History of Mysterium

Hello and welcome! Today, I am going to be talking about the history of Mysterium. Now, for those that don’t know, Mysterium is a long-time running Myst convention.

The first Mysterium took place 17 years ago when a group of over 200 fans met up in Spokane, Washington. Cyan had an open house and fans could see early versions of RealMyst, Myst III and Uru (known as “MUDPIE” at the time).

In 2001, Mysterium took place in New Mexico and, amongst other things, people explored the caves in Caverns National Park. Richard A. Watson (RAWA) attended and took pictures. More about this later.

Throughout the years, many interesting things have happened and I don’t have time to list every single one of them. At most (if not at all) Mysteriums, Cyan has made a presentation. In recent years, this was done via teleconferencing software (such as Skype or Google hangouts). Fans have often given presentations. A group of fans have presented the “The Starry Expanse Project”. They are taking on the mammoth task of recreating “Riven: The Sequel to Myst” in Real-time 3D. That is a fully explorable version of the game. Think about how RealMyst lets you fully explore the worlds of Myst. If this interests you, I can talk more about it after the presentation.

There have also been activities for people to participate in. Often there are fan made Myst themed: boardgames, RPGs, competitions, and escape rooms. A popular competition was “What Would Atrus Do,” where fans must make a model invention that would resemble something that the character Atrus would come up with. They must use odds and ends that they are given. One example was a device made to study a captured animal.

Lastly, I mentioned photos. I will give some URLs and it might help to start a chatlog now. RAWA’s photos can be found here: http://cho.cyan.com/rawa/mysterium2001/mysterium.html. More photos by attendees can be found in the history section of the Mysterium website. The URL is: http://www.mysterium.net/about/history. Click on a year and then click the media link if one is available for that year. Keep in mind that camera technology and the size of images you can reasonably put online has greatly increased over the years and so these old photos may not look that good by today’s standards. I will put these URLs on the Heritage Night blog, here, https://heritagenight.wordpress.com/. A link to the article I write will be posted in the event forum thread for this event. (Found under the events section of the official forums, it’s called “Heritage Night: History of Mysterium [August 12th] “.

Thank you very much for listening. Are they any questions? Your responses will be used in my chat log, to be posted on the Heritage Night blog.

There where no questions. If you want to see a chat log anyway comment bellow and I’ll post it here.


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