Hertiage Night: DRC

The “D’ni Restoration Council” is an organisation founded to restore D’ni. It was founded in 1997. Dr.Watson seems to be the founder, but information on this topic was hard to research. They lost funding a couple of times, once in 2003 (URU CC) and again in 2007 (MOUL).

Some explorers have felt the DRC has been overly protective. Members of this group of explorers claim that the DRC is conspiring to monopolize the ages for themselves. Now, let us briefly go over members of the DRC.

Cate Alexander was on the council from June 2007 till November 1st when she resigned. She had a good influence on things the council did and had invested a lot of money in the project.

Michelle Cunningham, Matthew Harrington and Sam Reynolds were translators for the DRC during the 2003 restoration. They did not return in 2006.

<To directly quote “http://www.mystwiki.com”, ‘Phil Henderson was a Restoration Engineer for the DRC during the first Restoration, and was in charge of the restoration of the Age of Eder Kemo.’

Restoration Engineers (often written as “ResEngs”) help restore areas of D’ni and other ages. They wear blue (Cyan) hard hats. Outside the game’s story, they are Cyan employees and have the authority to deal with troublesome explorers.

Dr. Ikuro Kodama was responsible for early stages of restoration of an area or age.

Tricia Lawson studied the D’ni culture in 2003 and did not return in 2006.

Victor Laxman was in charge of restoring D’ni tech. He worked on The Great Zero. I have seen his name often in historical documents.

Again from MystWiki.com: ‘Sonya Michaels is a former DRC contractor, who [used to?] work for a newspaper in Maine’.

Douglas Sharper was a Restoration Engineer, who helped restore Teledahn, The Watcher’s Pub, and Ahnonay. A lot of additional detail can be found here: http://www.mystwiki.com/wiki/Douglas_Sharper. He has an interesting back story. Note that the article does contain minor spoilers.

Accoding to MystWiki.com, ‘Michael Simpson was a member of the DRC as a Restoration Engineer during the First Restoration, and was in charge of restoring Gahreesen and the Watcher’s Pub.’

Marie Sutherland was also a member in the MOUL era (2006 -2007), but I can’t find much info on what she did.

Dr.Watson is the archaeologist who discovered D’ni in 1987 (before the DRC was founded). He freed the Barho from their enslavement in 2005. He has a similar name and appearance to Cyan employee Richard A. Watson. Richard stated that although they might have a similar name and appearance, they do have different personalities.

Finally we have Nick White, an engineer who worked with Douglas Sharper to help translate texts about Teledahn.

Thank you for listening, any questions?


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