Heritage Night Script Translations will go here! We are now officially looking for people to translate each section of the Rel.To/HistoryDoc Journal into other languages! EDIT:WE ARE STILL TAKING TRANSLATIONS! You can still contact DTC on the Translation work if you have anything translated!

If you speak ANY language besides English fluently from THIS PAGE, Please contact me and we’ll see about getting Heritage Night translated for everyone!



De Heritage Documenten DEEL 1: MEMOIRES

  1. Introduction
  2. Prologue A
  3. Prologue B
  4. Beginnings
  5. Scars Week
  6. A New Light
  7. Familiar Voices
  8. Deception
  9. Exodus and Conclusion
  10. Appendixes

Thanks go to Tom (Samoth) for Providing (and Completing) Dutch Translations!


:) Thanks to  Niysiechka, Dagnarus, and the Guild of Translators for providing Russian Translations!


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