jamie , he has done a lot of good !
(02/12 13:36:51)  JamieM(2.0): I’m  glad too :)
(02/12 13:36:59)  Hummingbird: Me too!
(02/12 13:37:03) Thumbs up from JamieM(2.0)
(02/12 13:37:26)  Kayara: When is heritage night usually held?
(02/12 13:37:30)  JamieM(2.0): I have some fun events planned for latter this years :)!
(02/12 13:37:50)  JamieM(2.0): Usually on a saturday at 12 Ki time.
(02/12 13:38:11)  TrapperDave: Not every week though ?
(02/12 13:38:24)  JamieM(2.0): They used to be ounce a month but I can’t allways think of a topic
(02/12 13:38:30)  Zeke365: what hood is it held in jamie?
(02/12 13:38:51)  Kayara: Shorah brandon and briglit
(02/12 13:38:57)  JamieM(2.0): Either ‘Heritage Night’ hood or ‘The Hood Of Iluusionts’ for magic events
(02/12 13:39:24)  JamieM(2.0): Wait I typed ot fast and spelt it wrong…
(02/12 13:39:42)  brandon20897: Shorah everyone
(02/12 13:39:42)  Obducted Joker: We speak typonese
(02/12 13:39:49)  Zeke365: lol
(02/12 13:39:50)  Institution TOOO: Shorah brandon
(02/12 13:39:54)  Hummingbird: lol
(02/12 13:39:55)  Omiahn: shorah :
(02/12 13:40:08)  JamieM(2.0): The Hood of Illusions is used for magic events
(02/12 13:40:27)  Emor D’ni Lap: copy that
(02/12 13:40:39)  JamieM(2.0): Acctually it was a fairly simple idea to use the hood to talk about why it was created. Since after it was created there was talk about useing it for evetns.
(02/12 13:41:03)  Emor D’ni Lap: now I’m confused
(02/12 13:42:12)  Calum Traveler: way back when HN first was designed, Carl Palmner wanted to use magic hoods for certain events,
(02/12 13:42:32)  Calum Traveler: but he never got a chance to work out the hows, and i never got a chance either
(02/12 13:42:36)  JamieM(2.0): Thanks Calum I was getting confused trying to explain it.
(02/12 13:42:36)  ~*Jayne*~ (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/12 13:42:45)  Hummingbird: we could only do magic in a private setting.
(02/12 13:42:54)  JamieM(2.0): I basically took his idea and got it to work
(02/12 13:43:14)  Calum Traveler: *nods* if Carl were active, im sure he’d love that
(02/12 13:43:27) Calum Traveler wonders what the heck that guy’s up too these days…
(02/12 13:43:56) Error: Don’t know how to ‘/shurg’
(02/12 13:43:59) JamieM(2.0) shurgs
(02/12 13:44:11)  Zeke365: are there any other question about jamie and his event
(02/12 13:44:23) Kayara shakes her head
(02/12 13:44:42) TrapperDave laughs
(02/12 13:44:42)  JamieM(2.0): Sorry that was kind of short. I gave myself extra time incase I had problems putting pasteing
(02/12 13:44:48)  JamieM(2.0): (it happends often)
(02/12 13:45:20)  TrapperDave: brglit is entertaining :)
(02/12 13:45:25)  Institution TOOO: Lol
(02/12 13:45:32)  Zeke365: that and for question right jamie
(02/12 13:46:21)  JamieM(2.0): So I’m an IT guy that’s how I got the Hood Of Ilustionts stuff to work
(02/12 13:46:48)  Zeke365: well if no one has futher questions should we bring out our next guest
(02/12 13:46:57)  JamieM(2.0): I met a guy named Stone in the Fun House and he helps me out with hacks
(02/12 13:47:05) Hummingbird claps
(02/12 13:47:09)  JamieM(2.0): I think he used to help Zake as well
(02/12 13:47:11) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:13) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:14) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:14) Karel claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:17) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:21) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 13:47:21) Error: Don’t know how to ‘/thumbsups’
(02/12 13:47:24) Thumbs up from JamieM(2.0)
(02/12 13:47:26)  Zeke365: jame it it zEke
(02/12 13:47:38)  JamieM(2.0): LOL so it is
(02/12 13:47:41)  JamieM(2.0): Sorry
(02/12 13:47:50) Omiahn claps her hands
(02/12 13:47:53) brandon20897 claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:58) From Calum Traveler: seriously, congrats on keeping things running. :)
(02/12 13:48:00) brglit claps her hands
(02/12 13:48:12)  JamieM(2.0): I guess I’m done here
(02/12 13:48:12) Wolfsbane claps his hands
(02/12 13:48:15)  Omiahn: thanks :)
(02/12 13:48:22) Institution TOOO thanks you
(02/12 13:48:23)  Zeke365: it fine I knew some e was not working could not remember who
(02/12 13:48:29) To Calum Traveler: Your welcome it’s been fun :)
(02/12 13:48:44) From Calum Traveler: ^u^







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