About HN


NOTE: Please read THIS for more information on the terms commonly used in Heritage Night, and THIS for the Frequently asked Questions!

Laconic: History as a series of essays/a single novel written and told by those who were there, and by those who were not by using  logs and tales told by those who were.

History: Heritage Night was started in Late 2010 by Carl Palmner for the benefit of new explorers who could not be there for the Previous Restorations. Today, HN has thrived and grown it’s roots into the little group we have here today. Heritage Night is held in the Heritage Night Hood, currently on Saturdays at 13:00 KI time.

This “rebooted” heritage night was started by Jamie Marchant in December 2013,  to give a way to tell the stories of the 2010 – current eara of MOULa.

You can expect all updates for HN to happen here, if not elsewhere as well.


4 responses to “About HN

  1. Did HN change the day and time to Sundays @ 13:00 KI ?

    • We haven’t changed time yet. I’m still working on figuring out the Prologue nights for this.

      But yes, when we start up again, it will be Sunday @ 13:00 KI time.


  2. this is so much fun and very interesting

  3. WOW. I completely forgot about editing this page after I moved the time.


    Rectified now.

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