The Guilds

Hello and welcome to another Heritage Night. Today, we are going to talk about the guilds. Back when the cavern was operated by the D’ni, there were 18 major guilds and countless smaller ones. The larger guilds were pretty exclusive and they had a lot of influence over D’ni society at the time.

Some of the noteworthy major guilds were:

The Guild Of Writers – who trained the D’ni in the art of age writing.

The Guild Of Legislators – who made and revised the laws.

The Guild Of Cartographers – who mapped ages.

The Guild of Healers – who, as the name implies, were in charge of tending to the sick and injured.

The Guild Of Messengers – who were in charge of communications.

The last noteworthy guild was the Guild of Maintainers. They acted as a sort of police force. The age ‘Gahreesen’ was their ‘home-base’.

Each guild, at the time, had a Grand Master who was in charge of it. The master would have a bunch of “Guild Masters” who worked for him or her. A couple of lucky Guilds had “Great Lords” who were masters with the authority of a king. Below the Master was: the Captain, Guildsman and Apprentice.

People would work and could live at a Guild Hall. Some of the guilds were lucky enough to have their own age. I mentioned ‘Gahreesen’ before; another example was Er’cana’ which was the base of the Guild Of Caterers.

In modern times, explorers have decided to form their own guilds based on four of the guilds of old. They are: the Guild Of Writers, Maintainers, Cartographers, and Messengers. There is also The Guild Of Greeters, which has no historical counterpart. The DRC has kindly made shirts for these guilds. You probably have heard of these guilds. Is there anyone here who is new to MOULa or would like a refresher?

If needed…

The people of the Guild Of Writers have learned the art of writing. A number of people in the Guild have written their own fan ages. Some of them are available on “The Gehn Shard”(a client/server pair) which the guild runs. Members have also made contributions to this game.

The Guild Of Maintainers are those explorers who wish to boldly go explore ages first. The connection to the guild of old is the maintainer’s suit, which members of the old Guild would wear when entering a dangerous location. Lately, I have not seen much activity from this guild.

The Guild Of Cartographers takes on about the same role as it did in the past. They don’t seem to be mentioned often in public.

The modern Guild Of Messengers is responsible for communicating information about the cavern, like they did in the past. Of course, today they also communicate on the internet. They coordinate the monthly All Guilds Meetings where people present events.

The Guild Of Greeters is an explorer-created guild. They welcome new explorers into the cavern.

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Thank you very much for listening, I hope you found this as interesting to listen to as I did to write it. I found the site “” extremely helpful in researching this topic and I suggest you check it out if you want more info. Any questions?

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