Heritage Night: Hood Tour

Hello and welcome. Usually, I start at the top of the stairs, but I will begin here.  KIimage0019

This is the fountain. To celebrate the D’ni New Year, fireworks come out of it. Over there are some Fire Marbles and there are some cones.

While here, I should point out something interesting about the neighborhoods. At one point, they were called “Bevins.” This was an error. The DRC corrected this when explorers pointed it out. There is only one “Bevin”; it was one of the first neighborhoods the DRC found. Like “Kiral,” it looks slightly different than the other “cookie cutter” neighborhoods. It also should be noted that, unlike whatever magic makes copies of the ages, each neighborhood exists in a cluster somewhere in D’ni. Different hoods have different features; for example, different lights<point if you can> and garden ages. Other things are also different too.


Fire marbles are a D’ni technology. They are stones filled with energy. They can be extinguished by water. A lot of the lights around here are powered by them<point>. As you can see, the fire marbles come in different colours. They also come in different sizes. We can kick them without hurting ourselves so they can’t be that hot. What the D’ni used for a power source is unknown.

I also mentioned cones; they are here to prevent us from going to dangerous places. In this hood, explorers gathered most of them in one place.


Now please follow me up the stairs. This is probably a sort of conference room. It is where I usually hold Heritage Night. I’m not sure why, but there are copies of “Inspired Verse” on the pedestals. The button does nothing. When I was here in 2003 [that is in the offline URU], I came across a button that played a message from Dr. Watson.


The left book goes to Garrison, where you got your Ki. The middle book goes to a garden age; it’s outside the scope of this tour. The right book goes to The Great Zero. I’ll talk more about that on the next tour. ;) The front-middle book leads to Nexus (age you were in to get here).


This is the classroom. On the walls, are ordered D’ni numbers. The projector behind me is out of order and can’t be interfaced with. I imagine, at some point, there were presentations on it.In front of me, is the guide to the Nexus and Ki. There is also a manual explaining how to use the clock. We don’t have time to look at these at the moment. 


This is the egg room. Pictured above is the egg. Kind of creepy, isn’t it? If you close any of the doors in this room, you can have a private conversation with someone. What you say can’t be heard outside the small room and I don’t think you can hear others.[Even voice chat won’t escape the room.]

On the tour, we joked about a monster living inside the egg waiting, ready to come out and eat people. Then two explorers stayed behind and did not tell us. I went back to bravely check on them. It was kind of creepy.  The explorers stayed behind to test out the chat functionality. KIimage0017

The light garden is down here. You can also play Heek(picutered above).

It’s a rock-paper-scissors game. I believe book beats beetle, which beats the red thing (as you can see in its idle animation.)

There are switches by the bridge that turn the lighter here on and off. I like to keep them off since I can see well and want to preserve whatever unknown energy source powers them. The beachball is over there is called “Eddie”. 


This telescope lets you see a view of D’ni. 

This was the last stop on the tour.

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